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For those of you who may not have read my last post, I have had some issues that have required me to back off from my website and from WA.

This post is to those who read that post and gave a tremendous amount of inspirational, motivational words of wisdom.

It has been what seems like a very long and winding road.

I Am Down But Not Out

After the wonderful and heart felt comments and private messages that I received, I am in the process of revamping my website and focusing on success.

I can not begin to tell you the warmness I felt in my heart when I read YOUR comments on the "sweet adieu" post of mine.

My search for an offline job has not been very successful. After submitting many applications, I have decided to come back to my online home and work on my website until I get more interviews or land a job.

It has been really hard to stay away from here. Y'all are family and I love helping others along their path to success.

I may be down, but I'm not out. My belief in WA and in this great community, is just as strong as the day that I decided to commit to premium membership.

I hope everyone had a great holiday and have started 2019 off with a lot of positive ideas and the ambition to make them happen.

I Am Back

I will be working on my website and will be helping others. I may not be AS ACTIVE but I will be here.

I truly have missed everything about being a part of this community and working to make my website a successful one.

I received some great advice and words of wisdom from some truly amazing members, and I plan to do my best with what they have said.

This community is caring and very supportive. How can anyone give that up?

This is where my heart is. I can't answer those of you who commented on my previous post individually, but please know that I truly appreciate EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU.

It's Great To Be Here

This community has been a very important part of my existence here as well as for many other members here.

The inspiration and motivation they give us, is just a small part of what they have to offer.

Thank you for ALL that you do for us.

Wishing you the best in all you do

Lee Ann

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Recent Comments


I am so glad your back an putting all your energy into your site again. I know you will succeed. the community feels complete again.

Thank you my dear sweet Sandy. That makes me feel warm inside. 🤗

I hope things are better for you my friend.

I am here if you need me. It's so good to be back.

Wishing you the best in all you do
Lee Ann

hi lee ann, welcomeback, same like me ill come back,just nov.28,2018, happy to see you here at WA,goodluck

Welcome back to you as well my friend and thank you.

I am sure that with time and commitment, we both will have a much better year in 2019.

Wishing you the best in all you do
Lee Ann

your welcome lee,

Welcome Back Lee!

I am so glad you've decided to come back and give this another go. I have no doubt success is just around the corner for you,

I know the feeling of wanting to be successful but struggling financially. I am determined to be successful with either one of my at home based businesses because I am not interested in working another typical 9 to 5 job. I really do want flexibility in my life, It really is the type of job that suits my life. I am also ready to travel the world and manage my businesses.

The question for myself, maybe also for you and many others, at what cost?

The cost for me so far has been pretty steep but I am not about to give up on this. In August I made a decision to move from living alone to living with someone. It probably wasn't my best decision but financially it helps me. Still, I am several thousand dollars in debt and living on social assistance. At least I was able to cut my expenses well in half.

This and my other at home based business are my main resources of income. So yes, like yourself, I am extremely dependent on success with WA and my other home based business. I do have a part-time job which is this best job I have ever had in my life, too bad it doesn't pay enough to looking after my expenses.

This year (2019) must and will be the year things change drastically for me. I can only hope this is the year for you also Lee and for many others.

Together as one BIG great community lets all do what we can to help as many on here have great success.

In the meantime, if anyone is aware of any at home based opportunities which pay based on the work you do to help those get through the challenging times, and you'd like to share, please do.

I do remember recently reading a blog by one member that talked about online jobs which I do plan on checking out soon.

Success in 2019 is achievable for all of us on here that want it, lets go get it!

You can do this Lee!

Keep up the amazing work!


Greg, thank you so much for sharing your story with us.

You have definitely proven that you not only believe in success here in WA, but you have also shown much dedication.

Your words will inspire so many of us. We too have made some adjustments to cut out what we could in order to save money.

As adults we do what we have to do for ourselves and our family.

You are right my friend. We CAN and WILL do this together.

Thank you for all that you do😁
Wishing you the best in all you do

Lee Ann

Oh, Lee, I am so happy to see you again. I was missing you terribly.

Wishing you a good balance between the work here and the work outside.

Good luck along the path, good friends around you, it will be ok.


Thank you so much Anne. You have been missed as well my friend. 😁

You are a great member here and a friend to me.

It will be a new adventure, but thanks to great members line yourself, I know I can succeed.

Thank you very much for being there for me.

Wishing you the best in all you do
Lee Ann

I am beyond glad you made the decision to come back, WA was not the same without you!!!
You will make it my friend, I know you will!

Thank you. I feel honored to have such a great guy like yourself, in my corner.

Remember, I am still here for you as well. We can do this together😁

Wishing you the best in all you do
Lee Ann

Soooo glad to see you back! Your positive attitude and willingness to help wherever you can is a very bright spot here at WA that I've missed.

Welcome back!!!

My sweet Janelle🤗. I have really missed you.

I hope your 2019 has started off with much success. Online and offline.

It is members like you that make this community as great as it is.

Thank you. You are greatly appreciated.
Wishing you the best in all you do

Lee Ann

hey hi Lee Ann -- WELCOME BACK!

we know that you were still kinda there -- so just keep doing a wee bit now 'n then ... you'll be amazed of how it all accumulates ... kinda like the magic of compound interest!

all the best, cheerio ... ⭐️🎈

Thank you my friend. I love your style, and your advice will be a big help in my getting back into the swing of things.

You are greatly appreciated 😁
Wishing you the best in all you do

Lee Ann

Yes, swing, swing, swing! ... you're back into the swing!

whenever you feel like a wee bit of inspiration -- have a lil' peek at my WA blog on BEST investment ever -- it may help make u feel better that day ... :)

all the best, cheerio ... 💛

Love it. 💕. Thank you again.
I will definitely head over to check it out and bookmark it for later inspiration.

You are awesome.
Lee Ann

... only mentioned gently as kyle commented on it and if he liked it after all these years of reading / assessing blogs -- if there's ever an opinion that counted -- surely his must! ... :)

YEA!!! 💖
You have been missed Pretty Lady!!
Glad you'll be around again!!

Thank you Shaunna. I have missed you as well.

We will definitely be seeing each other here and there😁.

It just won't be as frequent.
Wishing you the best in 2019

Lee Ann

Hey Lee Ann...yeaaaaaaaaa!!

I'm very happy to see you back.

I've been rather incognito myself for a few months. Slowly responding more here...

I've been working on a far researched 29 articles with keywords, prepped, etc... hoping to finish my 30th today.

I want this year to be your very best Lee Ann and I know we can do this.


Monica, you are such a sweetheart😘. I am REALLY glad to be back.

You are on the right path my friend and I have all intentions on being on that same path with you.

Here is to our success for 2019.
Wishing you the best in all you do

Lee Ann

Hi Lee Ann,

Thank you... ya, let's do this.

I have a new review template too... makes a difference.

If you want to see it, let me know.

OMG... I'm thrilled to know you're back.


YAY!!! We are so glad you are not leaving.
Just hang with us, do what you can and take one day at a time.
We are all on this journey together.
C & P

Thank you C&P.
That is exactly that I plan on doing.
I couldn't imagine not sharing in this journey with wonderful people like yall😍

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