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Last Update: Apr 1, 2020

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Today, April's Fool day, is this year, 2020, not a day for jokes.

This Corona pandemic, Covid 19 virus is causing so many victims worldwide that I find it very inappropriate to send a joke. I read that Google has decided not to honor this day as well.

It was my habit to do something every year, to fool the WA community.

No April's fool joke this year.

For the new members, here are my jokes from 2016-2019:

With one little script on your website all your posts on Google page 1
Have you seen the new autoresponder?

I have major problem to access WA

5 easy steps to get rich in 5 minutes
Certificate Aprils fool prank has been successful I believe

The original blog has been set to private by Kyle, because of the enormous ammount of replies:)

Until next year;)!

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Hi Loes, loved the past April fool's jokes. I just heard on the news that any April fools jokes that in any way reflect on the current health crisis, will be subject to fines. How they would go about fining people I have no idea. April fools day has been cancelled.

Best wishes,

Worldwide? That's good!

Hi old friend,

it's bad here, believe me. I am in Everett, just 20 miles north of Seattle, and 20 miles west of Kirkland, where the mess here started. Do you know what living in a ghost town is like? Half of businesses are closed, and the large grocery stores are over run and shelf empty. Just like post war times in Europe.

Stay well and healthy.


I see it on the news, I am living in the country side, everyone is repairing everything around here, it has never been that noisy with all the machines
Stay safe!

Very appropriate, well done Loes :-)

Thanks Gordon, stay safe


:( next year, new chances, stay safe

Hi Loes! great to see you again. I haven't seen you, Kaju, Vicki and Marion for a while.
Hope everything's good and safe.

Totally agree. I don't think it's appropriate play jokes this.
Though I was a victim of 2019 April fools day!

Anyway,, stay safe.

Hi Mina, Marion is around once in a while, I believe Kaju has a writer revocation. Haven't seen Vicky around.
Next year I get you...;)
Stay safe too

Hi Mina, Vicki is good. She is well and safe at home.



Good Morning Mina,

I see Vicky on FB and also Kaju is there promoting his YouTube of New York in crisis times.

Greetings from the south of Spain,


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