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I thought being a member of Wealthy Affiliate would be right up my alley. I am nearing retirement and would like to establish another source of income.

Ideally, I would also like to do something that helps others in some way. What a better way to spend your retirement years than to help others.

Research shows that many people work their whole lives for retirement and then find emptiness afterward. Having no purpose or passion in their lives - they soon lose interest in life, cease doing things, and die.

How sad is that!

But you need to have something to offer people in order to help them. I have found the best help is the kind that teaches people how to help themselves.

it's the old teaching a person how to fish rather than just giving them a fish - that is a lasting gift that can make a real difference.

Everybody has useful skills they can teach other people, something that helps them wake up in the morning and gives energy and fulfillment to their lives.

Many times it is creating something beautiful - like a wonderful webpage that can teach something or fulfill some need.

I have found that when you help others, you will be helped in return. You reap what you sow.

Let's do this together!
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Money I would be happy earning
My ultimate goal would be $2500 / month or so.
Money I would be ecstatic earning
I would be ecstatic earning about $5000 / month.
Time I'm willing to invest to achieve my goals
I have other time commitments but could certainly devote several hours a day.
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Oct 23, 2018
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thelungdoc Premium
How much money would you be happy earning?
My ultimate goal would be $2500 / month or so.

How much would you be ecstatic earning?
I would be ecstatic earning about $5000 / month.

And how much time are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
I have other time commitments but could certainly devote several hours a day.
Kyle Premium
Success is very cumulative in nature. Every action you take will add up to a much greater success. I can tell you that when you earn your first money, it will all become very REAL and it will lead to much more success.

Personally it took me a couple of months to get there (to earn my first dime), but by month 6 I was earning a consistent income. That is likely what your journey will look like...stay persistent and ask for help when you need it. I am in your "corner" every step of the way David! :)
Jadatherapy Premium
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate

These goals are very achievable all you have to do is follow the step by step training here at WA and you can become successful.

You also have the wonderful community here for support if and when you need us, just ask your questions and someone will get back to you.

The community here at WA are second to none so you truly cannot go wrong.

Wishing you the very best success here at Wealthy Affiliate
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Erra74 Premium
Thank you for the warm welcome you wrote to me, now I am following you.
We are thinking the same way as I think many people here do, we would like to be of help as much as we get help...and that's good thinking that will lead to success I believe.
Suzay Premium
David, you r'e a smart one! WA is the place to be,
a-n-d! glad to be following you! Good to meet you, and fun to great you.
It's lovely to have another fellow traveler at WA.
Can't get too lost around here, but the world will surely open it's riches to us here in WAys we could not even imagine!
TimMoto Premium
You’ve landed in the right place. Similar experiences with on line attempts...failed but failed forward. I’ve been a member here less than a week and the community is remarkable. Great support and the tools are fantastic. Only wish I’d landed here long before now but the future looks great.
All the best.
leswaller Premium
Thanks for following me, David!

I hope I can bring value in some form or other to everyone I meet. Even if its just to have them smile or laugh.

I hope you enjoy watching me as I go from where I am today to wherever the hell I am tomorrow. ;-)

I've been here less than a week and cannot wait to get back online and get to work and interact with the community.

Once again, thanks!

Les (remember you get MORE with Les)
TeriCalhoun Premium
Goodluck Doc! Anxiously awaiting your website. How do you feel about this trend more and more people are embracing in medicine; functional medicine, Gerson therapy,;diet and supplements vs pharmaceuticals, treating the root of the disease as opposed to just treating the symptoms? It tickles me when these hollywood doctor's bash the drug companies for making so much money then turn around and charge 50 to 100 dollars a bottle for their awesome formulas as if that is affordable for the average Joe that they so adamantly claim to want to help. Right. It took modern medicine 20 years to embrace this. I hope it doesn't take another 20 years for medicare to help our country's lowly citizens, like myself, pay for these magnificent concoctions.