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Is it possible to succeed without being on facebook?

Is it possible to succeed without being on facebook?

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Does one have to be plugged into a lot of social media to get sales?

Of course it is possible but why would not be on there to get tons of free traffic and possibly customers. :)


Thanks for the input, Marek! I just really dislike facebook. Guess I'll have to join the crowd !

I know not everybody likes it but it can be really useful to marketers. :)

I feel you ienead....i hate it too but i think you really do need to have it :-)) i am gritting my teeth with it :-)) xox to you and yours

I agree with Jude, it is not essential (I personnaly HATE facebook.....but i use it soley when i have a new post or idea or pic etc.......you dont have to be overly involved with it , treat it just as a platform to get more people to your site :-)) if you want to you can PM me anytime :-))

Thanks for answering my question and for your offer of support!

Hope it helped you honey , pm me if you need anything at all wont you :-))

This has nothing to do with your question as I am so green and new Lol!! But had to tell you that the Hummingbird is my absolute favorite bird in the wordl. I traveled all around this beautiful saw many, many species, and yet, the Hummingbird remains my favorite!!

Haha...thanks for sharing! Yes, they are amazing! So nice that you've been able to travel widely....

Not necessarily but it is good to widen your network :)

Yes, that makes sense...thank you for relpying

well, I am on G+ a lot and Facebook and others - I have never sold anything there.........

Thanks for your input, Hiedi!

You don't have to, but it's a lot easier to generate free traffic. I struggle with social anxiety and had a real issue with the social media aspect of things but here's an observation for you.

Right now you are asking questions here in WA, this IS social media, it's a community. So if you are able to do it here why not Facebook? Especially if it helps your business :)

Thanks very much for your helpful advice, Jason! I really appreciate it. Arlene

It's a pleasure, I hope it helps you in some way :)

Yes, it has already!

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