Website Audits. Get 20 Free For the Next Week!

Last Update: August 20, 2019

We have just released a "free audit week" of SiteFeedback, during the next week you can get free feedback for your website. You are going to be able to get feedback on your website,

How the "Free Audit Week" Works?

It is exactly how it sounds and very simple. If you have a website that you want to get reviewed, if you have a page or posts (or several) that you want real human feedback on, then I recommend that you head over to the SiteFeedback platform and request some feedback.

Some of the most insightful feedback that I have gotten to date has come from this platform.

You can head over to the SiteFeedback platform from within the Websites => SiteFeedback menu. There you will be able to request feedback on a page, post, or on your website as a whole.Here is the direct link to SiteFeedback:

===> Access SiteFeedback Here!

You can get feedback on various aspects of your website, and you will be able to select this within the request details. You can choose to get feedback on your:

  • Website Content
  • Website Design
  • Layout of your content/page
  • Use of Images or Media
  • General Feedback

If you haven't had a website audit lately, I recommend that you head over there now and get yourself some feedback!

**You have to be a Premium member to use the SiteFeedback platform. If you are not already Premium, you can upgrade here.

Earn an Abundance of Credits

This is also going to lead to an opportunity for you to earn community credits that you can use down the road for getting SiteFeedback.

You are now going to be able to head over to the SiteFeedback platform and earn community credits, which you can then in turn use for future SiteFeedback requests. This is a good way to not only give back and offer help to fellow members, but also earn credits that you can leverage for future website/post/page reviews as you need them.

So if you are looking to earn credits, I recommend that you head over the SiteFeedback and under the "Offer Feedback" tab you are going to be able to offer your personal insights and feedback.

Use Your Credits, Get Your Site Review Regularly

I recommend that you regularly ask for feedback within the SiteFeedback platform. I am constantly doing so with sites that I have, and it is almost daily that I am asking others to review my work, and we are constantly getting people to review changes that we are making to our site.

These are not necessarily design experts (which is actually what you DO NOT want). These are people that are looking at it, and giving you opinions and insights from their perspective...that is, REAL human feedback from the likes of your customers.

Community feedback is real and gives you real tangible ways that you can improve your website, your content, and ultimately improve your user experience which is going to lead to more success.

So get out there, get some feedback, and take advantage of this weeks audit. Also, don't forget to offer feedback and earn some credits as well. This is a good time to load up and moving forward, this should be part of your consistent game plan in terms of website improvement.

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TDomena Premium
I';ve gotten great feedback there as well. I'll definitely be using this. Thanks. Going over there now.
Shwni Premium
Thanks for this Kyle it can make one hell of a difference to have honest opinions from members here, all people need to remember is to not take criticism to heart, the feedback is there to help and not hurt :)
1Summer Premium
Great thanks Kyle, this is one area that I have to admit I've neglected for much too long, so thanks for the reminder and I think I'm going to head out there now...

JessicaKoop1 Premium
this is so awesome!
Swangirl Premium
Sounds good Kyle! Thanks. This is just what I need to finally use Site Feedback. I always use Site Comments but put it off using Feedback for some reason.
Kyle Premium
For sure, definitely a good thing to take advantage of it. You can actually learn a lot about design and your own website improvements by offering constructive criticism and feedback to others as well.
Helen123 Premium
Me too...!
Swangirl Premium
I have not received any feedback yet but I gave some! Thanks.