Wealthy Affiliate Hubs - Our Biggest Release Yet!


Hey Everyone,

The day that many of you have been waiting for has arrived! We have just released the "Business Hubs" platform here at WA, and you can embrace the future of WA and the future of building businesses online.

This evolution that is taking place is not some random occurrence. It's a meticulously designed innovation, a product of a year-long process of rigorous brainstorming, planning, and execution...and a long "in house" beta.

The inception of the Business Hubs platform was built to help solve many of the core challenges faced by internet entrepreneurs. Building a business online often takes a great deal of effort. From the research to the content creation, to the broader management of your business, we wanted to address all of these issues in a centralized platform.

We harnessed all of the latest technology and the newfound power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), to create what we feel is going to be game-changer environment to all aspiring and successful online businesses.

Let's have a look at the platform...

Simplicity and Efficiency With the Hubs Wizard

Stepping into the world of online business is confusing, and overwhelming. We wanted to ease this process, and we feel as though we have "nailed" down the experience for someone as they enter into WA through the "Hubs Wizard".

This is a 5-step process that will take an absolute newbie through the process of choosing a direction for their business, aligning that with a brand, and getting their website up and running.

This includes:

  1. Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate. An introduction to our company, and our ethos.
  2. How Do You Want to Make Money. This is where you can choose your "Own Niche" or choose to "Promote Wealthy Affiliate".
  3. Choose Your Niche. This is where you choose your niche for your business, using the AI Niche Finder.
  4. Pick a Brand. This is automatically generated based on the niche that you have chosen, and will help you quickly discover a brand (leveraging AI as well).
  5. Build Your Website. This is where you finalize your URL, and build your website. You can go through this process in seconds if you want, or you can take a bit more time, but we don't recommend taking any longer than 5-10 minutes.

Within this Wizard, you are going to see a different version if you are Starter, versus a Premium member. As a Premium/Premium Plus+ level member, you are going to be able to take an existing website that you have hosted here, and build a Hub for that website....or you can do that for all of them.

There are different limits on Hub Creation.

Starter = 1 Limited Hub
Premium = 3 FULL Hubs
Premium Plus+ 10 FULL Hubs

Each hub is in essence an entire business, so for example you will be able to run and manage up to 10 niche businesses on the Premium Plus+ membership.

As a Starter, EVERY single newcomer that makes it into the back office of WA now has a niche, website, and a hub. :)

Within this Wizard we're using AI, not as some fancy addition, but as a thoughtful tool that significantly improves efficiency within a process that "used to be" difficult. Choosing a niche, brand and building a website used to require over a week of training and technology, now it is done in minutes (or seconds if you want).

By having AI handle much of the heavy lifting involved in building your business, we are helping newcomers get their footing right away.

Alright, let's look into the

A Closer Look at the Features of the Business Hubs Platform.

Unlike any tool you've seen before, the features of the Business Hubs platform offer a NEW level of speed and efficiency. Every component has been specifically designed to facilitate the expansion and management of your online business.

Let's have a look at all the aspects of the platform.

Feature #1: Direct Website Access. The first feature I want to highlight is the direct access to website details and back office. This allows you to view all critical information in one glance, making administrative tasks easier. The platform's efficient layout aims to minimize time spent navigating through pages within WA, trying to access different aspects related to your business. Your website access is now fully integrated inot te are that you will be building your business.

Feature #2: Website Structure & Organization. One of the most important aspects of building out your business, is how to structure and build it out properly. Within this section of Hubs, you are given and immediate framework of 10 categories, and 120 content ideas to kickstart the building of your site. You can add new categories for a better organizational structure, ensuring smooth navigation for your users.

Feature #3: Milestones. Creating a website might sound like a colossal task, but we wanted to offer you a "progress maps" of sorts through the Milestones section. With this you can track and celebrate all your content milestones as you move forward. Every notch is a big deal to your journey to success, and your journey to growth.

Feature #4: Integrated & Immersive Training. Then there's the immersive education right within the platform, that is something that we have always wanted. For each hub, you have a fresh set of new training to help you build it out.

And for newcomers, there is no more "where do I get started", as it is front and center and full integrated into where you are building out your actual business. It's like having a mentor by your side, guiding you through each step of the process.

Starters get access to the entire first series of classes (8 core lessons), and this is what is launched with this. There are another 12 lessons coming to the core training this week, and this training is going to have additional training tacked onto the end of it to help you continue to advance your knowledge and skill set at any level.

Feature #5: To Do List - Writing Task Management. Managing your content creation process becomes a breeze with 'To Do' tasks. It organizes your writing responsibilities and directly ties them into the SiteContent AI Article Designer (when you click Write Article). This streamlines the research to content process, and this can now be done more efficiently than ever.

Feature #6: Niche Content Ideas. For those moments when creativity hits a wall, we have you covered with the Niche Ideas section. Within this platform, you now have access to 26 categories (and counting) of content ideas, and these cover a broad range of different types of search terms. You can perform Jaaxy research directly from these sections, and you can add them directly to your Writing Tasks "to do" list.

