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Last Update: October 21, 2019

Are you new to affiliate marketing? Maybe one week or six months? You set up that incredible website and completed the daunting task of choosing a niche, and now you don’t know what to write. Or you have run out of ideas.

I had to learn the hard way how to find topics. I went through many dry spells that had my mind wondering if affiliate marketing was for me.

My mind would hint of quitting, but to give up was not an option. So instead, I found a way to generate topics for posts.

I found a way to immerse myself into the much-needed learning process that has moved me forward.

MMO Niche-Blog Ideas

I am in the MMO (Make Money Online) niche. So I will use that as an example of how to find topics.

Because I was so new to MMO and knew so very little about it, I would find topics and decide not to write about it because I didn’t know anything about it.

BIG MISTAKE on my part.

I succeeded in setting myself back because of my fear that I did not know enough to write about it.

With that said, let’s look at ways to find topics.


Google search is an excellent mind jogging method. Type your niche into the search engine, and away you go.

I typed Make Money Online into the search bar and see what I found.

I don’t read each post because I am concerned I may duplicate some of it. Instead, I use each of these to set my mind whirling with ideas.


I love youtube as an idea generator.

Again I type Make Money Online in the search bar and see what treasures I found.

You can use both of these to drill down into your niche for more ideas. Oh, look at that, the word niche — another great word to search and add an idea to your list.

Old Posts

Look at each old post for ideas. People search the internet for information. They land on one of your posts and maybe link to 2 or 3, but they don’t go through every post. You can use an idea from an old post and put a twist on a new post to reach different people.

When you search your old posts, look for keywords, and put them into the search bar of Google and YouTube.

You will run across suggestions that feel like they are way beyond your capabilities. THEY ARE NOT!


When this happens, set out on a mission to learn everything you can about the subject and write a post on it: research, research, and more research.

Research alone can generate more ideas.

Before you know it, you have a list of ideas that will take you a year to accomplish.

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PaulWatson Premium Plus
Finding content ideas is a constant struggle for many... some great tips here Laura.

Thanks.. Paul
LauraFuller Premium
Thanks, Paul

TonyJS Premium
Great advice Laura! Thank you

LauraFuller Premium
My Pleasure, and thank you.

Twack Premium
These reminders and new ideas are priceless Laura, muchly appreciated. Thank you.
LauraFuller Premium
My pleasure, thank you.

JeffGnagy Premium
Excellent post Laura!

Lately I’ve been writing about the thing I just learned. I’ll turn right around and write a post about it in my own words.

This technique helps me comprehend the thing I just learned... and I have a fresh piece of content to post. Win-win!

Thanks for sharing your ideas. keep them coming!

LauraFuller Premium
Jeff, Me too. I have learned so much doing it that way.
You are so welcome.

benjaminpate Premium
Well Done, thanks for sharing!
LauraFuller Premium
Thanks, Any time. My pleasure.