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Last Update: Nov 8, 2023

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Hey Everyone,

I've got some exciting news to share with you. Here at Wealthy Affiliate, we have some BIG updates lined up in the coming weeks ahead, and the coming months ahead...and naturally, 2024 is going to be a year full of releases as is every year.

But, these changes are not just minor tweaks. We're positioned to introduce changes that will redefine how you approach building a business online, and the process you follow to build it.

They're designed to boost your operational efficiency... and you're going to love how easily you are going to be able to move through all of your core tasks, from research, to management, to content creation, to publication.

Our key focus is to put more "time" back in your hands, it seems that this is one thing that people are really missing these days and conventionally, building a business has taken a decent amount of time.

We are not just redefining through technology and new platforms, we are going to be taking a brand new approach with our training here to keep it more current than ever, and more integrated than ever.

Let's have a look at the upcoming launch schedule, and give you some initial insight into our goals with each.

Business Hubs with AI Blueprinting: The Game Changer (December 5th, 2023 Release)

Let me start by cracking open the details of our first big launch: the 'Business Hubs with AI Blueprinting'. If you're like me, you log into your "business" and often times sitting there staring the screen for a bit, wondering what your "next task" is, or even what to do.

You dance around between idea development, keyword research, architecting content, and design side activities, to content creation, publishing content...etc.

Setting your daily direction for your business can sometimes feel like solving a complex puzzle. However, with our latest innovation, we're reconstructing the thought process, with technology.

The 'Business Hubs' platform is designed to give you a "birds eye" view of your business. Consider it your business' control tower.

We are taking care of some of the bigger tasks, research, organization, idea development, and productivity tasks with Business Hubs. I know it is going to blow your mind, and there certainly won't be another place like WA to build out your business on the internet. We are rethinking how online business SHOULD work, and building it.

Mark your calendars, because we're scheduling to roll this out on December 5th.

Now, wouldn't it be great if there was a streamlined platform where you could learn and build your business simultaneously? That's exactly what we have in mind with our 'Core Training Refresh'.

The Much Awaited Refresh of Core Training, Bootcamp & OEC (December 5th, 2023)

You asked, we listened. Our 'Core Training Refresh', a hefty update directly tailored to the community, and the NEW process of building a business online that we are architecting. We are going to be rolling out this platform with Business Hubs, as it is integrated directly into hubs.

By intersecting the NEW training with our 'Business Hubs' and 'SiteContent' (and soon to be AI Authoring) platforms, we're streamlining the learning experience – the same environment where you'll be building your actual business.

The outdated training material for some of the core training is going to be a thing of the past. Our new house rules are going to ensure no training resource will exceed a ten-day "outdated" limit.

Up-to-date, relevant, and streamlined – that's our new core training approach. It's going to be a game changer for newbies getting rolling, and those looking to interface their business with their education.

The Exclusive BETA Access to AI Writing Platform (December 15th, 2023)

Now, if you're a Premium Plus+ member, we have additional exciting news for you – an exclusive BETA access to our 'AI Writing Platform', starting December 15th, 2023. This is something that we have spent a lot of time on, and are continually refining and polishing to get high quality, SEO ready, AI-assisted content.

This process is going to be completely streamlined, and tied into all of the other platforms that we have (or are) rolling out. This includes the Article Designer, and also the Business Hubs platform.

We are running an exclusive Premium Plus+ beta to get it well tested and polished before we put the "full load" of the community on it. After that period of testing we will be rolling it out to the broader WA family and community here. :)

Often, we are restrained by our expression, but our AI-assisted platform intends to channel your voice and rethink the content creation process. This is an opportunity to experience a new world of content production – fast, efficient, and authentic.

It’s a peek into the future and it this platform is going to evolve quickly based on the wants and needs of the community, and an entire slate of 2024 plans we already have for it.

There will be no other place to create web content in the world.

Full Release of Our AI Writing Platform & Beyond (Early 2024)

Early 2024 brings our Full-Release of our 'AI Writing Platform' that will be a "full community" reveal. For the first time, all members of the Wealthy Affiliate community will have access to this groundbreaking tool...it's going to change the game for you and your business

Imagine no longer needing to grapple with the constraints of time and brain power bandwidth when building out your content. This is something that we ALL have faced when building a business online, but that no longer needs to exist.

Our focus is always going to remain "AI Assisted" not "AI Created". The reason for this is that AI will never be perfect, but can speed up processes 5-10x with some level of human intervention (and in our case, technology built on top of it).

People building content the "old way" are no longer going to be your competition. You will be able to focus on your creativity and be able to solve bigger problems than ever with platforms like this. That excites us, and being able to use this platform myself for the last 4 months, has opened my mind to the potential of this new world.

