Why am I unable to share to facebook business pages?

Why am I unable to share to facebook business pages?

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I am using sassy social ..

I click on FB icon on any post

I can share to my personal FB page as a post, no problem.

But if i select 'share on a page you mana

Just for info...

If you use a phone ... and share from your site to FB ...it goes to the FB app, and it works if you post to your age from there.

It only seems to be a PC browser based problem as far as I can see. According to other places, the problem has been reported and FB are aware

I sometimes use my phone to comment on things. Like I'm doing now. But I would never write a whole blog post on the phone. Too many typos caused by Fat Finger Syndrome.

Nooo ... not use your phone to write the post ... only use the phone to share to fb (from the site) .

I hate writing SMS text messages, so could never write an whole blog on a phone ..lol

I don't mind texr messages. People expect you to mistype and use LOL's and ROTFLMAO's anyway

I have been getting the same message. I agree the guys comments below. Do it manually for now til they resolve this issue or if they resolve this issue. Jen

Did you see my update regarding this?

I just did thank you kindly Jen

I would suggest you go directly to facebook and place your post there in the business page.
Fackbook don't like sharing business, they allowed links in business pages, but their alderidym detect the link and don't really show it on your personal page.
I think is FB blocking you.

I have found out that it is a general facebook problem that has happened in the last few hours ...loads of people complaining about it.

Typical for it to happen to me, just after I created my FB page

Facebook has a load of rules and regulations my suggestion is to contact Facebook a will clear up your problem and tell you the proper procedures to follow in the future.......Joe

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Is there a way to report mis-use of sitecomments?

Is there a way to report mis-use of sitecomments?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Let me explain a little further!

I understand within SiteComments that we can reject the comment if it is unsuitable etc but when people are blatantly mis-using the syste

Featured Comment

Hi Lawrence,

Yes you can send me a PM and let me know which user you are concerned about. We are aware that there are a number of individuals that are abusing the system and as we find them we are disabling their access. Please send me a Private Message to let me know.

The other way to help us find these users is to Disapprove the comment. When looking for low quality commenters, it's important for us to look at their disapproval rates. If a user is disapproved my numerous members, then they will automatically lose their access, this is the most effective way to stop low quality comments.


I was wondering about this too...Thanks for letting us know there is a solution!! All the best, stay safe....

Thanks for getting involved Carson. The site comments is a great addition to WA - when used properly. Hopefully we can weed out the abusers.


Thank you Carson

I will, PM You

This is very helpful thank you Carson👍🏻

Hi Lawrence hill it has happened to me as well and and it is not very nice to get that sort of comment

Yes, I have received two comments like that from a beautiful lady and I told her in a private message that her comment was copied. I don't know if she received it.

Comments should be a serious thing, from the heart of the person, an honest one. It should not be copied and pasted.

What about posting their names every time you come across one? I think that public shame can do wonders. (Feel free to disagree with me)

I think this is crazy that people are doing this that is the second time I have seen this today and I don’t think it’s fair because I am still a newbie going through the training and we can earn to help us get comments on our new sites great post thank you

Wow, that doesn’t sound good at all. Hope people return to being honest. Too much devilish things going on in this world.


Valid points you bring up. The system is set to catch these people that only are trying to earn a living using comments, as they generally will not provide quality comments.

I would have rejected the comment you cite, there is no reason they should get credit for something like that. If they have enough rejections, they will be banned from making comments...

Dave : )

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Why does all-in-one-seo not update the contents?

Why does all-in-one-seo not update the contents?

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Search Engine Optimization

Why does all-in-one-seo not update the contents? and does it make a difference.

I have all-in-one-seo setup with mostly default setting including autogenerate descripti

Could you tell me how to reach the areas of screen shot in below? I would like to check mine as well.

the seo box is under each article you create - so if you goto your post list and open the first one and scroll down it wil be there.
you should be able to click in each box and change what is there .
aio seo will autogenerate the heading and description for you.
if you want to manually add this and can't edit it - then goto your all in one seo general settings and scroll down to advanced settings and you will see the two autogenerate descriptions- untick them and save the settings.
have fun

Phil, thank you for explaining me thoroughly. I found the seo box. This post has been already indexed by Google a few weeks ago, but title, description and keyword have no value. Should I fill out these three boxes? If I do, anything change in my post?

i would leave them as this indicates that aio has automatically added the content.
if you fill them in it may affect your ranking for that post.
look at possibly changing them going forward.
good luck

Phil, thank you very much.

if you leave the title etc as auto then there is no title etc in the post list
if you add a title manually then it updates
the choice is yours whether you use the opportunity to add another keyword or a curiosity to temp people to read your post.
good luck

so if you add a title in the post list , will search engines use both or will it overwrite the auto generated one from a SEO point of view?

the seo title and dscription is the meta title and description which will be the search engine results.
you see this in the seo panel at the bottom of your post.
if your opening is not a grabber then you can write a grabber to get people to click to view your post.
google, if it ranks your post for another keyword may use another part of yuor post.
but it is likely that it will use the meta data.

