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Last Update: Jul 7, 2018

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I'm so excited. Last week I was ready to give up. 2 great people helped me through the rough part. One of them suggested I try writing an e-book.

It was published yesterday and is available on Kindle or Amazon.

My niche is quilting, my e-book is about appliqueing a quilt.

This isn't going to be my first e book. Hope to publish several on quilting. I have another project to promote, too. I will be adding my link to my website. I now feel I have something that's marketable and will bring people to my website and to WA.

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Hi, Lynda,

My name is Becky and I noticed Erin talking about your e-book success story. I had to come over to congratulate you to say welcome to Wealthy Affiliate and that is excellent news.

Erin is an amazing person to have as a team member. She is a very active go getter, a determined individual, and all around just very nice.

Way to go on writing your e-book. It’s your time, Lynda, and it’s about time, lol. June of 2018 and you already have an ebook. Nice. :)


Hi, Becky, Writting the ebook was easy, This is harder .hee hee

Hey, Lynda,

I know, lol. This is the hardest ever for me, too, and no doubt for many of us. But you are so on your will do just fine. Get ready, Lynda, get ready.

Full regards,


That's great Lynda!
Wishing you success with your e-book!

Congratulations on your huge achievement

Have a good day

Warmest Regards

Congratulations on publishing your first e-book Linda, I'm sure it's only one of many to come. You have one of the best mentors to have in Erin. She'll help you get to where you want to go.

Thanks for encouraging words

Congratulations Linda. Well done. WA really is a fantastic place to be.

So excited for you, Linda, and happy you're on my "team!" I look forward to mentoring you more, my dear! Your book is AMAZING!!! Wonderful post! Yayyyy!

Erin :)!

Lynda, It would be sad to see you go! I'm glad you stuck with it. And what a compliment to those who helped you. I'm excited for you as well!

I'm glad to, now. Thanks

good one Lynda...keep going you will get there..

Thanks so much

That is awesome! eBooks are very lucrative and easier to create than most people think, especially if you have a tool like Designrr.

Mel, What is designer?

Designrr is an app that allows you to create ebooks from websites.

Will have to check that out. Thanks again.

Thanks for encouragement.

It doesn't take long either, Thanks for your info on Designrr.

AWESOME! I need to learn how to publish to kindle. I read some of the instructions but at first couple of glances it seemed that Amazon was pretty picky and ambiguous in regards to the "how to" of publishing. Good for you I hope you are soon swimming in dough (money) lol

Today swimming any where would be good. Thanks for the good word. My hubbie has written 38 books, I usually do all the submitting, It's not really hard.

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