Know thyself

Last Update: May 12, 2016

How well do you know yourself?

It seems that we are all covered by layers and more layers, like a French Toast chocolate cake (delicious by the way).

But what is underneath those layers? Does it taste sweet, sour, is it rich, creamy or buttery?

Your aquintances might say about you:

"Grumpy", "Funny", "Diva", "O.C.D." ( obssesive compulsive behavior) , " Greedy" ,"Smart".

Your family will say: "great cook", " wonderful lover",

"frustrated b...h"," chubby ", "giver"..etc.

You don't even know what's true anymore.

It is only their perception about you.


Do you know yourself, of you just wear a mask for every situation?

One mask for your family, one for your friends ,one for work and other for your Facebook profile?

Learn about yourself first, about your desires, your abilities, your dreams.

When you have the answer, you will be very successful , happy and you will spread this joy around you.

Be aware of your own personal preferences first, then pay attention to others, what makes them "tick ".

Take a new approach in discovering your inner strength and try enhancing your qualities.

Find your own voice, your unique gift, focus on what you want to be, not on what others want you to become.

What makes you special? What brings that Sparkling Light to Shine In You and around you? Don't tell me that you don't have one..You might not be aware that it's there, maybe is still dormant, but believe me you've got it...Go on, think about it, analysis your own intrinsic Mind.

" Our Mind is like a Labyrinth. We are curious to explore it, but the deeper we reach, the more we get lost in the myriad of Paths".( LoreDonna - I do pay attention to other members posts about original quotes . Do you know who you are? ).

Find the EXIT sign from the Labyrinth, find the Path which will lead you towards your financial freedom and healthy lifestyle.

The adage of " KNOW THYSELF " from Temple of Apolo in Delphi , Greece, became a touch stone for many generations of phylosophers , sages, writers, gurus.

But the aforism is much older. ( any greek philosophy aficionados, please don't hate me for this).

Ancient Egyptian text says:

"The body is the Temple of God within you; therefore it is said: Man know thyself ".

The Bhagavad.Gita a Hindu Scripture says:" The glory of the Self is beheld by few".

The Zen Buddhism school of MahaYana teaches:

"The self is the Goal of Life. Attain this goal.

Those who know the Self become the Self".

Jesus said : " Heal Thyself !".( Luke 4:23).

Till we don't scratch the surface of knowing who we are, we can't figure it out our true potential of becoming more.

Ok, I made your head spin. .Here is something to relax upon.

Do you all know what "Kokology " is?

Ok, don't Google it..

It is a Japanese game of "KNOW THYSELF ".

No. I am not kidding. I love Japanese technology.

Kokology is a study of the Mind and Spirit through games. They use symbols that are meaningful to your Life to gain access to your deep subconscious.

It is a game of Self Discovery.

It is fun, go ahead now Google few Kokology quizzes, enjoy them.

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HarveyBrown Premium
LoreDonna this is deep but on point. You have done some research. Not many people are aware that Greek and German philosophy are new schools. Thanks
LoreDonna Premium
Thank you for reading ! I do love my phylosophers!
PMindra Premium
Too deep at this time, but will offer the below.

If I get into it too deeply, I will take away from my own discovery.

the process of acquiring insight into one's own character.

the action or process of discovering or being discovered.
"the discovery of the body"
synonyms: finding, location, uncovering, unearthing More
the compulsory disclosure, by a party to an action, of relevant documents referred to by the other party.

Kindest regards always. Good post.

Paul Mindra.
LoreDonna Premium
Thank you Paul..I hope you will get deeper. .I appreciate it!
PMindra Premium
Cheers Monica.
DIAB Premium
I never heard before about kokology. I will try it.
LoreDonna Premium
Yes Diana, it is a fun game!
cosmicradio Premium
I like your post and your own quote, Monica. It is fun creating them, is it not? A very insightful blog. I'll check out Kokology. Thanks-Rick :)
LoreDonna Premium
Thank you for your advise Rick...I do follow what I believe has values!
Have fun playing the new " Game"...:).
cosmicradio Premium
Thanks! :)
gardenguy Premium
Sounds interesting Monica....think I will. Thank you.
LoreDonna Premium
Enjoy it Wayne!