Feature #7: Keyword Research Integration. The cherry on top? We have incorporated keyword research right into the platform. Through the 'Add an Article' section, you can fire up keyword research at any time, find keywords, and then advance your keyword research with Jaaxy keyword (which is built in).

Keyword research has never been this simple, or integrated.

All these features work together, to make up Hubs. With Business Hubs, owning and growing an online business really has never been so achievable, regardless of your prior experience or knowledge.

Membership and Hub Allocation: Making the Most of Your Subscription

We aim to offer value across all experience levels, whether you're just dipping your toes into the online entrepreneurship world or you're a seasoned, full-time authority blogger looking to build a portfolio of successful websites.

Starter members, who are on their journey to explore the potential within the online world, are going to get a good (but limited) introduction to Hubs and WA. This includes a limited hub, the ability to go through all of the initial 8 core training lessons, and also the ability to use research component, and create and publish content to their website. They no longer have access to the Activity Feed or Chat, as those are exclusive to the Premium/Premium Plus+ memberships.

If you're a Premium member, you've got access to up to 3 Hubs. The ability to manage multiple businesses under one account, and this includes Jaaxy Lite integration and full access to all the core training (which will be 20 lessons this week).

The Premium Plus+ members, who are serious entrepreneurs ready to conquer the online business world, can build up to 10 Hubs. This provides the ultimate environment for multi-faceted business management, from various niches to different target audiences. This includes integration of Jaaxy Enterprise, and of course all the core training.

There's no need to worry if you wish to experiment with other niches or free up Hub space either. You can delete existing Hubs, and that will free up room for a new one.

No matter the number of Hubs your membership level grants access to, the opportunity to create, manage, and optimize your businesses is in your hands now, and it is more efficient than ever! The idea is that you can now be more productive with your time, and accomplish more than ever through the newfound efficiency provided by hubs.

The Future of Business Hubs: Our Commitment to Innovation.

As the saying goes, 'The only constant in life is change.'

This couldn’t be truer when it comes to technology and innovations at Wealthy Affiliate. We're excited to share that this is only the beginning for the Business Hubs platform. Our eyes are already set on the future of hubs, aiming to bring you more features, more efficiency, and more possibilities.

Thus, we want you to be aware that this is a BETA release meaning that there will be bugs with a size of this release and there will be rapid changes and fixes coming as we find them. With a release this size, we don't anticipate it will be 100% flawless, but we have been using and testing this platform for several months so we have caught many of the bugs already.

Our plans for the Business Hubs platform are BIG. In fact, we already have a full year's worth of updates mapped out, and as we get feedback from the community here we are likely going to be integrating a lot of new ideas that we have yet to think of.

This platform going to be at the forefront of the online business building industry, and is going to facilitate ALL facets of online business eventually.

Looking ahead, we can't wait to see how you take advantage these new tools and how they truly have a positive impact with your business success. Remember, we are here to support your journey. So, here is to YOU, and to the exciting future at Wealthy Affiliate. Let’s embrace this new chapter in our history together!

PS. As always, if you ever have any questions or feedback, please leave it below.

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Recent Comments


I had been busy refining my old sites. And plan to breathe life back to them in 2024. And WOW! I am so impressed with Hubs!

@Kyle, May I find out - if I understand correctly: one of my sites is MMO and while I promote WA primarily, I also promote other online tools. Yet, the focus of my site is digital marketing (to attract people who like to learn digital marketing). Should I click on the right button for the step of How Do You Want To Make Money Online?

I just want to be sure. Don't want to click on the wrong button and have to get help later to adjust this setting.


Yes, if that is the case, you should choose the Promote WA direction, as that will be more geared towards that particular niche, and on top of the direction and niche you choose, you will be able to perform additional research and come up with additional ideas as you use the tools (Add New Article, Add Category, Jaaxy) within the hubs.

So absolutely Tim! :)

Thanks, Kyle 🙏


Late to the party but digging the new Hubs menu.

My favorite things so far:
- "Your Milestones" - definitely working as an incentive to keep going
- Hubs being a separate menu so you are not overwhelmed with the distractions within WA when you are focused on your business

Thank you, Kyle. Will be deep diving into Hubs right away.

Never too late to the party. We are actually going to be updating the milestones, and we are going to take a different approach and make that more task oriented, to give a roadmap as to what tasks need to be done to advance ones business.

Glad you like the focused nature of this as well, that was the goal. So you could log in and focus on your business, and focus on the training at the same time without being distracted by a bunch of different things.

Enjoy the new Hubs platform!

Hello Kyle

Thank you for this great blog post and video. The business hubs platform looks amazing. I'm sorry I'm late checking it out I have been sick and I'm now slowly catching up on everything I have missed over the last few days.

I look forward to checking out the business hubs platform and creating my first business hub soon and also going through the new training when I have time. Thank you again for this great blog post and video as well as for making this new business hubs platform. All the best to your success.



No problem Timothy, jump into the Hubs platform and as you use it, would love to hear your feedback about it. This is going to be a platform that you are going to see iteratively improve as time goes on, and as we get feedback from the community!

