Fearing success?

Last Update: February 27, 2019

Help Please.... is it possible I am afraid to succeed?

I am still early in my training and feel pleased with my progress, well, until lesson three. Why am I still on lesson 3?

Lesson 3 teaches me how to find affiliate programs. It teaches me how to link this into my blogs. Not difficult, but why haven't I done it?

I find all kinds of things to do besides my assignments. Procrastination at its best!

I can actually see myself reaching success, but there seems to be a wall of terror holding me back.

I want WA to be real, not like all the other scams I got hooked into in my yesterdays. Lucky for me I KNOW it is real because of this community. I really trust you and what i am learning here.

Ok, so perhaps I just don't want this beautiful vision of success to end. Actually, I know I am ok here. I am going Slow and Steady. I have heard from others that they are doing the same and making their way to their first commission. It is the light at the end of the tunnel for me.

Thanks for listening to my fears. I'm going to step out of the dark now and get this affiliate stuff under control. Wish me luck!

Miss Linda

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BorisRoman Premium
Fear can be your worst enemy and your best ally - it's your choice to decide.

Thanks a lot for sharing!

Wish you great success!

LKick Premium
Thank you. Think I will bust right through that fear. The push I get from my community really helps!
Miss Linda
phil1944 Premium
The fear of success (or possible failure) is a very real one, Linda.

But you're right. The only way to overcome it is to push through the barrier.

Then you'll look back and wonder what you were afraid of.

We've all bought into scammers' promises early on in our journeys.
LKick Premium
I really appreciate how you understand where I've been.
I am pushing through the barrier and yesterday was better for me.
Thank you for your support!
bonzo124 Premium
Fear of success? - I don't think so.

There are many reasons why people procrastinate. A common one is that they do not like to get a little uncomfortable.

So, just do it and move forward.
LKick Premium
Yes, I think you are correct. I am uncomfortable. I'm doing something I've never done before and I hate skinning my knees when I fall down.
Thanks. Moving forward is the only direction at this point!
sdawson Premium
Linda, fear is ok until it stops you from working. You need to get past the "fear". Decide in your mind to just DO Lesson 3. Get it past you and then methodically keep going. If you get stuck, ask for help. Also, remember if you put up Amazon affiliate links. PM me and I will buy something through your links. I buy from Amazon frequently because I'm in a wheelchair and pretty homebound, so I shop online a lot. Maybe other members will agree to do this for you also when they have purchases to make. Amazon does require you to have 3 sales in the first 180 days.
LKick Premium
Thank you so much. I know what I need to do, but like you said, I just need to get going and do it. Today is the day.
Appreciate your offer about Amazon. I will PM you when I get to that point. :)
You are great.
Susan4247 Premium
Best of luck to you!
LKick Premium
Thanks. You are why I will make it here. Great community support.