B.R.I.E.F A way of listening!

Last Update: Jan 13, 2014


How to become a better listener?

The following attending behaviors are skills which we can learn and practice to improve our ability to listen. An way easy to remember them is to remember this simple formula B.R.I.E.F:

B: Body posture including gestures and movements etc. which communicate attentiveness.

R: Respect for the other person's right to speak and be heard.

I: Intimacy involves creating a safe caring environment in which ideas and feelings can be expressed freely.

E: Eye contact communicates interest and attention

F:Following is both verbal and non-verbal. It is an invitation to say more. Verbal following includes statements like, "I see" or, "Tell me more about it." Non-verbal following is communicating by nodding, touching, or smiling.

You are an active listener if you have:

  • Defers judgement.
  • Ensures that she or he really understands what is being said by paraphrasing. Paraphrasing is repeating back in your own words what you understood to be said. This allows you to be sure you received the message as it was intended.
  • Resists giving advice unless it is asked for.
  • Encourages the speaker to discover her or his solution by helping to clarify the issues related to the problem (if there is one?

"The greatest gift you can give to another is the purity of your attention" ---Richard Moss, MD


Recent Comments


Great post...thank you for sharing. I always try to be a good listener, but some days it's hard, lol. I sometimes interrupt the talker with my questions-not meaning to, just because I am so curious. Patience! :)

Great blog! Nice quote. THX Larry

PS Have you critiqued my site in progress yet? It's at http://disabledfolksonthego.siterubix.com THX again

Thank you for share Nenita.

Cheers! Nenita for sharing.

Beautiful thoughts, Nenita... Thank You For sharing

your welcome Julie and thanks for the comment:)

As the saying goes, that is why God gave us two ears but only one mouth. We are meant to listen more, talk less. Nicely put, Nentia. ~ Jude

Also less talk less mistake and more talk more mistakes, so might as well just listen:)

Thank you Nenita.
Good summary, Lanesamarie.

your welcome Sam and thanks for the comment:)

Nicely put Nenita.

I remember when I used to work as a trainer for 'phone communications we used to use IILA - Inform, Invite, Listen, Acknowledge as the cycle for a telephone conversation but it works pretty much anywhere.

thanks Rich I learn something different:)

E: Engage yourself in the presentation
F: Follow along

Great list, forgot letter E though (having an F -follow-) so I stuck one in :) Feel free to change it :

Thanks:) I just did...

Bingo! Now you've got a good BRIEF list :)

Truth in few words!!

Thanks Tria:)

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