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Hi everyone, I'm Linda. My journey here is through both the traditional job and through building a very expensive business! I am an Executive Human Resources Director by trade. About four years ago, I decided I did not want to lay off one more person because of the economy. (Believe me, that is a gut wrenching experience for HR people) I was moved to create a business that could help other women build a business on a limited budget. So, I founded a fashion business. I am in the process of selling the business I built from the ground up, including two years of designing the handbags for my company, which I still wonder how I did that!

It is time for a lifestyle change. I travel a lot and I have a daughter who studies in England, so I want to be free to visit her. I decided to give affiliate marketing a try. So, here I am - ready to learn, build more sites and get to know the community!
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CarlaIves Premium
Thanks for the follow, Linda! I look forward to working with you!
Daniel01 Premium
Hi Linda I can only wish the best of succes with your enterprise and if I can help you . Just send me an email.
Linafil Premium
Thank you! Best to you to in this journey.
SowAndReap Premium
Hey Linda, You found the perfect place to build your business. Wish you lots of success and thanks for the follow.
benzburg Premium
Thanks for the follow!
Go for Premium.
Wishing you success in your goals through WA . . .
PhilRou Premium
Hi Linda, Thank you very much for your follow back and all the best in achieving your goals!
susanhinds Premium
Hello Linda, thanks for connecting.
Your background will really help you in moving forward with your online home business and you are in great hands here. I also love travel and now live in Sydney, Australia and get to travel around and look after people's houses and pets while they are away on holidays. I truly love the work I do and feel so blessed to have beautiful people just like you in my life.

I have 10 plus years plus experience in network marketing and truly love the work that I do and the wonderful people that I meet just like you, so please let me know if you need some help. My mission is "To Live a FREE, Happy and Prosperous Life and to Empower You to Love Your Life!"

I thank you very much for your valued support and look forward to getting to know you.

Have an awesome day!

Susan Hinds
Pro2100 Premium
Hi Linda, Thanks for the follow, Had a look at your sites there fantastic,Really well done. I hope you are seeing some success from them.

Linafil Premium
Thank you. So far I am not having any success, but, I will keep at it and see if I can get them moving in the right direction.
yette34 Premium
Hello Linda...WA is such a great community.Help is always only a question away. I should know as I am asking questions all the time.
All the best and I hope your daughter enjoys her studies in the UK.
mama2karsten Premium
Greetings Linda… Looks like you've had a couple of weeks to see how things work here. Like building any business, it takes learning, planning, time and dedication. Wealthy Affiliate is like a constantly evolving, growing organism… It's a place where the growth and the learning never stops because technology is constantly evolving and Internet Marketing never stands still. WA teaches the correct way to build a successful online business to those that are willing to listen. It is truly a unique business community with all the support needed to get started and beyond. If you have any questions or need help, check into live chat… someone will step up and help when you ask...

Thank You for adding me to your network and I look forward to seeing you create success for yourself in the coming months. Julie
wendyk Premium
Hi Linda! Thanks for following me.
Jen090 Premium
Hi Linafil, thanks for following me. You have a very interesting background. I LOVE bags, Coach being my favorite (original), I always ask my sister in the U.S. to buy me the latest designs. Keep in touch.
Pauric Premium
Hi Linda

Thank you for the follow-back. I look forward to getting to know you too here at WA.

Every Blessing
jscot62 Premium
Wish you well in all your endeavors, thanks for following me.
cfrazer1 Premium
Hi Linda, nice to meet you, thanks for the follow and welcome to WA.
Kyle Premium
What's going on Linda? Hope you have had an awesome week here at WA and you are making some good progress. Drop me a note "reply" if you need a hand with anything. :)
Labman Premium
Hi and Welcome to WA. Thanks for following me back
Kyle Premium
Just thought I would check in and see how things are going with you! I hope all is well and you are enjoying yourself here within the community.

I hope you are enjoying the training and making some wonderful progress! Please do touch base with me if you ever need a hand with anything or are feeling stuck, I am here to help Linda. :)
OldMule Premium
Hi, thanks for the follow Linda.

Newbie or not, I have 20 plus years plus experience in this industry, so please shout if you need any help.

** If you are a newbie understand I make no money from you for saying this! **

I highly recommend this site to you and you really should go flat out with Premium level!
There is everything you need to become successful!

You can ask me anything you like about WA and I will always be 100% straight with you!
[Please read my profile and my last and third last blog posts and you will understand why!]

Please also read and "like" my other blogs, (also Facebook like at top), for my insights, tips and tricks!
Why not follow/join me in my network too!

Have a magic day!
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Linafil Premium
Thank you so much for reaching out and providing links to help me get started.
OldMule Premium
You are welcome, my today blog popped out the web a moment ago by the way! Ha! Have a magic day!
Kyle Premium
First off, hello and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Linda! I am Kyle, co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate and I am here to help you along the way. If you ever have any questions or need a hand with anything, do let me know as I truly am here to help you get things moving in the right direction.

As a new member here, you should check out the Online Entrepreneur Certification "Getting Started" course (Level 1). This is a 10 lesson course that will get you taking action on daily tasks that will lead to you building the initial foundation of your business (exciting stuff!). Here is the link that you will see within your main menu labeled "Get Started Here".


I also want to offer you a bonus if you do decide to take us up on our Premium offer. Our Premium membership is like nothing else that is out there in the industry and will truly help lead you to the ultimate success in online business.


If you join Premium within the first 7 days, here are some bonuses that I am going to be giving you:

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(2) You are going to get personal and private access to me! If you ever have a question or need help with your campaigns, I will be there.
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But only if you join in your first 7 days (this is what I call my "action takers" bonus).

Anyways Linda, I thought I would introduce myself and if you have any questions going forward, let me know. :) Wonderful to have you as part of the community here at WA!

Your friend,