It's About. Damn. Time!

Last Update: August 31, 2015

Looking Back on Today, I think Teddy Roosevelt Said it BEST...

"In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing."

And after pondering over that for awhile, if I had hesitated on making this decision for just one more day...

I think I woulda went "postal" ! (No offense to all my postal worker friends out there!)

Every month on the 24th, when my monthly payment to WA comes due, I always get this sinking feeling in my gut over how much money I could be saving if I would just take a leap and go "all-in" for a year's worth of Wealthy Affilaite.

I mean, seriously, why should I pay $47/mo. when I could be paying $30/mo.?? I know's because I usually don't have an extra $359 floating around in my front pocket to make flash decisions like:
  • Joining a HUGE community of like-mined people
  • Getting top-notch training in Affiliate Marketing from Pros
  • Having Unlimited, Monitored WordPress Blog Hosting/Email
  • Receiving Feedback and Comments ON DEMAND to Boost Interaction on my Sites
  • Participating in LIVE Video Classes that are Recorded for Eternity
  • A Built-in Keyword Research Tool
  • Access to Link Tracking
  • A Platform to Showcase All My Own Training Post, Videos or even Modules
  • Two Affiliate Programs to Make Money From (Wealthy Affiliate & Jaaxy)
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training
  • Live Chat with All the cool members
  • much MORE!

And as if THAT wasn't enough, I have access to the owners Kyle and Carson, whenever I need them at pretty much the drop of a hat (O.K., usually within 24 hours!), but who does that?

At $47 bucks a month it was still a steal...but now I feel like I'm taking candy from a baby! Isn't that like at least half against the law nowadays?

OH NO! What Have I Done??!!

I WENT YEARLY...THAT's what I've done! Now I'm saving 38% more than I was already! And for the next 12 months I don't even have to think about when my next WA payment is due!

I guess you guys are stuck with me for another year! Good grief, I sure hope you can all put up with me! Looking forward to plugging some of my training in here real soon. I've got some pretty cool things coming down the pipe that just might surprise you! :)

Soooo... What's holding you back? Think for a moment, (any decision can be made in under 60 seconds, you know) about whether you're doing the BEST thing or the WORST thing for yourself and your business...then make the choice and follow through!

Carry On People! Meet you at the top...

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BenORourke Premium
It really makes sense when you put it like that. Good to have you around Leland.
LelandBest Premium
I wanted to do this from the day I joined...I'm always looking for a deal. In the end, it was the right decision. Saves $200!
macey321 Premium
Thanks Leland. Have a great day.
To Your Great Success..............Frank
LelandBest Premium
Thanks Frank, much appreciated.
gmegs Premium
That's Fabulous Leland - Welcome to Premium Yearly !!!
... less stress too - pay and forget
LelandBest Premium
No doubt about it!
bstreet57 Premium
Good job! :)
LelandBest Premium
Thanks! Time to get to work...
rosieM Premium
Way to go! Congratulations for putting YOU first....this is your success at stake and there is no better place than WA!
LelandBest Premium
That's what I've come to discover. I've been in other programs before, nothing compares!