Las Vegas 2019. Incredible. 2020 Will Be Insanity.

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Hey Everyone,

Each and every year we have a Super Affiliate Conference down in Vegas. As with past years, the trip is something that we look forward to and anticipate an awesome time, but they always seem to top expectations in every way! This past year was no different. The group of super affiliates that came down were amazing, many new faces, many second year folks, and many people that have been there for 5+ years now.

I always like to come back and offer everyone here with some insight into the actual event itself, as well as offer some insight into our decision-making process, some things that we have planned, and our overall motivates behind every decision that we do make.

So let's begin, starting with how YOU can make Vegas next year...

The Opportunity. 300 Sales in a Calendar Year.

For those of you that do not know, we run an incentive based opportunity here with our affiliate program that ANYONE can take part in and that anyone can achieve.

Here is a breakdown of the Super Affiliate Incentive program. If you can make 300 unique Premium referrals (someone upgrades from Starter => Premium) from January 1st, 2020 to December 31st, 2020 you will get invited to our annual Super Affiliate Conference.

Anyone is more than capable of achieving this, and many of the folks that were in Vegas this year were able to achieve this as a result of taking action training here the prior year. If you are interested in working towards this incentive and building a full time and sustainable business promoting a service that you love (Wealthy Affiliate), I recommend that you head over to the Affiliate Bootcamp and get rolling.

There are 7 Levels of training within Bootcamp, and it will literally walk you through the process of starting out, right through advanced techniques to scaling and growing your business.

The 2019 Super Affiliate Conference

Day 1: The Meet and Greet

We fly in the first day and we always get together for a meet in greet. There are always new faces in the crowd, and a lot of the old faces that come to Vegas each and every year. It is the opportunity for us to all hang out, get to know one another, share stories over the past year, and ultimately build amazing bonds with the amazing folks that come to Vegas every year.

And I don't say that, just to say that. These are all people that I respect, that I thoroughly enjoy being around (Carson feels the exact same way), and that are very intelligent. They also share one thing in common with us, they want to help people. They are, plain and simple, NICE and compassionate people.

This is a good time to get to meet the new faces as well as catch up with friends from past years that we haven't seen in person. The thing about these events is that we are all the same type of people, nice, caring and authentic. This just happens to be the type of person that the Wealthy Affiliate community attracts.

We have the evening catered, so lots of good food, drinks and conversation. It creates a great deal of comfort heading into the first day of the actual round table discussions.

Day 2: Getting Down to Business (and some fun)

When guests arrive in the morning, our not so round (rectangular) table was full of this years SWAG, and the materials they need to follow along with years conversations. It is usually more of a "book" because we have so much going on, and so many platforms/ideas that we are looking to implement in the year ahead. This years outline of "things going on behind the scenes" was 37 pages in length!

Along with this, we have the entire day catered, including breakfast platters, lunch, and of course refreshments. This is the case each day that conferences are going on.

Here you can see some pictures of this years "big table" before we got down to business!

You can see we have padfolios, pens, coffee mugs, charging batteries and a few other goodies, and some "spending" cash that people can use for whatever they like, to gamble or otherwise.

After the day, we usually wrap things up in the evening with a 'socail' event. This year we did Craftsteak, one of our favourite restaurants in all of Vegas and it is certainly our favourite steakhouse.

See a pic below of a few of us enjoying dinner.

Day 3: More Business, Collaboration, and Idea Sharing (and a nice dinner)

We had some more amazing discussions on day 3. Some more interesting conversations surrounded new platforms that we have coming at WA, and the overall strategy and approach to "getting people over the hurdle". Everything that we build here at WA is for you and is to help you create and grow a business online with more ease.

This also includes helping newcomers getting over technological hurdles, and also the motivational hurdles that prevent them from success. This of course could mean many things to many people, and this is something that we are constantly working to refine.

We have some brilliant training roll outs, some brilliant new platforms, and many overall system improvements that are going to help further advance, refine and polish the platform here at WA in 2020 (and well beyond).

We didn't become the industry leaders in the affiliate marketing space by sitting on our laurels and we certainly will not be in 2020.

The Day 3 evening was ended with a Japanese night, with a wide array of Japanese food, different types of sushi and sashimi, warm appetizers from a world-famous Morimoto restaurant that catered the food. We also had a large selection of Japanese beer for refreshments. It was great fun, lots of amazing sushi that was specifically made to order by the head Morimoto sushi chef.

During this event, we also had the top "up close" magician Robb Weinstein, perform sleight of hand magic for several hours blowing all of our minds! It was amazing! See some pics below.

Day 4: A Bit of Business, and Then A LOT of Fun

We usually wrap up the final day with a half day session, followed by our farewell session at night. We like to really do it up on the last night, and surprise the Super Affiliates with a new location. This year we relocated to the Wynn Encore for our final evening together.

We had a bartender serving several feature cocktails, everything from Champagne based drinks to an Old Fashions with a twist. The room was over 6,000 square feet and had enough room for everyone to comfortably hang out, socialized, shot some pool and listen to live music.

Yes, live music.

We were able to get Jesse Roper, a very talented Canadian blues musician, out of his busy touring schedule to come down to Vegas and play several hours of acoustic for us "in room".

