Las Vegas, the Common Theme to This Year's Conference!


Well here we are, back from Vegas and our official Super Affiliate conference acknowledging the top affiliates of 2013! What a trip.

Like every other trip, this one was invigorating, intriguing, forward thinking and a lot of fun. There is something to be said about getting together with 8 other like minded individuals in a room and being able to discuss the Internet business in a very loose, knowledge sharing manner.

There was a lot of knowledge shed, a lot of experiences within the industry shared, and some really great laughs.

We all shared something in common...


We all care about people and that is why we have all independently been able to create success within the online world. Those that make Vegas have a true passion for helping people. There was no talk about "how can I squeeze more money out of people", rather the conversations were far more on par with "what can I do to further help people within WA".

Here is four of us chatting outside the Michael Jackson Cirque Du Soleil show :)

Better help is one thing that has been our mission since day 1, making WA the best it can be and to base our decisions not on that of "earning more" rather of BEING BETTER.

And better we have gotten in the past 9 years, but we are just getting started. As we sat down at the conference table with our daily coffee, fruit, and assorted pastries, that vision became evident to everyone there.

We care. We care about you. We understand you. We will continue working relentlessly on your behalf (yes, even until 2 in the morning lots of nights lol)!

In the year ahead, we have some amazing plans for WA. These plans are not centered around money. In fact, we DID NOT discuss how to make more money during our conference, rather we discussed how we plan to make our service better and we got a lot of wonderful input in that respect.

Huh Kyle, but why no "money" talk?


If you can offer the best service in the industry, it becomes very easy to promote.

Many would already say we are the best, but I can tell you that we are far from perfect and as we strive for perfection, it is going to continue to force us to push innovation further, help further, push our platform further, and ultimately the ability for people to succeed within WA further.

Wealthy Affiliate is not only becoming one of the highest converting and lucrative affiliate programs on the ENTIRE Internet, it is one that focuses on helping people versus taking their money. A rarity in any industry and where all of the improvements are going to stem from in 2014.

Our discussions were the most exciting ones yet and we all shared the excitement that 2014 was going to be the most successful yet. As a result of our mutual focus (people), it is going to be an amazing year for MONEY growth for all affiliates.

The Conference Was Not Where it Went Down Though...

We met nightly in our loft for beer (or water), shot some pool, and just hung out.

This is where we got to discuss the industry, our strategies and techniques, what we have learned over the years, what we have tried what we haven't tried, discussed some of the common scams in the industry, and offered each other insight and help into their own business ideas.

These are always really freakin' awesome conversations.

Not only that, we created friendships with like minded people in the industry, not competition. We are not in competition and we all realize that. We share a mutual goal and that is helping people achieve their goals within the online world, without the fear of losing their shirt (or pants) to an Internet scam.

The "One" Performance....

Here is a picture of the group outside of our limo on the way to our "One" cirque du soleil show at Mandalay Bay (a Michael Jackson tribute).

This was an absolute blast. If you have ever been to a Cirque before and you like MJ, you would definitely appreciate this. Nothing short of spectacular.

It is a retreat form normalcy and there are ways many "holy crap, is that a real human doing that!".

What I Took Home From Las Vegas...

No, I didn't win any money (although it would have been nice). Rather I got far more than any slot machine or craps table could have delivered. Friendships with some of the coolest, most ethical and hardest working people I have ever met.

Also, an excitement for what lies ahead knowing that many of our ideas and goals have been validated by others.

2014 is going to be the most unreal year to date since our inception of WA and whether you are just joining WA, have been a member for some time, and whether or not you are an affiliate of WA or not, bright days lie ahead.

I have never been more excited and pumped coming out of a Las Vegas conference to date nor have I been as passionate about what is going on at Wealthy Affiliate and what is going to take place in the year ahead.

I look forward to seeing everyone again next year and meeting all the new faces that are going to make the Las Vegas goals of 300 sales in the next year (get full details here). I know there are going to MANY new faces there and I honestly can't wait!