Still not understanding 100% sorry.

I understand what teh SEO title and description are used for!

As per screenshot, I just don't understand the difference between the contents list SEO title (blank) and the SEO title at the bottom of my post (filled-in)

once you fill in the seo at the bottom of the post it aappears in the post list.

Got it ... Understand what is happening now ..Thank you

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How do I find out which plugins I need for a theme?

How do I find out which plugins I need for a theme?

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Everything Wordpress

Yesterday, whilst trying out different themes for one of my sites, I downloaded several with their associated recommended plugins.

I have now selected (and modified) the

First and foremost, you can not have one theme per website. Therefore choose the most appropriate for your niche. It is a balance of function and aesthetic(design) the theme provides you.

From there, you then decide what else you need for your side. You do not need to rush into this. Take your time, as you build your business you will learn more what you need.

The standard ones are already provided by WA, eg. SEO (all in one), image optimization (Kraken), links (pretty links).

The rest is up to you since WordPress do have thousands of plug-ins that does a myriad of things.

Thank you Stanley

I’m new to all this. It is very helpful to know that the minimalistic approach is the way to go. Will bear this in mind as I move along.

Most themes don't have any "mandatory" plugins. In fact you should strive to have as few plugins as possible because they can slow your site down and they can be a security risk. So just use the ones you absolutely need. If you are very new to this, just choose a theme that's simplistic and fast to load. Focus on content above anything else. You can hone the layout later on. Many beginners make the mistake of wasting time on perfecting the appearance of their site when they actually need to focus on content creation. If you pay attention online when reading blogs, you'll notice that minimalistic designs are the thing in 2020. They load fast and are responsive on all platforms. Usually they have just the header menu and a single column of text.

Thanks for that

Great to hear that advice.

I'm not quite brand new to this, the main reason I have concentrated on getting the theme right at the moment, is because the next stage in training for me is 'social engagement and integration'... too lazy to look up the actual title. So i didn't want to start promoting by site socially without it looking like I wanted. I have gone for something very simplistic.

Your advice has actually reminded me that despite all the themes I tried yesterday, i actually ended up going back to my original simple theme and modified it to achieve what i needed. Sorted! I can delete every plugin i installed yesterday.

Sorry for posting the question when I didn't actually need to (brain freeze), but I'm sure the answer will be useful for someone else as well as me.

Thank you

I don't know but I would like to check this class out.
as a newbie my biggest struggle has been with wordpress

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Can someone help with theme customisation selection?

Can someone help with theme customisation selection?

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Everything Wordpress

Can someone help with theme customisation / selection please?

My main issue is with featured images! I had some site feedback recently and they suggested I used featured

Hi Lawrence, If I can suggest keep your image 250x250 for your blogs. I have had same problem with diff size image. In the media option hover your arrow over the picture and it will show you the size. Im guessing your size in the above picture is 200x1200 pixels. Its going to throw everything out on the page. Go back in to add media and look at the dimensions of your images. stay around 250x250. I hope this helps ....Jen

Thank you, the issue is now fixed. I needed additional CSS as the theme was forcing left-alignment etc. The additional CSS has included a maximum width which has sorted out the sizing issue also.

Hi Lawrence,
Maybe I can be of some help. And you've tried using the customizer as well? Sometimes you can use the customizer but sometimes there is a menu in the backend specifically for editing the theme you are using as well.

Thanks Shakillia

I think it's this menu you are talking about (see attachment)

I can't see anything within the options that allows me to change size / alignment of featured images

Yep, that's the customizer. Okay, can I get a screenshot of the menu dashboard in the backend of your site. If you are uncomfortable doing that you can message me instead. I'm looking for something. Yep, that's the customizer. Okay, can I get a screenshot of the menu dashboard in the backend of your site. If you are uncomfortable doing that you can message me instead. I'm looking for something. Also, could you go ahead and display the featured image on the blogs page? I'd like to use my dev tools to see what I can do to center that image for you.

I have attached 3 screenprints, as to be honest I was unsure which 'menu dashboard' you wanted.

I will also PM you , as it might be easier than going back and forth.

Your help is much appreciated

Thank you so much

Issue solved with CSS code.

site / posts looks so much better

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