Your Chances of Success Are HIGH.

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People often ask me this...

"What are the chances that I can succeed at this?"

To be completely frank, your chances of success at this or any other business are just as good as me, or anyone else that is doing this full time. I know that sounds like motivational speak, but this response is just pointing out the obvious reality.

Without sounding too cliche, we are all given the same amount of hours in a day. We have 24 hours. There is a good chance that you lead a busy life, you have time commitments, and you have people and other external forces vying for MORE of your time.

The reality is, even those that are creating VAST success within the affiliate marketing and online world are dealing with these same issues. It is how you handle these issue and how you approach your business that will improve your chances of success to the point where they are considerably HIGHER than most.

So today I want to give you a game plan moving forward.

How Do YOU Improve Your Chances of Success?

There are key things that you are going to want to do if you seriously want to create a successful business online, and I am not going to tiptoe about with the key focuses.

There are SIX in fact, those of which I want to give you a detailed implementation plan. If you can tackle these, your chances of success are VERY HIGH. In fact, it will tip the needle and you will have a competitive advantage over 99% of people out there.

(1) Time Management. People whine and complain to me that they don't have enough time.

They are in school. They have a family. They have a job, or in many cases, are working several jobs.

But the reality is, that is something that almost all of us are struggling with. It is not an excuse that you should lean on as the reason as to why you can't start a business and why you are not achieving success.

I personally started out while full time in college, playing sports, committed to the gym daily, and I had a social life as well to maintain. I made sacrifices in my day, and replaced time when others probably wouldn't be willing to sacrifice, and replaced that with working on my business.

Instead, break down your days and weeks. Use the gaps in your day, and sometimes replace senseless activity like social media, like watching TV, and even in some cases hobbies or lunches, or breaks in the day, or naps...and replace that with working on your business. If you aren't willing to do this, there are going to be many others that are. Guess who those people are? They are the ones SUCCEEDING.

(2) Goal Setting. You like are thinking, "I already set goals". Well that may be the case, but if you are setting goals and not achieving them, you are either being too ambitious and getting discouraged as a result, or you simply are not working hard enough to achieve these goals.

Because of this, I suggest that you take a multi-pronged approach to goal setting. You will want to focus on goals that are ambitious (I want a mansion, I want to retire, I want to become a millionaire), but much smaller and actionable goals that will take you towards your more ambitious ones.

What are you going to achieve today? Make a list of your goals. And work to accomplish as many of these goals that you can.

What is your agenda for this week? Set your goals every Sunday night or Monday morning and make a list. Then work to bang out your entire list through the week.

What are your monthly, goals? Having a birds eye view of your month can lead to much more organization in terms of your weeks and your days. So I would suggest that you spend some time, perhaps on the 1st of every month to break down what you goals are in the month ahead.

And what are your yearly goals? If you haven't done this yet, then do it today. What do you want to achieve, and how are you going to get there.

The trick with goal setting is that (a) you won't achieve every goal and you have to be OK with that (b) you need to remain flexible with your goals and have the ability to do a 180 degree turn sometimes. Some things won't go as planned, some goals will take longer than a day, week, month or year to achieve, and some of your goals you will never end up tackling.

But that is the reality with goal setting and the reality of what those that are succeeding at a very HIGH rate are doing.

(3) Taking Action Without Fear. Self doubt is something that we all struggle with, in particular when learning something new. The only way to overcome this is to take action in particular when the result of your action is potentially an "unknown". The thing is, when you do this you are going to learn more than you ever could try to learn from a book or a video.

In perspective to the education here, that is why we have the tasks here at WA. It is to get you taking action. So do realize that those that are succeeding with a HIGH rate of success, are those that take action even at times when the result is unknown and potentially could be failure. This learning process (and understanding sometimes what WILL NOT work), will speed up the rate at what you achieve.

(4) Don't Become a Reader, Become Doer. There is a lot of nonsense out there about reading leading to success. Sure it is part of the learning process and yes, anyone successful reads. But you don't find successful people reading a book per week. They are too busy taking action and building stuff.