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I'm so glad you had a successful conference. I am already delighted with what I've experienced at WA and am really excited to see what rolls out over the next year. Appreciating you, the community and the mindset here more than ever!!

It is going to be awesome Judy, there is one thing we can always assure people...we have a relentless pressure on ourselves to always get better and to continue to up the ante in terms of quality of service offered here at WA.

We are just getting started!

Awesome. Appreciate your feed back about your conference thanks :) Patti

No problem Patti, glad you enjoyed the feedback!

All I can say is that WA is the BEST! What's exciting to me Kyle is that you are continuing to strive for different ways to improve our experience here at WA. I look forward to many years with WA and hope I can one day join the team at Vegas!

Eric, thanks for the kind words bro! Glad you are enjoying your experience here at WA and I look forward to working with you for years ahead as well. Anyone can make Vegas and the Affiliate Bootcamp is the starting point. :)

Thanks for sharing, Kyle. People, not money, is why many of us stay and it's great to hear you speak of your commitment to this. It's incredible how many of us get on Chat and share personal experiences we're going can only do that in a safe place. Thanks to you and Carson for creating that place and to all the members who ensure it stays that way.

It is incredible, there are so many awesome people here in WA and I find myself spending my Friday nights in here hanging out for a reason! :)

Would love to have you there in Vegas next year Rick and I know that the gears are absolutely in motion!

Great post Kyle and this is yet another incentive to make us all work even harder towards next year's conference. Will definitely see you next year along with the gang. I feel the excitement this year brings!

Make it happen Eddie, I know you are more than capable of making it in the year ahead and I am here to help you every step of the way. 2014 is going to be the most powerful yet!

How awesome. Kyle, you know (I mean, KNOW!) I was there in spirit! Next year it will be in body and soul. There should be one mother figure there, right?! :) Seriously, glad you all had an unforgettable time! Take care.....

Most definitely, we would love to have you there next year Terri. Still a ton of time to move forward through the bootcamp and get your promotions rolling!

You had a woman there! lol We've been wondering if any women were there or if it was a boys's own adventure :)

lol! There is our answer! I am glad there was at least one gosh, look at that boys' club =).

I think that's Steve's wife. It's a male dominated world this year! We should have some girl power there. Care to meet up next year at Vegas? ;)

ah shoot totally forgot about that! lol i know someone said she was there, well shucks now i really have to push for vegas next year...wont lie its good motivation lol! see ya there!

Yeah, it was an all male conference this year. It was not intended to be the boys club, but it worked out this way. Thankfully there were a few wives there to keep things in order lol. I look forward to having many of your wonderful ladies there next year...right?

Sounds like a great conference! You are so right about focusing on service to the WA members. As you say, it's easy to promote something that is actually really great. I would be happy to refer my friends/relatives to WA - without any commission/referral fee. I'm starting to think this is exactly what I do want to do - promote WA.

I've only been part of the community for about 6 days - and just have had such a positive experience already. Yay for you all! In a world full of news about bad things (especially in the U.S.) and how awful people treat each other, it is so wonderful to see "goodness"! Yes, I said it. Corny, but true./Annika

What you see and feel now about the community is going to carry forward, there are so many awesome folks here at WA and we only continue to push forward with improvements that make the experience and the service here at WA!

I look forward to working with you in the year ahead Annika!

Thanks for sharing, I'm excited about this year!

That makes two of us Wayne, I really look forward to working with you in the next year!

Thanks, me too!

See you again next year!

I'm already counting down the days Eddy! This year was by far my favourite and it was awesome to hang, chat, and truly engage in how we think we can make WA a better place that will help MORE people.

Your suggestions, comments, and feedback was incredibly valuable and we're already getting many of the system improvements in place that will take WA to whole new level.

Awesome stuff man :)


Carson I feel the same. This was by far the best one. And I'm counting the minutes my friend. Lol. You've made it easier with that count down plane. Makes it very easy to stay on track. Lol

Most definitely Eddy, I too am counting down the hours! :)

Indeed Kyle!!!

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