A new world that YOU are going to be part of. ;)

As we wrap up 2023 and cross into 2024, we are committed to providing cutting-edge platforms and updates designed to boost the efficiency and productivity in your business. That is our focus.

It’s more than just tools and training though; it's about transforming the landscape of building businesses online with affiliate marketing, making it more accessible and effective than ever before.

With new (and novel) platforms like Business Hubs, Article Designer and our AI Writing Platform, we are keeping you at the forefront.

Stay tuned for the exciting future ahead - I assure you, it will be worth the wait.

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And now you know why I have been a member since 2012. Because of advances and updates like this.

Oh, and I used your Article Designer it gave me a fantastic content outline that I then incorporated with my use of ChatGPT and my own custom prompts, and boom what would have taken easily 4 or 5 hours I had everything done and good to go in less than an hour.

Can't wait for the AI Author debut. And business Hubs sounds like fun too.

As usual well done guys.

Awesome Leo, that was the goal...imagine now not having to go off to GPT. That is the goal, to streamline cumbersome AI processes, with our tech..removing the need for prompts, and the complexity of getting useful and organized outputs that are actually worthwhile.

These are exciting times and the AI Author + Hubs + New Core Training + everything we have planned for 2024...the glory days are definitely ahead for the community and fam here at WA!

2010 here!

Wonderful, I'm currently undergoing training, and I'm now in the process of selecting my niche. I guess I'll be gaining more knowledge on utilizing GPT and integrating other automated tools.

That's amazing, Leo. Keep it up!!!

Excellent, did you decide on your niche yet?

Yes, Kyle.
Last time, I mentioned I had chosen to start with the online learning niche "Technology tools for enhancing literacy instruction". It links with my current position as an ICT Educator. It's the one I added to my free first trial site-building.
But to be honest, at this point, as a newbie in Digital/Affiliate Marketing, I would go by your advice for any other options once I upgrade my plan. Thanks

It will be my first year at WA in 1 week. Unfortunately, I haven't gained one penny up to now! Of course, I am the one who should be blamed! :) One year ago I started training and my first blog page with great motivation. However, my previous work prevented me from advancing! I have just changed my job. I have more time now. I returned and started over from the beginning. I started from lesson 1.
I write this here to feel accountable to the WA family. Kyle has promised that the WA community will win in the new year. I am sure I will win with the effort that I couldn't apply up to now. I feel it is a milestone for me and my business. I hope passive members like me take action and start to grow their businesses this year.
Kyle and other members, What would you recommend me to do now? How shall I continue? and start over?

I thought, this time, I should begin with the affiliate boot camp. However, I realised that payments are processed with PayPal, which does not operate in my country! I have failed to pair my old PayPal account with Payoneer. I will figure it out somehow, I guess.

You will win in the New Year if you reach for it. There is a lot of opportunity within the online world, and that continues to grow...and with the tools/platforms that we are going to be providing you, you are going to be able to accomplish more, with less time.

You could head in the bootcamp direction, that is completely up to you and I would be more than happy to work with you in the year ahead and help you achieve success irrespective of your niche choice.

Let's make it happen Tugrul!


I hope this helps to encourage you as I can relate to your story. So many things happen in life to sidetrack us from our main focus.

Sometimes I feel embarrassed to admit I've been here for over four years and haven't started earning as yet. Do I plan to give up? Nope! Instead, I keep working toward my goal with the confidence that, as I continue to learn and apply myself, the results will materialize.

Our individual paths are different and the timeframe to see results may not be compared with someone else's journey. So, stay focused, and steadfast in your mission to succeed. It will all come together in time.

All the best going forward!


Thank you very much for everything, Kyle. I am sure I and other fellow WAs will win with your precious help and support. I am looking forward to the new year in the online world with the WA.

Your story is not unlike mine. My business was hectic and I could not carve out time for building a business through WA. That has all, thankfully, changed. Now I"m excited about the prospects. You are right. The buck always stops right here. Success is there if you want it bad enough. Starting off from scratch is not a bad idea. You can approach it this time with increasing vigor!


Hi Veron!
Thank you very much for your kind message and encouragement! I appreciate it. I hope you and I start to earn this year! We may be accountability partners! Let's promise: we will do it this year together with the help of Kyle and WA!

Dear Grant. Thank you very much for your message. You put the nail to the point; The key is to want it bad enough! This phrase will be my lighthouse! I wish you luck on your journey!

You can pay for the membership with your credit card, this is what I have been doing. Good luck.

My pleasure!

Sounds good to me. Let's keep putting in the work, pay keen attention to what we are learning, and reap the rewards. I'm all in!


Hi Kyle!

