My way of dealing with the WA changes website-wide

Last Update: Apr 26, 2020

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Wealthy Affiliate price increase

It is quite understandable that WA raised the price after so many years. And I am very happy that the price we are paying now is fixed. And that every premium member does not receive a price increase. As we know we are grandfathered in the price.

And everyone who takes the step to a premium membership before May 11, 2020 also gets the guarantee on the price. As I understand, a special offer is coming soon for Starter members and monthly paying members.

Many of us already know the benefits of a Wealthy Affiliate premium subscription, for those who don't see it yet, take a good look around and compare what you get with others. You will find that you really get more for your money at WA than anywhere else.

Changes can bring you a lot of work, but I have choosen to keep it simple.

I added a html widget that appears top of every postwith the text:

In the disclaimer I added the next sentense:

This website has been active since 2014 and outdated amounts may be stated on obsolete items. Of course, price changes have occurred over the years. Always check how old the mail is and whether the price is still accurate.

Keep it easy, keep it simple, keep it cheap!

Recent Comments


An excellent tip Loes and thanks for the information!

Could I just signpost you to a tiny word error in your script though....the word you were looking for is "formerly", not "formally".

"Formerly" refers to something in the past as in "at the former price of...."
whereas "formally" refers to something that is formal as in a formal invitation or formal dressware as opposed to informal.

My Dutch is limited to reciting the names of Netherlands footballers and it never ceases to amaze me how well others from overseas speak and write English but I thought you might like to have the correct word on your site.

Thanks again Loes...


Hmm, my English is not as good as I thought it would be, thank you so much for keeping an eye on me:) I do need guardian angels like you Mark

Loes, don't worry at all, your English is fantastic!
It's the English language that often trips people up with different words that sound the same but are spelt (or is that spelled??) differently and have different meanings.
Happy to be of tiny service though Loes....have a lovely rest of your day.

Thanks, same to you, I have corrected it on my website😀

Happy to help Loes👍

Oh! Thanks for the heads up Loes. :)

This is the first I heard of this. I thought I had missed the official announcement but it seems that hasn't been made yet to everyone. mmm.... something not quite right here! :(

Also no matter how this is spun I'm not sure how I feel yet about such a price increase in one hit - 38%! It certainly reduces the appeal to go yearly.

It still will be 93 dollars cheaper than the monthly fee, and I agree something is not quite right here with the communication

Thank you for sharing the post. Appreciate it.

You are very welcome 👍

Good idea, Loes. If anyone doesn't have a header widget in their theme then they can put it in a sidebar widget instead.

That's right, everyone had that at least😀

Excellent plan Loes. You are correct, something along the lines of a disclaimer like this will make things simpler.

Thank you again for showing us a nice easy way to handle it.


My pleasure Alex😀

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