Hello Kyle

Thank you for your reply and I will definitely be jumping into the Hubs platform soon. Once I have used it I will definitely give some feedback on it.

I do have a question though. I want to create my first hub for one of my existing websites that I have here on WA.

I'm going to be moving the website to a new domain in the new year as I have found a better domain that exactly matches my website name and brand name.

I'm wondering if I create a hub for that website will it be effected once I move the website to my new domain? Should I create a hub now or wait until I have the new domain I want?

The hubs platform looks amazing and I'm really looking forward to trying it out. I know it's going to be amazing and a big help to all of us here at WA. Thank you again for your reply. All the best to your success.



It will not impact anything at all, as you will be able to move your website that is associated with the hub, and it will update the website that is connected with that hub. So that will work just fine. :)

Hello Kyle

Thank you that's very helpful and makes a lot of sense. I will go ahead and create my first hub soon. Thank you again for your helpful reply. All the best to your success.



This is going to be epic; what a leap forward for Wealthy Affiliate. One of the things that holds folks back from achieving in the online world is all the noise, and this new platform is going to be the "giant silencer and focuser". I can't wait to dive in; my mind is racing at all the possibilities and opportunities that can be created using this platform. It's across the board, from beginner to expert.

Awesome, Kyle, Carson, and the team, thank you.

AI is here to stay, and one of the troublesome things is keeping up with the play, one of the ways to do this is becoming an early adopter. The hubs platform is going to help members dominate their chosen niches.

Looking forward to 2024's journey of discovery.

Yeah, there is a lot of noise out there, and to be honest prior to this we had lots of noise and distractions and really lacked a focused environment for building a business online. That is a non-issue now, and there isn't a more focused environment in the world for creating and growing an online business.

AI is definitely here to stay, and we adopted it last November and have been building it into platforms here (where it makes sense to do so) every since. It has some flaws, but it also has a lot of incredible strengths. WE are going to harness it where it really excels, aiming to provide a fully seamless environment for building businesses online.

Lots of exciting stuff is coming in 2024, this is just the start...and the Ai Author BETA platform is just around the corner as well! :)

Hi Kyle, a little question,
If you already have written tons of posts on a website about a 'potential post " for a category, can you just delete that suggestion , so the system creates another suggestio? And does it somehow remember that you deleted it then? Because most of those ideas in the list I have already written about on my site. thanks

You can add brand new categories, and you can also Add an Article, use that feature to add entirely new articles to your website. So you are going to be able to do that, and there will be no shortage of capabilities.

You could also delete your hub and come at it from a slightly different angle, with a different facet of your niche.

Off sick with pneumonia for 3 days and everything has changed. At least I have something to read for the next few days.
It looks great and sounds fantastic. Now I have to sit ( or lay) down and work it all out.
It does look more intuitive…. So I have a bit of reading to do.


Oh no, I hope you are on the mend Steve. As you do jump into the new Hubs platform and have a look around, I would love to hear any feedback that you have!

Awesome Awesome Awesome 🙂🙂🙂 I've been here almost 7 years and this one has to be the best one yet!!! One thing I noticed though is that starters don't have access to chat.... So they are in the Hub and that's it? It's a good thing to get rid of Trolls but what if the starters are still stuck and need an answer about something an advanced member could easily answer?

Yeah, Starters don't have access to chat, or the Activity dashboard. I explained the entire Starter experience and logic behind all of this here: They can still communicate with their referrals, and us, and also can communicate within certain blog posts that they are notified about. Also, Starters can leave comments within the core 8 classes that they have full access.

Really glad you are loving the Hubs Denis!

Thanks Kyle I missed that one. going to read it right now. And once again a BIG Congrats on this upgrade. This is a big game changer!!! It streamlines everything together, even AI👍🙂

Thanks Denis for your support, it is going to make a big difference to how we build business. Conventional processes are blown out of the water and there is a newfound efficiency with the Hubs platform.

The really exciting part, this is just the initial release. We have lots of ideas as to where this is going to head and aspects to the Hub environment that can further simplify the business creation process. ;)

I can see how this is an excellent resource for newcomers to lead them through the process and get up to speed quickly. I am uncertain how effective it will be for existing members who already have processes in place for getting things done and creating content. However, I am willing to give it a try and see what comes up.


This is intended for all levels, and the process is built right into the platform. The research is done for you, the content ideas can then be handed off to the AI Article Designer, outlines are created in seconds, and then the content can be created (soon to be, with an AI Assisted Author for P+ members).

You also have a road map of the content that you have created, and the content that you have schedule to create. So it provides this organization, as well as structure for the bigger picture of your website.

For a website with 300 - 1000 pages, it could even be useful for helping streamline the operations for the next 1,000 articles.

Thanks, Kyle, for the rapid response....that does help to explain the benefits. I am looking forward to making things easier and more streamlined.


Excellent, and that is what Hubs accomplishes and we are going to be building in many more features as time goes on to streamline your business in every way.

The process from research to article completely should be less than 15 minutes per 1500 word "full reviewed and edited" article...that's where we want to get to.

See more comments

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