Vegas 2020. The 100 Sale Challenge Starts NOW!

Last Update: September 01, 2019

Many of you have probably noticed that your Airplane icon in the header now says 100 sales (or less). This is not a technical issue or a mistake, if you can make 100 unique premium referrals from Sept 1st, 2019 to December 31st, 2019 you are going to be invited on our annual all-inclusive Super Affiliate Conference down in Las Vegas.

Who Can Achieve Vegas Status?

Anyone. All you need to do is get 100 people out of 4 BILLION online. That is the reality, everyone that is online, that is on social media, and that is actively using the internet fall into a few prime candidate categories.

(1) They have access to the Internet
(2) They would love to do something they are passionate about
(3) They would love to build a successful business (and earn more $$)

And that is exactly what the platform and service here at Wealthy Affiliate affords. Anyone that joins can create a business, and anyone that is a member here can leverage the most significant opportunity of our time (Affiliate Marketing + The Internet) to scale their business to any level they like.

What is Included in the Super Affiliate Vegas Trip?

The Vegas Trip is a get together that we do every year with some of the top affiliate marketers in the world, including yourself.

Those that achieve the incentive criteria are invited all-inclusive, for a 3-4 day conference in Vegas where we discuss the affiliate marketing landscape, platforms and technology we are working on, ways to improve conversions and retention in your business, and essentially how to improve the platform/community here at to make it better.

Every year is different, every year is fun, and every year seems to top the last.

If you want full details on the trip, I recommend you check out the breakdown of last years trip to see everything that we did. From fine dining, to gambling, to musicians and magicians, catered meals, and spending time in some of the most luxurious rooms in Vegas, it was an absolute blast.

This year will be more of the same and if you make the 100 sale mark in the next 4 months, you are going to be hanging out with us and our largest group ever down in LV.

Here is what is included in your trip:

  • Flights (no matter where you are from)
  • Luxurious Accomodations
  • Wealthy Affiliate Branded Swag (only available in Vegas)
  • Nightly Entertainment / Events
  • Ultimate, 5 Star Dining Experiences
  • 3 Days of Conferences, Discussing the State of Affairs in 2020
  • Mingling with the World's Top Affiliate Marketers
  • Private 1-2 hour Conference With Kyle & Carson

Some of these things you can't put a value on. There are people that you will rub shoulders with and conversations that you will have that could potentially double or triple your business in subsequent years. That is the reality of such events like this.

The question is, are you going to put forth the time and effort to be there this year? We would love to have you. Broken down, if you make 25 sales per month (less than 1 per day) over the next 4 months, you are going to be hanging out with us down in Vegas next year.

Less than ONE sale per day!

Now Let's Get to Work!

So if you plan on achieving Vegas next year, I have some things that you will want to focus on. These aren't anything out of the ordinary, and for most of you these will simply be reminders as to things that you are already doing.

(1) Get Trained.

If you are not already taking part in the Affiliate Bootcamp or the Super Affiliate Challenge, then you should consider jumping into the Affiliate Bootcamp. This training is going to give you the 'blueprint that you can follow to achieve Vegas, a good percentage of those that will be in Vegas this year got their start online through bootcamp (and are now full time affiliate marketers).

Keep the education rolling, and jump into the weekly live classes to expand your knowledge. If you are not yet premium, I recommend you do that so you can level up your business moving forward and get exclusive access to the ENTIRE platform here at WA.

(2) Ask for Help With Your Campaigns

Many of you are getting traffic to your websites, which is actually the toughest part of the battle. The next part, the conversion is a matter of getting a formula (recipe) for conversions down. It isn't going to be rocket science to refine your campaigns, but it may take some testing and refining to get them working optimally.

I am here to help you out and if you ever want specific help with conversions and you are getting at least 500 uniques per day, I will be more than happy to review your campaigns with you.

(3) Push Harder Than Ever.

Now is the time to step on the gas pedal. The months from September to April tend to be the most lucrative within the online world within this niche, as people are more engaged in the idea of creating a business, earning more money, and doing something they love. These are all facets that Wealthy Affiliate can fulfill.

There are currently 4 BILLION people with high speed internet access, and this is in essence your audience. Everyone is interested in building a business, doing something they love, and of course building a source of residual income that can pay them for many years to come.

If you push hard with your content and writing activities, your website build out and design, engaging with your audience, and focus on setting daily/weekly goals and knocking them off, you are going to experience results.

(4) Scale Through PPC.

I personally am running several campaigns in Google, Bing, and Facebook and I can tell you that there is an abundance of traffic out there if you have the budget to put out some ads. If you have a budget, this is something that you can consider.

I highly recommend that you start your PPC campaigns small if you are going to head in this direction, get one REALLY relevant campaign going, get it to convert, and then once you are in a position where you are profitable, then you can focus on scaling. That is your path to success within the PPC world.

This is the process for a relevant PPC campaign.

