Last Update: November 30, 2013

Second Domain up and 3 more to finish lol. Love the work, I frequently learn something new and implement it into the finished domains. Maybe Domains are never really done, much like life they constantly change lol.I've become a pro at cut/copy/paste. Wishing you all the luck on you sites!

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logicalfox Premium
Thank you everyone for the great support. Looks like a little advertising can go a long way as well. I'm sure there is plenty of comedy to be made from some of the comments we get in our Domains lol.
talimont1 Premium
Fantastic - love the consistency! Keep at it!
IslandMike Premium
Isn't that the truth about copy paste, cut, paste until you are blurry eyed! I also tend to keep "versions" in case something goes "south" I have the last that worked well backed up -- every once in a while I do something really flippant and I'm glad I have that last version in the wings!
betcha Premium
Way to go, Jason. Success is coming right up for you! Enjoy building your stream of income. I'm glad you love it.
Gordi Premium
Yeah, I think there is new stuff to learn here every day.