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A while ago I almost gave up working with, because I have found this page on Amazon, listing the countries accepted in their program. I was already on a verge of giving up all the affiliate work, and my honey site, and after I saw this page I thought I was wrong from the beginning and worked in vain. But the list did not mean countries accepted to work with them as affiliate marketers. It only means countries accepted to enroll in their selling program, meaning the ones that can sell
August 11, 2014
It was pretty amazing for me! You know my niche is about honey. I send one of my articles, the one about Apilarnil, to the American Apitherapy Society, and they published it in their newsletter. You cannot imagine my happiness. There are no money involved, you could say, but it's like a teacher telling "you did a good job!". At least now I know I'm on the right road. :) I don't think this can bring potential customers, the people subscribed to that newsletter are from my niche most probably,
I am still a newbie so, no, I will not play smart and write here the few things I know about writing content like a pro. BUT, on Google+ I have found this. It is clear and valuable, so I thought of sharing it here. laura
I receive a newsletter from and thought of sharing it with you. I hope it's ok if I copy it here.How Long Should A Blog Post Be? I suspect most people ask the question posed in the headline of this post because they’re faced with a blank page and hope that the answer is “100 words is perfect!" Yet some may be asking for the “right” reason, which is to understand how many words will provide the greatest SEO benefit and, more importantly, the most value to the targ
June 09, 2014
I found this on Google+, and thought of sharing here, as we are all writers now and we need stuff like that. Big thanks to Sara LaMothe.
Kyle: "Your first task is going to be to document your progress thus far. You are doing absolutely AWESOME". Laura: "Really? Awesome? Not quite. But I admit, this is a very good encouragement. :) The truth is that on the way to awesomeness I'm like at 20%. This is how I feel. My progress so far! ( I was wondering why people are writing about this, in the middle of training... it's just a task!) It has been a progress, of course, I've learned a lot, but there is no point in listing here every
Hey everyone, I have found this really good site, with a collection of over 100 legal sites where anyone can find a lot of interesting books, literature and not only. As our websites here cover almost all fields, I thought that you might be interested: Happy reading!