What is so special about Wealthy Affiliate?

Last Update: December 23, 2017

Is it the course? Or the Community? The hosting platform? The website builder with WordPress templates? The inbuilt keyword tool? Perhaps the price? Or the trip to Vegas?

What makes Wealthy Affiliate so special?

  • The course?
    Wealthy Affiliate presents to every member a balanced course to achieve online success in Affiliate Marketing. When you take the effort to do the course step-by-step (not skipping any lessons) you might surprise yourself with an online success. So be mentally ready to receive :)
  • The community forum?
    When you have decided to go for your success, and start wandering around the community forum, you will become friends with people from all over the world. And you will be amazed about the helpfulness every member is showing you. In the 3 years I am around here, I never had to wait longer than 10 minutes to get answers on my questions. This is unique! Nowhere on the internet you will find a more lively and heartwarming community. Anywhere.
    You can start right away with blogging on the free Google indexed Wealthy Affiliate blog space. And for questions? Use the live chat or the question bar on top, there is always someone awake in a worldwide community.
  • The hosting platform?
    The hosting platform is the best there is.
  • Included:
    Security pack (no need for Akismet or some other plugin
    SSL for owned domain names
    Website backups daily24/7/365
    Technical support (and the are amazingly quick&knowledgeable)
    Site content writerComment & Feedback feature
    It's an all in one platform, no need to go anywhere else!
  • The website builder with WordPress templates?
    In 4 steps, your website is airborne with the terrific website builder. As premium member you can choose from thousands of WordPress templates.
  • The Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool
    Beat the competition with this tool. It's included for unlimited use! Use it wisely with your website blogs, but also with your Wealthy Affiliate blogs!
  • The pricing?
    Some think $359 a year is a lot of money, and in a way, it is, when you are making ends meet. But compared to the monthly price, it's a discount of $229. And the worth you get back for it, makes this a real bargain! When you can afford the annual price, you'll have a whole year to set up your website, do the course and start earning! I know, I didn't have the money back then, and I asked everyone to skip the flowers and chocolate for my birthday, and to give me the money instead. I paid my annual fee and the next year I earned the fee myself!
    Do you know, you only need 2,5 yearly premium referrals to have a free ride here? With 3 you'll have your first profit!
  • Imagine Vegas?!
    Sounds great, doesn't it? A trip to ♫LAS♪ VEGAS ツ! You have 1 year to get your 300 premium referrals and to receive an invitation to come to Las Vegas to meet Kyle & Carson in person!
    You will be totally spoiled in luxury hotel arrangements. You are able to brainstorm with all the members who have made it to Vegas! Amazing incentive!

One of our members just blogged about his accomplishment. VEGAS

Take advantage of the terrific 7-day-free premium trial! You'll have total access to the forum, the website builder and the opportunity to ask questions. You can try out the keyword tool, and the live chat. Open you free account today.

This opportunity can change your life forever!

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DEversley Premium
Thanks Loes.

You are spot on as usual.

Thanks for this encouragement.
Loes Premium
Thanks for your comment, much appreciated:)
Elijah1916 Premium
The very best to everyone here to change our lives forever, and be in control of what matters to us.
Loes Premium
Working towards this:)
Creasean Premium
I agree with your WA superlatives. We have the best thing going and need to take full advantage of it!
Loes Premium
Yes, we all have the opportunities to get where we want:)
macklc Premium
I got to read 2 great posts in 1 day. Thanks, Loes! ^^
Loes Premium
Thanks:) Always nice to have a good article next to your cup of coffee;)
Carol46 Premium
I'm IMAGINING going to Vegas FREE BECAUSE I will meet the founders of WA, Kyle and Carson and other lucky members but the time is LIMITED so I will have to act NOW!
Loes Premium
Great imagination Carol, success getting there, and perhaps we'll meet in person:)