Some much needed motivation

Last Update: October 02, 2014

Had kind of a down month the last few weeks, both from slower site growth than I'd hoped and a major computer disaster...literally had baby crickets growing inside my laptop!

anyway, yesterday i woke up and saw a nice email from paypal with new commissions transferred! always a great motivation to see "hypothetical" money and credits turn into cash in the bank!

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Funmine Premium
That kind of motivation should last a while. Be on the look out for more real soon!
Debbi26 Premium
Always nice to get inspiration to keep on going.
kholmes Premium
Keep busting a move, all will be great. I like the crickets comment..Lol.Kim :))
SowAndReap Premium
Hey Kyle you know those down times we all get. It's best to keep pushing even when the results are not what we want, Eventually everything will come together. Congrats! Wish you the best!
KatieMac Premium
there was some sort of update with google (Panda) and it affected rankings a bit, but glad you got a nice surprise the first of many to come, well done