I have read a lot of books on business over the years, but this reading has always been during idle time. When I am sitting in the sun, when I am on the treadmill, when I am on vacation relaxing, or in bed before I go to sleep. But one thing I would never do is trade time that I could be taking tangible action to grow my business, for reading a periodical or a book.

This is a take off of what I was saying in the last section. Learning is important, but don't forget that the best education happens when you take action. Those that are highly successful are not sitting in a library reading books, they are making things happen...through action.

(5) Pursue Business for Enough Time for it to Happen. How long are you going to give yourself to achieve success within the online business world? If your answer is not "as long as it takes" then you need to work on this. The reality is that you could be minutes away from your first success, but the event in which things start to click for you are unpredictable.

I know firsthand about this. It personally took me 3 months to achieve success online in a financial sense, it took me a day to realize success in a non-financial sense. If you chalk up success as just being financial, you are going to miss out on the other successes that are going to actually lead to financial success.

Every word you write is a success, ever page you publish, every single thing that you learn, and every goal that you meet is a success. The financial element and generating revenue is going to be the byproduct of these other successes along the way.

(6) Don't Compare Yourself to Others. This is a fools game. If you are comparing yourself to others, then you are going to be in an endless cycle of disappointment. I mean, Mark Zuckerberg created a net worth of $40+ billion with Facebook in 10 years, my financial success is pitiful compared to that?

The reality is, that anyone that is just outside of you in terms of financial success or they have done something that you have wanted to achieve by now, will serve as a disappointment to you if you compare yourself to that. Instead, compare your position today, compared to your position yesterday. If you have made progress, then you are moving in the right direction.

Those that are achieving a HIGH rate of success, are not constantly comparing themselves to others. They are comparing their position now, to what they were, and what they will be.

(7) Don't Blame ANYONE/ANYTHING But Yourself. You want success, get it. Don't blame your lack of success on the elements of life. This is a trap that far too many people play. It is also a way for people to feel good about the fact that they are too lazy to get off their butt and achieve something.

I have never once complained about the fact that something someone else has done that has lead to MY lack of success. The reality is, they are many variables and curve balls that will be thrown at you in business an in life. That is the reality.

I remember when I broke my hand playing baseball a few years back playing baseball. I had to get 10 pins in my finger to put it back together, and then a plastic cast for 6 weeks. Did this prevent me from working my "computer" job. No, not for a minute. I worked prior to surgery with a broken hand (albeit it in pain) and then after the surgery when I was unable to type I immediately learned how to use dictation on my computer and speak to write. That is how I worked for 4 weeks until I typed again, and to this day I still write a certain % of my content using dictation.

You have to be resilient, you have to take your situation and use things that feel like negatives to get better. If you don't, be aware that others out there are and they will continue to eat a lions share of the rewards that exist out there in the business world.

Again, we all have the same number of hours in the day, and what we choose to do with those hours is going to determine the level of success we achieve. You can't expect to do LESS than the person beside you that is succeeding at a high rate, and achieve what they are. You should aim to do more.

Be great, work hard, and work to create a long term and sustainable business. That is what we teach here and if you leverage these 7 elements you can expect to achieve a HIGH level of success.

Go get it!

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Very useful and inspiring words. I especially like the one about not wasting time reading. This is where I have now found time to work on my website. I have replaced the time I have spent reading books to reading research for my niche. The time management is an equal trade off and I am working towards taking action.

Thank you so much for this blog. Much-Much needed at this time. After reading this, I realize that the goals I have are too broad and not with a set time of completion. This has been driving me crazy because I made it difficult for myself to see anything I had accomplished. Thanks for setting me in the right direction. Your wisdom has inspired me to regroup and get busy. Thank You again.


I love this post. Keywords that ring strong for me are "resilience" and I could see the importance of self-discipline from your example. You even pushed past the pain of a broken finger--that's diehard passion.

I think I have that level of resilience, but I've never broken anything, and I don't want to. Hahaha. I know there are many times where I have to challenge my willpower in order to achieve my goals.

For example, this morning at 2 am, my daughter woke up coughing and it took me about 45 minutes to get her back to sleep. After that, I still couldn't go back to sleep until around 4 AM.