It is intriguing to hear about all the updates that are coming to this platform. I am looking for to the new Hubs, New Core Training, AI Author and all other updates. I can wait for December 5th, to see what's in-store.

Thank you Kyle, Carson and the rest of the team! You guys always have our best interests at heart.

Wishing you the very best!

Kind regards,

We definitely do have your best interests at heart, and always will. Our aim is to offer the best service in the industry, the most progressive and innovative, and to do so as the most cost efficient price to give EVERYONE a fair chance to build the dream they are after within the online world.

Lots of exciting stuff ahead and I am just brushing the surface here with these updates. ;)

Simply awesome! Thank you!🙏

When I was researching the various platforms and training offerings from other sites, I never felt as though they got me.

I left one such program to join this one. This community, the platform, and the direction all resonated with me. This announcement is further proof that I am in the right place.

While my experience in Sales and Marketing is vast, my affiliate knowledge is not. I use AI feverishly to quickly absorb what I am missing. The way my instincts have led me is exactly the way that this platform is going.

I am grateful to have found this program.

Kyle and the rest of the WA brain trust, thank you. I look forward to many more great tools and great experiences.

Thank you.


Thanks for your vote of confidence Don, that is our mission to offer the best service in the industry, the most progressive one, and the most innovative one...at the most cost efficient price.

We are going to continue to do what is best for our MEMBERS. That is our sole focus, and as we move into the year ahead, you are going to see some big platform releases, and some really useful implementations of technology to make your more efficient, more productive, and more successful.

Appreciate your support, and we will promise to deliver for you and the community moving forward!

Very exciting news Kyle. Great Times ahead. Thank you so much to you, Carson and everyone behind the scenes working on these awesome projects.

I really appreciate all that WA offers and will offer. It really is the best place to be.

Looking forward to December more than ever 😃


Yes, you are absolutely right. We have an amazing team working hard behind the scenes to make this happen. Building a business online is going to be more efficient than ever, and you are going to be able to be more productive than ever! :)

So grateful snd very excited 🙏😃

Hello Kyle

Thank you for this great blog post. This sounds amazing and I'm really excited to see and use these new platforms. I really like the sound of the Business Hubs and I look forward to using them and learning all about them when they are rolled out in December.

I also really look forward to the new training as I have been wainting to go through the OEC training again but I have never got around to it. But now when the new updated training comes out I will be going through it as soon as possible.

I'm also really looking forward to the AI writing platform and the other new changes that are coming in 2024. Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be and I look forward to seeing it improve and continue being the best affiliate marketing and online business platform in the world.

The new changes and new platforms look W AI amazing and I can't wait to use them and learn all about them. I'm hyped to see them and look forward improving my website and online businesses with the help of WA and it's new training, tools and platforms.

It's going to be a great year ahead for WA. I don't care what I have to do but I will be renewing my WA membership for another year in December even if I have to get a cash loan to pay for it. There is no way I'm leaving WA ever again especially with all these exciting new changes and platforms that are coming to Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you again for this great blog post. All the best to your success.



You are going to definitely love the new training we have planned, as it integrates and interfaces directly with all the platforms that you will be using. So this is going to lead to a lot quicker creation of your business, and the platforms we are releasing we believe will lead to 5-10x the speed in which you will be able to build things out.

These are exciting times, and that is me understating it. In our 18 years, we have never been excited about the state of WA, the direction we are head, and the amazing community we have here!

The end of 2023 and right through 2024 is going to rock!

Hello Kyle

Thank you for your reply. I agree with you and it sounds amazing. I look forward to the new training as well.

I look forward to seeing, using and learning about all the new changes and platforms that are coming to WA throughout the rest of 2023 and throughout 2024.

Wealthy Affiliate rocks and it is W AI amazing. It is the place to be for all things affiliate marketing and online business related. It is the best platform and community in the world.

There is no place I'd rather be and I look forward to seeing how Wealthy Affiliate continues to evolve in the future. Thank you again for your reply. All the best to your success.



Great to know. Very important, to be honest.

Because it´s a strange time these days, it´s not in my character to give up but the Google update has done that I am very close. I usually have the benefits of updating, one and one in the other direction. But I have never seen something like that with the traffic reduced from 150 one day to 10!!! And the posts are helpful so...

I understand I need to get the plus, but it will be all or nothing in the following months. So it was great to see this, thank you all in the staff!

Yeah, I can totally appreciate that. It is never nice getting hit with a Google update, but do keep your head up and keep pushing. They are rolling out another update in November and often times these updates take months to properly settle, with rankings going and many coming back.

What we are building is going to help you streamline and speed up your business drastically. That is the ultimate goal, to put more time back in your hands. You will be able to do more than ever, with less time. :)

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