Three GIMPY Minutes!

Last Update: December 02, 2015

YIKES! I have made a change in my WA account that will better ensure my annual payment is cared for with no glitches. I have had the persistent and terribly troubling red bar across the top of my screen for two days and it was freaking me out. An automatic deposit into my checking had not been made so when WA drew on the account for my annual payment, YIPES, insufficient funds!

Look this was freaky to me! I don't want to loose my momentum here or my progress. The good thing is that it was only three moments, 180 seconds, barely enough time to exhale and inhale but really, what if, what if there was a glitch on the PayPal end, which was the case in my last purchase with them. What the heck was I going to do if it glitched in making my payment for my membership here? Well, it didn't glitch. WHEW!

Problem Solved!!! And yes in three GIMPY Minutes I went from being a member in good standing to a cancelled member to a member in good standing again. WOW! I was, ah hum, worried for no good reason as I am back up and running...just like that! Good Grief Charlie Brown, why the fuss? Well, I couldn't fathom not being a member in this community and to keep my commitment to grow my business.

Anything Good Come Out of This

If there was anything worthy about this three-minute pause, this is it. There is a message you receive, a post from Carson that summarizes ALL of the awesome things you have accomplished during your stay and work within your Wealthy Affiliate membership.

  • I was able to revisit my goals from December 28, 2013. That was phenomenal impetus to ramp things up.
  • I was able to see ALL of the classes I have completed.
  • I was reminded of the networks I am engaging in
  • See my many posts listed
  • My (only 2) contributions for training (would love to do more, but still learning)

I have a LONG way to go. Life sucks the life out of me sometimes and there are days when because of poor sleep I am just 'plugging along'. But here is what I know for sure. I am grateful for this community and for this opportunity. I have a website that I feel will provide support to parents, or as in my case, grandparents, who are raising a 'special needs' kiddo. I have made many new friends here and some of you are precious, just so precious to me! And I am NOT a quitter!

Hmmm. I'm guessing that being disconnected from WA is part of the reason I felt so gimpy. Goodness me it was after all an administrative change for my annual membership. However, for three short minutes, I was not a member of Wealthy Affiliate and it freaked me out.

But it's okay now!

ONward and UPward friends. This evening I'll be looking for one of my Arizona sunsets, a crackling fire in the fireplace too as we have a night time below 30 degrees cold snap going on in the desert, and hopefully a blog posted in my site by then too, or close to it.

I want you to know that you matter to me and I am glad my 'Three GIMPY Minutes' have come and gone. Now you know!

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Harrysastar2 Premium
Hi Linda, glad you got it sorted and you're still a valued member of WA.
lindasea Premium
Thank you kind sir. I expect one day Kyle and Carson will make it possible for us to change our payment methods right within our settings WITHOUT having to cancel our membership. It sure was a freaky 3 minutes! LOL

KariLee Premium
Yikes! I can't imagine not being here either! And I am so glad you are here, I really like your blogs.
lindasea Premium
Hello Kari! Its been a bit since our paths crossed. So good of you to drop in and take a few minutes to read about my silly worrisome minutes.

I appreciate you and what you are doing and hope things are moving along well with you work and work here.

Bizkid55 Premium
Great blog keep up the good work!
Dmorrow Premium
Glad they're over! I would miss you Linda!
lindasea Premium
So kind of you Miss Debbie!

We just keep at it. In time it will flourish!
fyre Premium