Again, there is a plethora of traffic out there. If you don't have a solid base of traffic and you do go the PPC route, you could certainly achieve the 100 sale mark and far beyond in the next 4 months. If you ever need a hand with your PPC, or content marketing campaigns and want to run any ideas by me, feel free to drop me a PM at any time.

So, now it is your turn. Let's make Vegas a reality for you in 2020. There hasn't been a better time to be an affiliate of WA, we have lots of awesome stuff going on behind the scenes that is going to further extend our lead over the rest of the industry from an affiliate marketing, technology, training and community front (and of course results).

Big things are looming, and we want you to be there for the conversations discussing them. 2020 is almost here, and so is your fully paid trip to Vegas! ;)

We can't wait and we hope to see your there,

Kyle (& Carson)

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DaveSw Premium
I will be there... NO kidding... Cheers! Dave : )
Kyle Premium
I believe it Dave, I look forward to seeing you down there next year! It's going to be a blast!
JasonHeard Premium
Good luck to everyone aiming for Vegas -- it is a blast!
Kyle Premium
We need to get you back down there this year Jason, let's make it happen!
JasonHeard Premium
Yes, indeed. Been very busy though!
Helen123 Premium
Im not sure I have funds for PPC, being the mom of an up and coming pro tennis player but if I can, what direction should I go? Facebook ? Google? Ive not done it before so I might go off and read a few blogs here about it. Thanks Kyle. Heading back to Spain as I type in the BA club lounge at Gatwick so a good time for that butt kick... see you in LV !
Kyle Premium
You don't have to panic to try to achieve this, but there are in essence two routes. You can either get free traffic through a website geared towards WA (with a focus on SEO), or you can speed up the process by creating PPC campaigns to promote WA.

Either or can be viable approaches and if you are just getting rolling, you can set yourself up nicely if you push forward and get your business going now. But if you have other focuses and other websites, don't fret to try to make it. There is always next year and it may make more sense to methodically build out your website with bootcamp.
Helen123 Premium
I'm doing SAC with a brand new site promoting WA and really pushing that so I really want to try and get this going. I understand about how I would promote an article but Im not sure about the PPC thing... I think Im over thinking it, so Ill read some of the articles here about it, Id really like to speed the process a little, Im getting some traffic and had one person come here and have a look around but they didnt sign up.
Kyle Premium
Get one page to convert target a very specific keyword.

Best jobs for retired people

Then scale and create more campaigns targeting new and very target keywords.

Best jobs for people over 50
best jobs for nurses
best jobs for xyz

Once you have that first page converting, you can get 1,000's of others converting. This is where you can reveal exponential potential within the PPC world.

Most people get lazy when it comes to PPC. They are not willing to create specific pages for each keyword they target, that is why they fail. They would create a "best jobs" page and try to target all the keywords within one campaign with a single page.

Think about it though.

If you were 53 years old and you typed in:

best jobs for people over 50

And you came to a page that talked about best jobs for people over 50 specifically, you would feel "at home". If you can to a page where you had generic "job" content, you would convert at a much lower rate.

That is how you master PPC and you can create ridiculously successful campaigns.
Helen123 Premium
Now that makes perfect sense! ☺️
ManojV1 Premium
Hey Kyle,

This is really exciting news, and I am sure all new members can also be hopeful of making it to Vegas too!

Speaking for new members like myself(I joined ten days ago), getting enough instant traffic to a new website for a large amount of conversions is possible only through PPC. Unfortunately, most ad platforms are quite dynamic and things change very frequently making it tough for any training to keep up with the changes.

Hence I was looking for recent training in the classrooms section and I did find a case study pertaining to Bing. However, I discovered that it is accessible only to those who have paid for an annual membership. Since I am currently on a monthly fee I cannot avail of the training and naturally I was a bit disappointed.

For all members to be on a level playing field I think it is necessary that everyone be given access to the same resources so that there is a fair and equal opportunity.

Other than that, all training and resources provided here are excellent. I have completed the Online Entrepreneur Certification, and am about to complete the Affiliate Bootcamp soon.

Please do consider this suggestion positively. If all Premium members are able to avail of current PPC training available on the platform, it will only increase WA sales and conversions and also increase the number of happy and successful Wealthy Affiliates.

Thanks and regards,

Kyle Premium
I will come out with some updated PPC training in the next few weeks, if you use the search there are also lots of resources and live classes (which we have some focused classes for in the months ahead).

And if you ever have any questions about PPC, I can certainly offer you some help with this. ;)
ManojV1 Premium
Thanks! :-)
Alan Hocking Premium
Thanks for yet another perfectly timed and well needed kick in the butt!

I'm stepping up my PPC campaigns as we speak :)
Kyle Premium
Let's make it happen this year. We would love to have you down there next year, one of our veteran and long time WA'ers to add to the mix!
Alan Hocking Premium
I'd love to be there too let's get rockin! :)