When it was time for me to get up to prepare for my workday, I was tired and of course, I would've liked to sleep in that moment. When I kept thinking of my day, week, and month goals, oversleeping was too big of a loss to follow thru with that, so I got up with the motivation to tackle the day.

It's decisions like I made this morning that are sacrificial and necessary in order to achieve my goals and overall success. Thanks for this great post Kyle!

Good performance and good mother.

Good attitude, Tiffany.
Something to learn from you.

You continue to be an inspiration to me Tiffany!

I absolutely love this post! A much needed list of doable actions I can continue to fall back on as I push forward in this new venture and season in my life.

These are much needed and appreciated Kyle! Thanks so much.
At times we can be our worst enemies and we need a good ol kick in the buttocks to get us going again. This was definitely it! Blessings!


Good evening Kyle, I thank you so very very much for this blog. I'm doing most of what you said, however, I needed someone to say this to me that I am doing the right thing. And you are the someone that told me I needed this and I needed it bad, thank you, may you have a wonderful night.

My last year was a fabulous one. I have been lucky enough to achieve what I did.

There are two phrases you told me.

One was

Think outside the box!

The other was.

There is more than one way to fry a fish!

How right you was Kyle.

Personally I could sit on my backside and complain all the woes are me.

I found your platform and knuckled down. I am still knuckling down.

I should knuckle down more. If there is one thing I have learned is this.

It could be the tiniest thing we think isn't really relevant. When in all essence it really is.

I have even learned to catch that when Jay is stressing something that is super important. Most may not see the relevance.

Now I take note!

Same as when you or Carson stress that relevance. I follow what I have too.

Now I just need to catch up and yes go back over old work renew and try again.

Just because Joe Bloggs does better than me I will not show the green eye of envy. I will learn from them. I have no desire to be them..

If that was the case then I would fall flat on my face.

I will strive to be as good as them and if not even better.

If I fail which is impossible as the knowledge I have learned is more than I could have ever imagined.

That knowledge, I shared with my daughter who is not an active member at W.A. but is making some fabulous sales just by using Photoshop.

That happened all because of what I have learned here. My success is high already I will continue to learn the successes as long as you keep this platform going.

By the way my first day of realising I found success was when I found this platform.

Thank you Kyle and Carson and Jay and all here that have had my back and helped me get through...

I love this response. That "think outside the box" attitude to the WA training is what worked for me as well.

Thank you :)

I love reading all your posts, Kyle, but this one... well, I could just relate to it a lot. Based on what you said, I guess I'm on my way to success because I do have the aforementioned 6 key things.

Well, the time management a bit struggles but it's a lot better than it used to be.

Also sometimes there are days when I make spontaneous plans, so the goals I set for the day/week end up being pushed back.

Besides, one of the reasons I wanted to build an online business is so that I'm more flexible, and having these spontaneous moments are just my "proof" I'm on the right track with my "career" choice.

For example, my trip to Washington DC was VERY spontaneous. But I didn't have to worry because I already had an established site and I could finally take my mind off the "work" stuff after being stuck in Toronto for 2.5 years (post-surgery).

In a way it's also taking action without fear because I'm still in the recovery period and for me it was a HUGE out-of-the-comfort decision to go on a trip. (Like I said, after the surgery there wasn't much that I could do).

Luckily, in the 21st century things are easier: there are e-bikes, e-scooters and even regular bikes were just fine for me (instead of walking around the city).

Another example of being spontaneous/flexible:

This week I found a good flight deal to Rio de Janeiro next spring, so I had to take care of stuff like booking a flight, booking a language course I wanted to go to for a while, and accommodation. This was spontaneous, and my original plans for the week changed.

But now that I'm all finished with this, I can get back to working on my site.

Knowing that this very site is giving me room for being spontaneous, flexible and it is what is starting to pay for things I love.


I feel like I drifted away with my message lol but I wanted to say that time management is something that I would like to see improving (and I'm working on that). But at the same time I certainly allow room for spontaneity.

Thanks for the awesome post, Kyle!

my "computer" job? That is not what you have here, Lol. All I can say to this article is preach it my brother! Can you drop the mic please!

I have already achieved personal success at WA, but I'm still working on financial Success. Jim

Thank you Kyle!
You always have something encouraging to say!

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