Countries accepted in Amazon Program

Last Update: August 07, 2015

A while ago I almost gave up working with, because I have found this page on Amazon, listing the countries accepted in their program. I was already on a verge of giving up all the affiliate work, and my honey site, and after I saw this page I thought I was wrong from the beginning and worked in vain.

But the list did not mean countries accepted to work with them as affiliate marketers. It only means countries accepted to enroll in their selling program, meaning the ones that can sell their products, through them.

I am an impulsive person, but somehow I was still inspired to send them an email and asked them if I understood it correctly. The best thing I have done lately.....

I apologize to all people for my initial confusion.


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Luise1 Premium
Ok thanks, but when i am regisering with them they are only giving me US cities to choose from
KatieMac Premium
There have been quite a few members who do not have amazon in their area this is a useful guideline for others
Lesmyb Premium
Hi Laura, I think I am missing something here.
I am registered as an affiliate with and everything seems to working so far, but South Africa is not listed. I just have not earned enough to qualify for a pay-out yet, but as far as I understand it, they will post me a check. I have heard of other South Africans who have earned commissions from I don't recall giving them credit card details.

I think this list is for people that want to sell their own products on Amazon and not for affiliates.
lauracb Premium
Yes, you are right, I modified the entire content of this post, as it was wrong. I discovered that after I wrote the Amazon guys and asked them. They clarified it for me.
I still left the post here because you have to admit, for a foreigner at least, this phrase "countries accepted for selling on" is a bit confusing. An affiliate is also selling, which is why I confused things that badly.

thanks for pointing it out here. I'm sorry I created confusion here, too. :(
Maxiam59 Premium
I am with you and I live in the United States but Maine does not allow it all the best
JeanL Premium
That IS disappointing, Laura. Plenty of other affiliate programs out there though.
Larry_T Premium
Interesting list of Amazon participating countries. Thanks Laura
cschlup54 Premium
That is too bad that your country and others are not allowed to sell with certain affilated sites but yet they allow you go through the motion: thanks for sharing
tomtitty006 Premium
That is a little disappointing Laura,where is it you are from again.
Indi-Em Premium
Thank you for sharing this list, Laura. I'm sorry your country wasn't in the list.
SowAndReap Premium
Thanks for this info, i will share this whenever someone ask. Thanks!