My Gift to "The Dust Lady"

Last Update: May 16, 2016


I've been so touched by one our WA members

( cosmicradio ) poem:

"THE DUST LADY " . I am lost for words today.

Please visit his profile and read his last post.

You will understand !

This picture says 1000 words!

1000 of thanks to all the brave women out there, for the Strength, Wisdom , Creative Mind, Maternal care and Fire Spirit in you!

And nevertheless to the Man who supports you in your journey, your struggles and achievments!

Recent Comments


Thanks for the awareness Monica. I had not seen Rick's post, but have now read it. What an amazing gift Rick has.

You are welcome Valerie! I am glad you read it!

I was also speechless Monica. Rick has a real gift for words as well and can make you laugh and cry in the same post :)

So true ,Jude! A real gift !

Well said Monica,

Thank you Alexander!

Great Post, and the poem from cosmicradio was superb!

Yes, indeed!

NICE post, Monica!!!! See you in a week.

Hey Monica, I am kind of lost on this one. Where do I go and what do I do to receive the message you are sending?


Go on his profile and you can read his blog " The Dust Lady "
You will like it!
Thank you Paul.

You have touched me!

I do have a "magic wand"...! Watch out for my "spells"..:)
On the serious note, Thank you ! You can still have that kiss on the cheek only!:)

Amen and ditto !

Thank you Steve!

Thank you so much, Monica! I am so happy that my poem touched you. :)

No, thank you for everything!

Aw, Shucks.

And "bravo" to you for such a post!:)

I shall use your words Vera "it's RIck"...he sure has an impact in our lives in one way or another. .

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