Change theme, what can you expect?

Last Update: September 22, 2018

You are working on your website for a couple of weeks now, perhaps a lot longer, and you are NOT comfortable with the theme you choose. It's easy to change themes, just a few clicks, and you have installed a new theme.

What can you expect?

Not working plugins
You add only plugins to you theme which are compatible, when you change a theme, they can be incompatible with your new theme of choice.

Broken links
Not only broken links can appear, but also linked text and linked pictures can be vanish. You need to check-up all your links.

Wrong dispayed pictures
Pictures can be jumping up-to-the-right or left and not there where you placed them on your old theme.

Wrong displayed headlines
Sometimes the headlines are displayed incorrectly.

No header image
The header size is often different measured, so your header picture can be displayed wrong or even missing at all. You need to re-do.

No Icon
Your site icon often needs to be installed again.

My advice

When you are NOT comfortable with your theme? Change it as soon as possible!

The sooner you change, the fewer adjustments you have to make!

In addition to this blog the reaction of Ian:

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AimanB Premium
Wow, I didn't realize that... Thank you :)
Loes Premium
Glad I could warn you in time Aiman
ArjunUllaz Premium
Yes yes you are right ...Having lots of broken links on my blog after changing my blog theme trying to redirect all and some I fixed it.
Thank you very much
Loes Premium
Hope you will have all in place soon Arjun
MarionBlack Premium
Great stuff, Loes. The sooner one settles on the right theme the better.
Loes Premium
That's quite right Marion
Mirka1 Premium
Thank you so much, very helpful!
Loes Premium
You're welcome Mirka
Mac01 Premium
Great post, Loes. I can tell you, I've changed my theme before and lost a lot of my settings. Much better done in the earlier stages of building a website. Best.
Loes Premium
Thanks, I have changed one of my themes once, and run into a lot of problems Thomas