Thank you God!

Last Update: May 29, 2016

I enjoy hiking very much. I hike every week. I belong to few hiking clubs. Some hikes are dangerous - Tier 4 and 5, with lots of exposures and repelling .

Yesterday I was ready to go to Red Rock Canyon to hike Bridge Vista Peak. We suppose to be 8 advanced hikers climbing those rocks.

I only had 4 hours of sleep , but enough to have an warning dream. I saw a Stop Sign before entering the canyon and a hand from the Sky showing me the falling rocks. I woke up with an uneasy feeling. I learnt to always listen to my dreams.

I leave all my hiking gears in the mud room, ready to go.. Yesterday ,my loving Poodle took one of my hiking boots in her mouth all the way to the garden..Hmm..

As I prepared my coffee, I tripped and spilled all the coffee on the tiles, on my clothes.

I called my girlfriend and I told her that I feel like we should stay home, so we cancelled our hike for the day. She knows me well, and she listens when I feel something is off.

As I get to work, she called me to tell me the tragic news. 2 of our very mature and experienced climbers died yesterday. May their Souls rest in peace!

I was not able to focus on my work, and spent time today in prayers in meditation.

I am very grateful to God for all the signs he sends from Above.

I feel bad that I couldn't stop the others.

No phone reception as you enter the canyon, and not sure if they would've listen to my strange inner feelings..

Please , always pay attention to your intuition or to your warning dreams...

Do not ignore them, as they might save your life .

This is the Bridge Vista Peak.

Beautiful but deadly yesterday.

Stay safe!

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LisaFranks Premium

I am so happy that you listened to those warnings. I am also deeply sorry for the loss of lives of your other hiker friends.

Stay well. Be safe.

LoreDonna Premium
Thank you Lisa! I am very grateful to be here today, and very sad for the ones I am never going to see them again.
verazhelvis Premium
Monica, darling... Was trembling while reading...Praise God for sending you the message and for you being sensitive to God's voice...So very tragic... too bad, deadly for others... Good that you listened. I also know that if God wants to get the message across to us, He uses different ways and gives us different signs...Praise God you were attentive... Can not say anything else... You have become so very special to me...:)
LoreDonna Premium
Thank you dear Vera! Once again my Guardian Angels showed me the way! Yes, Praise God for all his work. I appreciate your understanding and care! Stay safe and always follow your inner guidance!
GeoffGS Premium
Sorry for your loss. Careful out there!
LoreDonna Premium
Thank you!
Labman Premium Plus
Sad news, glad you listened to your inner voices.
JudeP Premium
Oh Monica, my sympathies are with the family of the two that died, but thank goodness you listened to your intuition.
LoreDonna Premium
Thank you Jude...they were very fit and smart prayers are with their families as well.