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Last Update: March 30, 2015

As 2015 begins I was musing about stress and its relation to my success here with my Wealthy Affiliate courses and community. And then a well worn statement came to me...'knowledge is powerful'. Okay, I know that has been said ad nauseum but....Sometimes knowing something doesn't change that something.

Stress Can Undermine Success

Do you live with an undercurrent of stress in your life? It is a well established fact that stress induces poor health, is even a precursor for dangerous degenerative diseases. So what is a busy person to do? Especially a busy WA member who may be working a full-time job, caring for family needs, trying to stay active, and working on their fledgling website?

Well, one thing that can make a huge difference is to watch how you are breathing. Have you noticed when something involving high stress is happening you will give a mighty sigh. You have sighed like I have then and its often because we were breathing so shallowly or not at all for a few seconds at a time that prompted that sigh. Besides the fact that sometimes we just need to release the tension we could be holding in our chest. So first remember to breathe! Catch yourself! Sigh, and then take three long cleansing breaths to upset the negative affect of not having O2 to those brain cells. Gotta have that O2 for everything to work well and to feel alert for that blog you are writing. Right?

Most of us have read about this and know the signs and know the dangers, and know what we must do to manage stress. Knowing...having that knowledge quotient in place will make a huge difference. I found a website offering an easy tool to assess your stress, depression, and/or anxiety levels and am recommending that you do the test. It doesn't take long and maybe your result will surprise you. I was surprised!

Here it is:

This is a way of giving yourself a gift, the gift of knowing where you are mentally and emotionally at this point in time. The score will also help you identify if you have or are dealing with heightened issues around anxiety or depression.

Managing stress is a critical component to NOT burning out. We don't want to burn out or become inexorably stuck in overwhelm while working through the lessons and related tasks in our Wealthy Affiliate University. Knowing our state is important to being able to choose to do something about it. My score was a 26, severe, for stress but in normal limits for depression and anxiety.

I am choosing to breathe more deeply and check my breathing. I am choosing to make time to sit on my back porch and take a 'tea time', the British have this right; maybe take a power nap when necessary, the Mexicans have that right with an afternoon siesta; and to remember to count my blessings, an attitude of gratitude always helps. Visualizing yourself in your favorite peaceful place, ah, for me its next to the rhythm of the ocean. I'm guessing all of these will help reduce my stress levels.

What will you do this year to keep your's in check?

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SoupGypsy Premium
Really down to earth advice. Thank you for the posting. donna
sdawson Premium
Good info. I'm going to work on less stressing in 2015.
jonw Premium
Nope... I live low stress, Linda. My philosophy is simple... Don't stress the small stuff. If it's not a life or death situation... It's all small stuff. (-: J
BrooklynPhil Premium
This... Do you have enough Stress in your Life?
I did take the test and the results were Normal.
ajmmdm1983 Premium
Great blog I enjoyed what I read I will use what I just read. Thanks