4 Year WAnniversary & $100K+ Earned Online!

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Has it been that long since I first signed up at Wealthy Affiliate?

Yes it has.

It's been an amazing 4 years and I really can't believe the amount of knowledge I've gained since that very first day!

I remember coming on this platform as a newbie and wanted a training that gave me step by step instructions on HOW to do this thing called affiliate marketing.

I still tell members that I remember that very first day Sep 7, 2016 as a free member and what a breath of fresh air WA was!

I was searching and searching online for the right thing to do and landed on WA, with no affiliate attached either. Not sure how that happened. Lol

But I am glad I found WA when I did.

This journey has been crazy!

There are ups and downs like any business but the freedom to work on my business anywhere I go is a dream come true.

I hope you are here to make your dreams come true too!


There are many lessons learned in my 4 years and certainly no one goes into any business without some sort of failure.

Failing in your business or making mistakes is all part of the process and each one gets you much closer to your goals!

So don't be hard on yourself for making mistakes because without failures, you won't reach success as failing is part of the success journey.

I know I've made some major mistakes that's hit my online business hard in the last couple of years but these are lessons learned the hard way.

1) Don't Pivot Your Blog Content

When your site is ranking for a particular type of content, keep doing more of them. If Google ranked you on a Top 10 list post about your niche, then do more of this type of posts.

It's like your site gains authority into a certain type of post, like mine was ranking really well for review posts, and then I changed it to affiliate marketing posts and it's taken a dive since.

2) Don't Take Long Breaks

I was trying to build my YouTube channel and gave my site a rest since it was being hammered by Google anyway but that was a big mistake and I'm paying for it still.

I left my blog for a year and didn't publish any posts on it so the last 2 Google updates really wiped out most of my organic traffic. I now depend mostly on YouTube and TikTok to get traffic to my site. I'm going to add Pinterest too... I have Pinterest but I haven't really used it in a long while and I should get back on there to get my blogs seen.

3) Don't Delete TikTok Videos

My most recent mistake is deleting 12 videos at the same time from my account and I've never seen such an effect from such a deletion from anywhere else.

I guess that's also the most I've ever deleted at once from a social platform but man, I didn't expect the loss of momentum I have been experiencing.

Don't delete your TikToks!


I actually don't like posting my income for people to see but it's proof that this stuff works!

Sharing this also gives members here a boost of inspiration and motivation I hope, so it's a way for me to give back to the community that's supported me so much!

I know this type of post was what I needed as I was struggling to make my first $1,000 month.

I didn't make much money in the first 1.5 years so I was reading these success posts like crazy!

In fact, most of the income you see below is from the last 2.5 years. My income wasn't consistent before then and it was under $1K for 18 months!

Finally, when my website got traction that's when I started making a four digit monthly income.

This is not to say you can't make $1K/month faster than me, MOST do. LOL believe me, I watched with such heartache every time I saw a post someone reaching $1K/month faster than me.

I've always said, I'm the baby earner of the Super Affiliates, and probably still am. I'm really no one more special than you and I still struggle today to get work done, and still making major mistakes that make me want to crawl into a hole and disappear.

But, hey, I love working on my business and my business always brings me back to keep going.

So I hope this motivates you, this is how much I've earned so far in my online journey with affiliate marketing:

I do have a few more affiliate programs I earned from, but those are small, these are the big three worth adding up.

Some people like to earn from a lot of different affiliate programs, I like to just earn from a handful. I had signed up to so many affiliate programs before, but now I know I just need to promote a handful to make the biggest impact.

I hope this helps you to see that it probably takes longer than you think to earn money online but once you do, you can earn a decent amount of money.

Like I said, this is actually low income, many others have earned a lot more from their blogs created here at Wealthy Affiliate.

I started with just a blog, then I expanded to YouTube and TikTok, plus other social media. You can take it one platform at a time, but I feel the best things to have are these three things right now: blog, YouTube, and TikTok for best traffic.

Search traffic is the best always and the social media traffic is not as targeted but you can garner a mass following on TikTok.

Hope this was fun for you to read! Please let me know if you have any questions! :)


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Recent Comments


Awesome stuff Grace and Congratulations! You have remained consistent and hence, your rewards for your efforts grow. I know what you mean about (kind of neglecting your site) ... do that and Google will neglect you too!!! Its happening to me!!!

I have had 2 part time 'offline' jobs around my website business. I am not saying I work obscene hours and then have to do my online business, I did WA because I loved it, and realised there is no other online business that is;

1. so inexpensive and
2. is run by 2 down to earth, don't need accolades, ra..ra meetings to build them up...type of guys.

But with online business, things change.

I always wanted to work around my kids when they were at school, earning income and I kind of did that, but in a different way. I still enjoyed their school curriculum and activities, but again, my online business isn't to the extent that I "work on my terms". I just worked a job around them, which was okay but not ideal, not a rewarding, residual online business that I always desired.

My kids have now all finished high school (twin boys are 18 and daughter is 22). One of my twins and my daughter are pursuing the online career, instagram, blogging, websites etc - one doing photography and the other a van lifestyle. The other twin couldn't give a sh*t about online business and again, I love and guide my kids decisions about what they want to do...

But what I am eluding to is, my drive now has turned to just being an example for my kids. Showing them that having a website, following your passion and just being consistent with your actions is key. That getting content out there, blogging, their own images, ideas that has been (keyword searched) .... amongst other variables is key.

And they will never listen to me unless I get results for my actions on what I basically 'preach' them on!

So thank you always for what you share. You have always been, open, inspirational but always with integrity and that's what we love about you here at WA, so thank you!

Again, Congrats on your 4 years here at WA and the earnings you have earned to make a better life for YOU and YOUR Family!!!

And... we will meet in VEGAS one day... I Bloody, sincerely mean it...

Sharon xxx

Hi Sharon,

I totally understand what you mean about things changing and your reasons for doing things. Your reasons will change with time and they will determine what we do in the future. There are other things that change in the online landscape that you have no control over and these factors can help or hurt you which can make the online space very volatile.

I know the kids these days can survive much better than us and I hope the online space will continue to innovate for future generations.

That's great your kids are following your footsteps, opening their eyes to more possibilities. Mine are still too young to know what they want.

Thanks for coming by and supporting my journey! I know you will reach your goals Sharon, it's only a matter of time.

Take care,

This is such an inspiration

Thanks so much Line! Appreciate you here so much and your kind words. :) So happy to be able to inspire you and others.

Best to you,

Thank you for taking the time to post your journey Grace. It really is massively helpful to we who are struggling to make our first penny to see that someone is actually making money.

It also helps to know how they are doing it, so really do appreciate your sharing this with us.

Thanks again.

Anne x

You're welcome Anne and thanks for your kind words of support! I'm so glad this can help you. :)

Congratulations Grace you have and continue to do exceptionally well and contune to be such an inspiration ti all in the community.

I really like your tenacity and straight-up honesty.

You will continue to go from strength to strength. Enjoyed reading your insights and reflections.

Best wishes for the coming years.


Thank you so much Alex, appreciate this! :) I share as much as I can to help others here. I'm glad you enjoyed this post!

Congratulations Grace, you deserve it.
As a complete newbie I find these kind of posts really inspirational. I want to hear all the WA success stories and I want to hear how much everyone is earning online, it helps me focus and work towards the same thing.
So thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed it.

Thanks Rab, great to hear I could help you a little & motivate you in the right direction. :)

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