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Last Update: Dec 1, 2019

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If you're going to build an online business, you might as well build one that takes into account Black Friday and big holiday sales.

It sure brings in a lot of money in a very short amount of time and it's like Christmas in November which can be a lot of fun!

Being a WA affiliate has been so rewarding, not only you're earning RECURRING commissions for life but you have the opportunity to rake in 3 digit commissions and those are always fun to get no matter what day of the year it is!

Affliate websites all over the internet are getting mass amounts of traffic right now this month and last (already Dec!!) from people searching for the "best of" things to buy for their loved ones.

YOUR WEBSITE could be showing up on these "best of" search results and capitalize on the holiday craze if you've been writing "best of" posts for your niche.

These types of posts are relevant in any niche and you should take advantage of this.

Other types of posts are ones that gear to a certain group of people during this season:

* Best gifts for grandmas

* Best gifts for moms

* Best gifts for tech geeks

* Best gifts for those who have everything


There are so many "list" type of posts you can create for the holiday season that can help drive a lot of traffic to your site as well as getting those affiliate commissions from these lists. Also, these "list" type posts are very shareable as well on social media.

If you're a WA affiliate, there are tons of people looking for a great opportunity like WA, you just have to go network if your site hasn't reached traction yet. There are tons of peolple who network on social media and making sales (affiliate or not) if you're wanting to catch the last bit of WA's Black Friday Sale, you should do the same.

The real "make it rain" days that you're looking for though requires you to build a site that gets ranked in search engines, no matter what niche, so you can get that MASSIVE amount of visitors you need to create such "make it rain" days!!

YES it takes time to build, YES it takes hard work, YES it takes consistency.

BUT, is it all WORTH IT?


This is why having your Yearly membership makes so much sense, so you can build worry free of monthly payments, and just FOCUS on building your money making online asset!

You have 12 NEW months ahead of you to start building something that can make it rain for you in 2020!!

Let's do this!

Recent Comments


Grace, you're amazing!!! Just as I was about to "slack off', your past posts drove me to my website to do some unfinished business dealing with Black Friday. Sometimes I need that little push to help keep me moving in the right direction, whereas my bout with procrastination would have shown its ugly head. Your accomplishments are just fantastic!

Hi Cornelius, I'm so happy to hear I can help you this way to work on your site! How awesome is that. :)

Try putting together a schedule and sticking to something manageable but challenging so you can work in every single week, if not everyday.

That has always helped me to get things done, you have to schedule or list out what you're going to do or else lots of time gets wasted.

Let's rock 2020!!


Thank you for sharing this. I had an unfortunate time off
this past year which has hurt my online business. But
I am coming back strong and know that 2020 is going to
be the greatest year for me in affiliate marketing.

You are a super affiliate and learning from you has been
a pleasure,


Hi Susan,

We all have set backs, that’s guaranteed. How we deal with them is what’s important. You sound committed and that’s what really matters! Winners deal with the problems and move on. You are that’s winner!!

I know you’ll have a smashing 2020!!


Congratulations Grace!

Looking forward to 2020 ;)
Thank you for sharing with us

I would wish you have a nice Sunday
But you already having that :)


Hello Mike, thanks so much and appreciate you coming by. I very much look forward to 2020 for even bigger results!

Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend!

some great info thanks

You’re welcome Matthew, glad I can help!

Hi Grace. Yes, I can see why because you are well established on your SEO website. Your website now giving you the rewards because of many signs ups from your referees that you got.

Yes, I have 12 months as a newbie in my first year to do better. You are correct that we should be focusing on building our sites and monetizing our sites.

What you have done is awesome, and we need to replicate that.

I’m glad you can see that Brenda, and your site will get established too if you keep working on it and produce regular content on it. Look forward to seeing what you can do in the next year!! 👍🏼👍🏼

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