I Changed SEO Plugins & My Traffic Dropped.Here's What You Need To Do.

Last Update: Jun 24, 2019

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Hey there!

I thought I'd share a recent experience...

Recently I had to search hours for an answer that I never thought I would find.

I mean WA is like a treasure box...there is so much information here, sometimes, it gets hard to find the answers...

So, I figured this post could help someone out, if you ever end up in this situation.

Anyhow, I changed my SEO plugins ... I went from AIO to Yoast SEO...


I don't know....

...Sometimes, I get tired of AIO and then I switch to Yoast SEO and

vice versa.... I know I need to stop it but, hey, I wouldn't know what

to avoid unless, I test things out, right?

Well, a couple of days ago, I got into one of my SEO switching moods and made the switch to Yoast SEO, but, this time, my traffic had completely disappeared.

I didn't know what had happened... All I know is it didn't look good...

My first thought was Yoast SEO broke my site and dropped my traffic.

I mean that would make sense to me because, in June 2018 Yoast caused rankings to drop on many sites...

By the way, I have nothing against Yoast I actually prefer Yoast...

Anyhow, I immediately took Yoast SEO off of my site and added my AIO back...

That didn't fix the problem...

So, I searched for a while and finally, found the answer within WA.

This same situation happened or was shared by someone 5 years ago. Funny thing, is I can't find that post anymore. :D

See the image below...

The numbers are too small for you to see but, I had 1 visitor that entire day....

Oh man, I almost panicked...

I thought I broke something or ruined my entire SEO for a long time.

Well, after hours of searching for the answer to fix this problem of mine. I discovered that the answer ended up being simple.

The Google Analytic tracking link broke or some kind of way disappeared.

So, if you ever change an SEO plugin and all of a sudden your traffic in GA stops or drastically drops.

Make sure to grab your Google Analytics code.

Then copy and paste it back into your theme header.

The next day, you should see traffic continue as usual...

Okay so, I am done switching SEO plugins...lol

Thanks for reading.....To your continued success

....onward and upward...


Recent Comments


I too prefer Yoast for my SEO. I had a similar experience, but not in switching out my SEO plugin. I forgot that I upgraded my theme and the Google tracking code got dropped from my updated header file. For a couple days I didn't check my analytics and then boom, no visitors for days. Once I figured it out and put my Google tracking code back into the updated header file I started seeing traffic again.

It can scare you a bit when traffic all of sudden drops off and you can't readily discern why. Thankfully, from past experience and the WA community we can identify and readily fix this crucial mishaps!

Glad you figured it out too.

Yes, you're right it can scare you. I could only imagine if I were making big figures that my entire check just went down the drain...lol.. Good thing that wasn't the case...lol

I'm just glad to have figured it out too. I am also glad you were able to figure it out when you changed themes...

Ha ha ha! I was following you. Everything you said was very logical thinking. Yes indeed in life and in business we need to try things out. Be curious and see what works for us etc.

But I had a feeling it was something other than of SEO plug in Directly.

But you did a great job of being persistent and getting down to the answer! Thanks for the sharing your knowledge and wisdom.

Thank you and you're welcome!


You're right, we never know what works and what doesn't unless, we become curious...LOL

It wasn't easy finding the answer but, felt great when I did...LOL

Lol thanks for sharing, I have recently changed a theme and I think that's what happened to me, so will go and check if G analytics code is still there 🙂

Lol...You're welcome...

Oh, yeah! If you changed a theme, it could be the issue...

Rank math maybe the new game changer

Maybe! Only time will tell... :D

That's a great tip for anyone changing their SEO plugin--thank you for sharing!

Thank you..and you're welcome...

I'm just glad to know it was helpful...I know having this information right away certainly would have been helpful for me when I saw my traffic dropped..lol...

Thanks for the information, that will come in handy I am sure. Thanks again

You're welcome..

I'm sure it will be useful one day...especially, if you decide to change SEO plugins...Now, you know the quick fix...Glad this was helpful...

Wow, interesting, La'Kisha! I actually have both on my site, but only fill out the Yoast information. I've been nervous about getting rid of AIO for some reason. Which one did you end up going with?

Erin :)!

I ended up back with AIO...

Although, I like the features of Yoast for someone reason, I've noticed when I have the AIO plugin installed, I get more rankings..I don't know it could just be my wishful thinking...lol

Either way, they are said to both be great plugins...

Have you tried All-In-One SEO? That's what I use.

Yes, I am using All-in-one SEO now...So, all is uphill from here...

Just shows, don't always trust the data!! You could spend hours fixing what isn't broken : )

Well done on persevering and sharing. thank you

You're absolutely right...

Lesson learned...lol..

Thank you and you're welcome...

I'm actually testing out not having an SEO plugin at all. So this should be interesting. Lol.

Thanks for the information!

WOW...that is a big move...LOL...

....let us know how it goes....Indeed it should be interesting....LOL...I hope all goes well though....

Will do.

You'll need another way to create and update your sitemap, Chris.

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