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Hi! My name is John Keller. I have completed more than 60 years in the commercial and financial printing field, having been responsible for both sales and general management in firms of up to 150 employees. I have retired twice, and each time have been lured back to business for one reason or another, but in May of 2011, I finally called it quits for the third--and last-- time. So now I have been officially retired for more than a year, and I'm itching to get back to work! But this time I want to start an internet business of some sort. The problem is that I know nothing about starting such a thing, nor do I know specifically what type of business to start. Hence, I thought that getting an education in the field would be the most important immediate thing to do. So here I am, ready to go!
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nkjpas Premium
Thank you for the Follow. As of yet I do not know what that is but I will learn.
Hey John, thanks for the follow, i'm in the same boat when it comes to internet and business. Good luck
Thank you for the follow. It's nice to meet someone who is retired but still has fire :) I look forward to learning more about you and your years of knowledge!
Thank you for following "TheAffiliate" on WA Community John! It looks like you are one of those guys that like to give it all he's got.... You will do just fine with places like this. Of coarse it is always a learning experience when you are building a business and maintaining one! I really look forward to following you in the WA Community and hope you are having a wonderful day . -Travis-
Joe Henning Premium
By the way, my dear friend, just thought you should know there can only be one number one in all ventures we undertake, like your first wife, your first car, your first child..... you are my follower number 1 here at WA and nobody could ever replace you!!! Let's see how we could make number ones in your online business happen!!

Have a nice day, John.