When was the last time you felt truly ALIVE?


I just got off the phone from my favourite local radio station (Smile 904 FM). My heart is pounding, adrenalin is racing through my veins, my hands are shaking...


Was I being interviewed because of my fantastic, fascinating, popular blog and all the good it's doing in the world?


Although I see this as practice for when that fine day comes along.

I just called in to see if I could crack the "Smile Secret Sound" and win R 50,000.

Did I win?


Yet, amazingly, it feels as if I did because I got such a RUSH for just getting through and giving it a go.

What makes you feel ALIVE?

  • Dancing?
  • Running?
  • Climbing a mountain?
  • Swimming in the icy sea?
  • Abseiling?
  • Kitesurfing?
  • Skydiving?
  • Stepping out on stage to deliver a motivational speech?
  • Being interviewed on TV or radio or podcast?
  • Getting your first Sale?
  • Your first $100 or $1000 or $10,000 month?
  • Meditating?
  • Being out in nature?
  • Singing?

Or was it a particular special red letter day?

When was the last time you felt truly alive?

  • Your wedding day?
  • When you gave birth?
  • Your last big Birthday celebration?
  • Christmas? Diwali? Eid Al-Fitr? Rosh Hashana? Chinese New Year?
  • The Day you got that job?
  • The Day you fired your boss?
  • The Day you retired your husband?
  • Today???

What can you do TODAY or THIS WEEKEND to feel truly alive?

What makes your heart sing? What makes you feel all jingly and tingly?


Would love to hear what makes you feel alive. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

To Your Success

PS. By the way, I'm also feeling super excited to publish my 100th post at WA. And at the overwhelming response from my last post. Thanks Everyone!

Fun to be in poll position in the Top 10 again. You ROCK!

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I would have to say it was just last night! I have been feeling anxious and depressed for the past little while, so last night, I went to visit my son, daughter-in-law and my grandson who will be 2 months tomorrow, and as I held him and he fell asleep against me..I truly felt alive, and began to count my blessings! He is the BEST anti-depressant in the world! Even though I have begun to make money with WA, and I love that part, there is something truly special about holding your babies baby! :) If that makes sense....lol

Aaah, Terry, that is too precious. Totally with you on that one. Thanks for sharing.

I feel most alive when I am spending time with my granddaughter. She is my heart and soul!!

Congrats on being back in the top 10 again!!! Looking forward to #100 blog!!


Aw, Tammi. Beautiful! Children definitely sparkle and ignite that feeling within me too. This was my 100th blog. ;)



Good afternoon Lauren,

I feel alive every day, I am blessed and say thank you.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

Wonderful to live so consciously Taetske. Wow. Thanks for reminding me its possible.

Awesome, congrats! I felt most alive traveling through Italy and France on my honeymoon. But I get a "high" when I have helped someone.

Aah, Elizabeth... travel and helping others. Why didn't I think of those? Such beautiful highs. Thanks for sharing.

This is super, Congratulation

Thanks Sylvia.

The most recent example I can think of came when I was reading a book called Thank and Grow Rich by the author Pam Grout. I had read two of her other books, dealing with the Law of Attraction, and by the time I was on TaGR, my mindset was changing rather significantly.

I had one day in particular where things just fell into place for me and I had what I like to call a "joy buzz". It was like I was high on emotion. I felt utterly connected to everything good in the universe. It was almost overwhelming.

Other, more subtle moments were when I deliberately faced my fears, such as facing my fear of heights by going rock climbing. It wasn't terribly high-- only about 300 feet up or so-- but that was more than enough to get my heart racing.

Wow Craig, awesome examples! Thanks for sharing. Thank and Grow Rich, what a clever title. I had to do a double take. That feeling is amaaazing.

It certainly is. I am chasing that feeling in order to recapture it.

There was the Powerball lottery just hit over a half of a billion dollars here in my town and one person hit it in Boston. If that was me, that would make me feel alive.
Dancing and swimming work for me all the time. Great post

Ha ha Bishop! Win a few million, that's a sure-fire way to feel alive!! Bring it on!! Thanks for your great comment.

Super fantastic :)

Thanks James. :)

You're more than welcome... :)

Good to see you feeling so happy Lauren!
I felt pretty alive when we went up in the mountains behind our home here this summer. We had never been up there since this area is a bit new to us since we moved. I also felt alive when we went through the mountain pass I posted the pictures of last month. It is so open and huge and green.

Thanks, Jess. Aah, beautiful! I loved your post about your mountain adventure with your cat. Too cute. :)

You go, girl!

Thanks Carol! :)

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