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February 23, 2013
In my third week at WA, the good news is that although I was done with the basic courses I kept up work at a similar pace. I now have fifteen topic articles on my website, and about ten linked on other sites. One new thing I did this week was join Infobarrel, so I now have linked articles up on three different sites. I also found some .edu blogs in my subject that I could comment on, with links. The bad news is after my big week last week (.10 cents earned! average of 25 daily pageviews!) I had
February 16, 2013
So, last week I posted about my first week, and today I want to add an update. I've finished course four, and am almost done with course three, which has a few steps I've been putting off. Just finishing this material, though, means that I have a fully functional website with four pages and ten posts on specific topics. I also have five articles published and linked at Street Articles, and two at Hubpages. I have active pages at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. So.My most exciti
February 09, 2013
I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate one week ago today, and wow, it has been a productive week. Normally I write part time for Demand Studios (eHow, etc.), which is decent work but I'm always looking for new markets in case that dries up. That's how I stumbled across the WA website. It's pretty much understood among writers who work for content mills that we would be better off running our own niche websites, and I actually knew quite a bit about the process already. I was familiar wi