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"Honor should not be sought after, but is to be received in humility" ~Leland BestThis weekend, Friday afternoon to be exact, my eldest daughter is getting married to a respectable young man.This wasn't the relationship that I chose for her, but it is one I received by grace. I never imagined that this relationship would blossom to what it has become, but I am all the more grateful for it evolving into what it is. Who would have known that two people who barely knew each other less than seve
Monday Morning and the Skies Were BlueSo I'm sitting here on a Monday going through the SEO on all of my website pages (something I don't get a chance to do all the time) and I figured it would be a short day of it. That is, until I utilized a new tool in my website arsenal.It seems whenever I find a new tool, something else I've been missing all along comes into the limelight. This time was no different. Only it came in a form I wasn't really expecting...More often than not, when I build a
September 16, 2015
The first line and last line in this post are the only text I typed myself...just read on... you'll see what I mean!So here I am leaving my computer & I wasn't sure what I was looking for it today. But I decided I needed some dictation software. I've been looking around at a lot of different brands such as dragon technology voice chat some others. But after quite a while looking it was obvious that this wasn't going to be a simple task. So, in the end somehow while messing around with the
August 29, 2015
Looking Back on Today, I think Teddy Roosevelt Said it BEST..."In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing."And after pondering over that for awhile, if I had hesitated on making this decision for just one more day...I think I woulda went "postal" ! (No offense to all my postal worker friends out there!)Every month on the 24th, when my monthly payment to WA comes due, I always get this sinking feeling in my gut over how much mon
To Whom it may concern,Please get over yourself and get your nonsense out of my newsfeeds!I see so many people complaining nonsensically, not just on Facebook, but all over the internet about one privacy issue or another. Read any privacy policy out there (which most people don't ever do) and you would discover nowadays, long before you ever make a phone call, write an email, post a status update or create a comment on a blog post, you may have long given up your right to any kind of privacy.A
Why not it's just another "upgrade", right?I've gone from DOS 2.5 up to 5.x, back down to Windows "gooey" 1.0; climbed aboard the 95 bandwagon, rounded the big bend with 98, then flew past ME up to Highway 2000, merged over the NT ramp to the XP expressway and stayed on that route for quite a long journey.I jumped into my old '07 cruiser back in 2011 and passed by every one of the Exit 8 and 8.1 off-ramps, just couldn't find it in me to leave behind the old girl I'd become so fond of over the ye
July 19, 2015
I don't know how I didn't see this before? I've been putting video on YouTube for a couple of years now and even set it up for monetizing my videos.Thing was I was never seeing any kind of "Estimated Earnings" in my analytic, that is until just the other day...The reason? Seems all this time my Adsense account was never connected to my YouTube partner account!Oh the things we miss when we're not paying attention to all the details...Opened my analytic account in YouTube this morning and in jus
I pose this question to everyone, not because it's supposed to have a simple or all inclusive answer. But rather, I put this out there as a means to test myself. I do so as a means to elaborate on my own issues and share a part of my "failure to launch" story with the hope that others have a chance to learn from my mistakes.If I go back in time, I can assuredly point to modes of thinking and ways of doing things that both hurt and helped my business ventures. I've tried many things as an emp
As a Webmaster (yes, that's YOU!), you have a lot of responsibility.There are so many things to keep track of to maintain a good quality website that at times the task can become rather daunting. Just take a breath, you're trying to do the work that many companies spend millions on every year, utilizing huge teams of designers, writers, SEO black hats and seasoned marketers.You're doing a fine job!Today, however, I want to add another dish to your plate! You're probably saying, "Good grief!" I k
So I told myself at the end of Phase 5, Lesson 10 that my next goal was to create 100 videos in the next 3 months (90 days)...then I said out loud, "100 videos?! Are you NUTS?!"Maybe...but when you think about it, it's not even that difficult of a goal to achieve.Plan to Work and Work the PlanIn order for any site to get conversions and sales, you need traffic. The only way you're going to create a flow of continuous traffic IN to your site is to create a continuous flow of content OUT of your