Jesse Roper has been establishing a solid footprint in the blues industry over the past few years and has accrued a very lively following. He is an incredible guitarist, and he has the vocals to match. I grew up with Jesse right from elementary school and if you want to hear some of his awesome music, I recommend that you download his Albums on Apple Music or Spotify. He has a lot of radio hits here in Canada, and it is just a matter of time I believe before his career shoots to the moon.

The evening was a lot of fun and it ended with a lot of "see you next year" comments. We can't wait to see the entire group back, along with some new faces (perhaps YOU?) next year in LV.

The 2020 Game Plan

As I have said in the past, it only continues to get better and this year has been no exception. The group that was there last year was nothing short of amazing, the conversations and discussions we had solidified (and in some cases slightly changed) our direction in 2019, and we are more amp'ed than ever about the future at WA. We have another amazing group coming this year, and lots of new topics to dicuss, and next year we are expecting our biggest group once again.

The platforms that we have slated for this year are going to be rolled out through 2020, with many of them in very late stages of development and coming as soon as a few weeks from now. It is going to be a very busy spring!

We have brand new platforms coming. We have new versions of existing platforms coming. We have micro and macro improvements to existing platforms and services. We have more training, and updated training coming. We have more levels of support coming. And we are doing this all for ONE and only ONE reason, YOU!

Our goal has been and always will be to put our community first. We are in the business of helping people and doing so in a way where we can offer the best service in the industry (I think by a country mile), for the best price (also, by a country mile).

We are keeping the foot on the pedal this year. We are the busiest we have ever been, but we also have the most polished and refined internal development process (and a skilled team of programmers). Expect big things out of us, we will not disappoint!

Here is to a brilliant 2020 ahead, and we hope to see many new faces in Las Vegas next year for our 2021 Conference, yourself included!

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Hey all,

I think it's so cool that you guys throw these every year! I doubt I'll make it there this year being that I just started 8/25/2019 but you never know! I'm following the training and working diligently so we shall see. I hope to meet you all sooner or later.


Awesome Joshua, let's make it happen in the year ahead!

Actually, this is a great super affiliate gathering and one to which one can generate the worthy ideas while enjoying the best moments with the bests in the game of marketing.
Vegas 2020 seems like a great plan but then, I'm just getting started. So, I look forward to Vegas 2021 instead. I should be confident of better conversions rate then. Thanks

Awesome Rodger, let's make it happen in the year ahead!

like most Affiliates here I would love to attend the conference at the end of the year. However I'm doing all my work from my cell phone so it's kind of time-consuming. So my goals are as follows: 15 new referrals, I think that's enough chain of bold gold suitable for me just starting out in this program however I am not new to affiliate marketing by far.

Wonderful to hear Shaun! :)

This is attempt #3. Last time I got 63 referrals, but no-one ever set up their basically, it's just a sea of dead profiles in my referrals tab.

Time to fix that this time around.

I don't have it in my goals to make it this time around. But if things pick up faster than I planned, then I'll definitely be there. If not, then I plan on being at Las Vegas in 2021.

Woot woot, I really look forward to working with you!

Hey Carson, And Kyle,
And the rest of the super Affiliates I joined WA, because I am a believer that anybody can make there dreams come true in Affiliate Marketing.

I got stuck thinking that MLM, or other ways of marketing and building business would help and other members on my team and that is not the case.

I really want to me make it to Las Vegas in 2020 I know my goal and I am going to put all my heart and make the goal of 300 affiliates and bring some people with me..

Sounds like you have some good plans and if you stay persistent to those goals in the year ahead, I know you are going to have a breakthrough year. :)

I plan to get there! Double time! 5 months left means I have to get 60 a month to make it...2 a day...

The one thing I have noticed so far in my first 48 hours is the connection of the community. I can tell that people genuinely want to help each other, which is great! I look forward to putting the training into place and scaling it with hard work!

Brilliant achievements happen with a bit of hard work and dedication. Becoming a Super Affiliate is certainly one of these and you are going to be able to achieve this as you move through the Bootcamp training and take action!

Goal for 2021 : Vegas with WA!

Mindset : I WILL make it.

Working as much as I can on my website to reach this goal. Struggling a bit with getting traffic on my website but I think it's just a matter of time. I must be patient!

What is forbidden : Giving up.

See you in Vegas Kyle!

I really look forward to meeting you down in Vegas one day! :)

It would be great to actually BE IN LAS VEGAS, but first things first. I need to work on getting referrals to WA. It is a long term goal for me but it is achievable.

So yes, I would love to come to Las Vegas but not this year as I feel that I will not meet the requirements. I will work on it though, get as many referrals as I can and see what the good future brings.

Thank you for granting me this opportunity!

Most definitely Madyibi!

It would be so fun to join all the other Super Affiliates in Vegas!

Seeing how I am just starting out on the bootcamp, I don't think I will be able to join in the 2020 fun.

I will work hard so one day, I will be able to join in the Vegas get together.

Wonderful to hear Amanda! :)

I'm definitely are planning to go Vegas, this is one of accomplishment I'm working towards too. One of the reasons why I'm here and I know I have to work hard on achieving this. It may not be this year but for sure time year I will guarantee it.

I would like to meet the awesome people in our community learned a thing or two, and most of all to be able meet Kyle and Carson in person...

Thanks....and I'll see you in Vegas soon enough..

Shoot for the stars, come up a little bit short and you are going to still be sitting on the moon. I really look forward to working with you Leonard and seeing your progress moving forward!

I wish you all the best for you.

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