10 Useful Tips For A Good Website

Last Update: January 31, 2020

What should you look out for to create a great website?

1. Provide a well-organized homepage

  • Do you have a logo?
  • A catchy sentence?
  • A searchfield?
  • How do you make your visitor feel welcome?
  • Can they contact you in any way?

2. How is your menu organized?

  • A properly functioning navigation literaly includes everything that makes it easy for a visitor to find his way on your website. Ask a friend to navigate your website and look over his/her shoulder.
  • Use categories from the start, as your website grows, it is useful if you start immediately.
  • Breadcrumbs are also useful for your visitor to see how they ended up on a certain page. Some themes have this feature, otherwise you can install a plugin for that matter.
  • Are the pages that you definitely want your visitor to visit in your main menu?
  • The privacy policy is important that it is present, a necessity, and it can go to your footer.

3. Is your website scanable?

  • Can your visitor see at a glance what your article is about when he/she reads the headlines?
  • Visual impaired people are scanning your website for H3 headlines.
  • Let your important texts stand out with bold and italic texts.
  • Are there clear buttons on your website where you want your visitor to go? Which your visitor can click on?

4. Is your website responsive?

  • A responsive website is a website that adapts to the size of the device that you use to visit the website.
  • If your website isn't mobile friendly, make it mobile friendly asap.
  • Mobile friendly check of Google search console.
  • How to make your website mobile friendly with a plugin?

5. Are you immediately clear?

  • Don't play hide and seek. Be immediately clear about what you sell and how much it costs. People don't come to your website to search like crazy for this important information. Then they leave quickly.

6. Pay attention to details

  • Are your images clear? Not blurry?
  • Do your images combine with each other?
  • Do you use the same structure on every page?
  • Are the colors coordinated?
  • Do you use the same letter size and headings everywhere?
  • Ask yourself feedback questions to check your own website.

7. Watch your language!

  • You can use a very advanced language, but be aware that the easier you describe things, the more people understand.
  • The levels for non-native English speakers
  • A1: Very poor
  • A2: Uses translation programs
  • B: Can understand and write regular English well
  • C: Mainly native English speakers and skilled

8. Use of images

  • WA is using the plugin Kraken Image Optimizer to compress images.
  • Before you upload images to your WP library you should reduce them to max 500x500px. If you upload photos from your camera, they will come with 4000+ px in your media library. That takes up a lot of space.
  • Which image can you use and which one not? You do not want copyright infringement on your pants, so delve into the rules!
  • Use carefully chosen images in combination with a strong, concise story and clear call to action pictures.

9. SEO Search engine optimization

  • Have you used Jaaxy for the correct targeted keywords?
  • Do these keywords appear in the title, meta-description and url?
  • Did you weave synonyms for your keywords in your post? Google can also distinguish these nowadays.

10. Links

  • Place internal links and link them to relevant texts. (Example, as I did in this article, don't overdo it though)
  • Make sure all your links work. Don't just let your visitors go, so, let external links open in a new tab.
  • Make sure that every call to action link leads to a new call to action.

I hope this blogpost is helpful to you in one way or the other:)

Success creating an awesome website!

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Rubberbandman Premium
You provided a lot of great information. But I would like to add just 2 things. 1. You need a fast loading website. Especially on mobile because that is one of the ranking factors. But also because you want people to land on your content. If it is too slow (must be under 2 seconds) they will go some where else. 2. As soon as they land on your content they will be asking themselves 2 questions. A. What's in it for me? If they like what they see (before they even scroll down) they might continue. B. Do they trust your site or even you? People do this without even realizing. It only takes 3-5 seconds to determine if they are going to even stay on your site. That is why you need to have everything looking good for your above the fold content. Just my two cents.
Loes Premium
Thanks for the additionele tips👍, site speed and trust are indeed of great importance too.
jake809 Premium
Hey, this is a very useful article. I found That I haven't been putting enough time and energy to my website layouts. The navigation still needs work, and my menus. I've been more focussing on getting posts out and working on my reviews. But this is good advice for a lot of people.
Loes Premium
Glad you found some useful tips Jake:)
JasonKang Premium
Hi, Loes.
Thank you for your informative and helpful post.
While reading this post, I felt so humbled.
My site needs a lot of improvement, and I haven't paid attention to its necessity.
Being aware of the issue is the first step in improvement.
I added a tag on this post.
Thank you.
Loes Premium
You're very welcome, success with your website 👍
Noteboom Premium
Great, advice. One thing.
"Before you upload images to your WP library you should reduce them to max 500x500px."
Personally, experience have shown me that it can be a very different size of the image even so you use always 500x500 or other numbers.
So I always look at the kb. I want to have it no more than 25 because of the mobiles so I only use kb. Sometimes I cab have 700xsomething and sometimes I need to use 400x44.
Loes Premium
When you need a bigger image, of course, you upload it in the bigger size. But most images are under 300px
Noteboom Premium
Most of the images I get are 2-4 megabytes. From Unsplash. But I reduce it down to 25 kb so it doesn´t slow the speed in mobiles.
Before I had 50-100 kb but it was too big for mobiles.
I got this advice from one guru that has had a big success and he said it changes a lot for him and I have seen it too in traffic.
Loes Premium
Great advice
AlejandraB Premium
Thanks for sharing a great informative blog, I will use it as a check list
Have a great day!
Loes Premium
Thank you, success with the list👍