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Welcome to the Wealthy Affiliate commenting feature! This is a fantastic way to earn credits and engage with the community. To ensure your comments are valuable and meet the requester's needs, please follow these simple guidelines:1. 📋 Read the Request Carefully 📋

Before commenting, always read the request from the comment requester. They might be looking for:

  • Discussion about the topic 💬
  • Opinion of the topic 🗣️
  • Experience with the topic 📚
  • Questions on the topic

🔑 Key Point: Give the requester precisely what they are asking for. This ensures your comment is relevant and appreciated.2. 🚫 Avoid Summarizing 🚫

Your comment should not be a summary of the post. Instead, focus on adding value through:

  • Insights
  • Opinions
  • Personal experiences
  • Questions

Summarizing is unnecessary and doesn't engage the requester or other readers.3. ❓ Ask Questions ❓

Always ask questions to dig deeper into the topic or find solutions for your pain points. Questions can lead to:

  • More engagement
  • A better understanding of the topic
  • Solutions to problems
  • 4. 📖 Share Personal Experience 📖

Personal experiences are gold! They:

  • Make your comment more relatable
  • Provide real-life examples
  • Help others see practical applications

Don’t hesitate to share your stories or how the topic has affected you.5. 🕵️‍♀️ Role Play as a Visitor 🕵️‍♂️

Imagine you are a potential visitor coming to the website for help with solving a problem or pain. Your comment should:

  • Address the topic from a visitor's perspective
  • Provide solutions or insights
  • Encourage other visitors to engage and seek help
  • 6. 📝 Check Your Spelling and Grammar 📝

Spelling and grammar mistakes can detract from your comment's value. Always:

  • Use Grammarly or a similar tool to check your comments before submitting
  • Ensure clarity and professionalism in your writing
  • 7. 🌟 Be Engaging and Positive 🌟

Engagement is key! Keep your comments:

  • Positive
  • Constructive
  • Engaging
  • Brief and to the point

Encouraging discussions and being supportive can make a big difference.8. 🎯 Aim for Value 🎯

Always aim to provide value with your comments. Whether through sharing insights, asking thoughtful questions, or providing helpful experiences, your goal should be to contribute meaningfully to the discussion.

By following these guidelines, you’ll earn more credits and help create a more vibrant and supportive Wealthy Affiliate community. Happy commenting! 🎉

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Recent Comments


Wonderful Lindi! unique and insightful personal comments are magic aren't they? ChatGPT is great for other things but I agree with others below that they are not suitable for this kind of writing.

I will say in the past I have sought ideas when I can't get started but used my own words once I'm prompted - I like to call the Chat, my assistant and as such I would always craft a physical assistant's ideas with my own :))

Thank you for starting this discussion Lindi!

Amanda, I'm glad you're here! Yes, AI is not suitable for Comments.
I enjoy standing in the shoes of someone with a problem or pain point who has come across the post I'm commenting on. Using the magic of the human imagination puts the creator through their paces in offering a solution!

Let's continue with this! I think we can flesh out the best midset for commenting to help our WA family members!

Are you still en route? Or are you in glorious Exmouth now?
Stay safe!!

Sounds like good rules to follow, Lindi!

Are you making a special training post for this other than this one?

Also, add to the training that it is nice when people leave their names at the end of their comments. So many usernames at WA don't have the person's name in the title. I like to address the person's post with their name. I often look at their profile and will see where someone has addressed them by their real name and not the WA email name,

Thanks for this,


While I think the system has potential what frustrates me most is whenever I request comments for my article how many of them are just copied straight from Chatgpt. It's kind of disheartening to know pretty much instantly that they haven't even bothered to read your article, they are just abusing the system to get comments for their site.

It takes me time to get to a point where I can request comments because I enjoy reading other peoples articles and try to offer a good comment when I can. For me I'd rather have two real genuine helpful comments on my site than fifty identical comments.

It's just really annoying to get a long essay for a comment or that they found the article "inspirational" even if the article might be about the most mundane subject. Like come on, at least make it a bit less obvious.

It can be rough leaving quality comments especially when the content is poorly written or overly long.

However, if I take the time to read a post I am going to leave a thoughtful and comprehensive comment. I will probably even go back to the site and comment on the comment that is left for me by the blog author. I like to be thorough.


Yep. If the content is poor or doesn’t make sense, I don’t leave a comment.

If you’re leaving a comment just to get points then you’re doing yourself and the content creator a disservice.

It’s a very flawed system but I’m sure there are some great commenters out there!

Yes, there are! So, I think we've got to educate the newbies about how to do this professionally. 🌺

Pretty sure there have been a lot of posts over the years about the comments side of WA!

Problem is people don’t always listen or pay attention to things they’re not interested in unless it benefits them alone!

I don't leave comments to get points. I try to find the good in the post and comment on that. It can be rough!

If the post is really bad, I usually don't make it into it far enough to read to the end and thus, no comment.

Some of the comments I have received are so poorly written that I have to rewrite them in part just so they can be understood.

It is a flawed system, but it's what we have so I try to make the best of it! 😜


I think there is a disconnect somewhere. Unfortunately, I can't spend a lot of time trying to find that. And even if I did, like Tony said, "people don't always listen or pay attention to things they're not interested in unless it benefits them alone!"

It's unfortunate but a reality with anything.


You might not but people definitely do.

I’m the same when it comes to poorly written content.

I have, in the past, messaged the person who wrote the content and asked if they wanted some honest feedback on their content.

Most don’t reply as they don’t want to hear the truth but one did and I gave my feedback along with some ideas on how to improve their content but it fell on deaf ears.

As the old saying goes “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”

I’m sure you get what I mean by that when it comes to content writing.

Anyway, maybe a clear and defined training on comments is needed so we all get some real value from it!

A good training could be helpful but again, "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink." You know who would watch the training? You, Lindi, me and the people that are probably already leaving helpful comments. There would be some others who would, too because they honestly would want to know but the majority would probably think they already leave helpful and thorough comments.

I think we are in agreement here but it is a point of frustration when you spend your points in the hope of getting good comments and it either is garbage or clearly AI written.

Is there a happy medium? I'm sure there is somewhere...


Maybe there could be a sign off where you can’t leave comments until you have read the training and been signed off with a quiz or something!

Anyway, as long as the few and good are doing the right thing then it won’t change.

I’ve always found the majority of comments left by people from WA have been pretty poor in the past. To the point where I’ve either had to delete them as they are completely irrelevant or edited them to give them value.

I’ve also left comments that add value and ask a question about the subject or one of the points in the article but have received no reply. To me, if you want valuable comments then why not wouldn’t you respond to them.

Just my thoughts!

Hi - to be honest, you wouldn't know if somebody had responded unless you went back to the website.

Notifications are not sent automatically unless they have a specific plugin to do this.

I have gone back to check in the past because I’m a sad sack 😉

It’s the poor comments that annoy me the most. It’s as if people don’t even read the article but instead just write a comment based on the title.

I used to ask for comments but gave up when they were just pointless. I ended up doing more work by deleting or editing them.

Maybe it’s better now and people actually read the post before commenting. It should be the bare minimum requirement.

No, you're not likely to get a reply unless you track the website! This could be a great system if we just get the guidelines clear and encourage people.

That’s the key. A proper training session by Kyle on how to leave comments correctly

Yep! That would be good.

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