Life is fragile

Last Update: December 01, 2019

Hi to my lovely online WA family.

I haven't taken much action lately on WA, due to some sad messages the last month. I had to say goodbye to acquaintances and family members and attended 4 funerals, one very closely yesterday, the twin brother of my husband.

I have changed my daily job from child day care owner to caretaker. A friend of my has lost the ability to use her left side, due to a cerebral infarction. And I have decided to assist her with all the usual actions that have become difficult for her. Unfortunately she fell in an unguarded moment and broke her hip. She's in the hospital right now. No idea what the future will look like. As a regular help, I am of course freely available when she returns home. We will see how this will develop.

At the moment, my websites and online appearances is limited to a minimum, because I give priority to offline matters.

Yes, I took the BF offer for the 5th time in a row. It still is profitable to me, so I am sticking around for another year.There will be calmer waters again and I will probably/likely become more active and helpful again. WA is, after all, my second home.

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TherapyJet Premium
Sorry to hear about your recent losses. Sounds like you've really been through it just lately.
My heart goes out to you Loes,
Sending you positive thoughts and good vibes.
Sometimes we have to put things on hold whilst we deal with what life is throwing at us. I'm sure you'll be back with a bounce when you're ready to put more time into your online affairs.
In the meantime, make sure you look after yourself so you can be strong for others.
2020 is just around the corner...let's hope it's the best ever!
Warmest regards
Loes Premium
Thanks Jane, yes, let's aim on 2020:)
OSegun Premium
Very sorry to read about your recent experiences in the family and that of your friend.

Instances such as those that you mentioned are good reminders of how fluid this life is. Sometimes one wonders why some people live as if their life is running on a photocopied version while they have the original securely kept somewhere.

I hope you and you hubby all the best in these trying times. I also wish your friend a speedy recovery.

Best of luck to you.

Loes Premium
Thank you Segun, very kind and thoughtful words:)
Kyle Premium
Sorry to hear about your friends injury, you are an amazing friend to be there with here. The journey we call life is very much an unpredictable one and we must remain flexible to be there for those that need us.

Thinking of you Loes and I wish you an upbeat and positive 2020 ahead. :)
Loes Premium
Hi Kyle, we always say, when you want to make God laugh, tell your plans. It is always different from how you came up with it yourself. Thank you for your good wishes for 2020.
thelungdoc Premium
Really sorry to hear about your losses - sometimes bad things tend to clump together for some reason ...

WA will always be here - you have to take care of yourself also - remember you can't take of others if you do not take care of yourself.

Caregiving is really difficult; that is my knowledge as a physician. It will be harder than you think. I don't want to sound discouraging - just realistic.

I always it best not to sugarcoat reality and offer platitudes.

I admire your willingness to be a caregiver - not everybody would take responsibility.

Come here if you need to talk to your friends.

Loes Premium
Thank you Dave, yes I realize it's a huge responsibility, and I am so glad that my husband is supporting me for 200%
ColleenLVSJC Premium
Great to hear from you, Loes! Sorry to hear about the recent losses you've experienced. Caregiving has its rewards but also comes with many unpredictable challenges. Whenever you're able to be more active in WA, it will be great to see you around here again. :)

All the best to you!
Loes Premium
Thank you Colleen, indeed unpredictable challenges