How To Turn a Weakness Into a Strength.

Last Update: June 19, 2019

There are certain things in business that I am great at. Although I don't specifically boast about these things that I think I am great at, I would hope they shine through in my words, training, support and my activities.

However, these are not the things that carry most of my focus. It is always the things that I "suck" at, or could be better at, that consume my focus. That is how we, as affiliate marketers and business owners (and people) can continually improve and evolve.

There are things that I am really not all that good at, and things that I truly KNOW I am not good at. I am not talking about riding horses or knitting, or playing water polo (all of which I am probably not great at), but things that I do with regularity but I do a mediocre job.

That is what I want to discuss today. I also want to not only be honest with myself, but this is going to be an exercise where I want you all to do the same.

What I Perpetually Suck At, But Shouldn't!

I cannot presume anyone is horrible at anything, I simply won't judge. But I am a very good critic of myself and some areas in which I lack.

Typically, when I sense a weakness in myself, I work extra hard to make that a particular if it is a skill I need moving forward and one that is required in business. I used to be mediocre at writing, at building websites, didn't know a thing about business, wasn't efficient at helping people...the list could go on and one. I have, with time and effort turned these once weaknesses, into strengths. That is how we should approach all weaknesses.

There are a few things that I simply don't put forth the effort to change. That is what I want to focus on here, because there has to be some reason why I don't change my ways, even when I know it is a freakin' problem! lol

So here is what I believe my biggest weaknesses are, that I do nothing about.

(1) I Don't Delegate Non-Trivial Tasks Soon Enough.

I have a tendency to do the same thing over and over, without thinking of ways to get these tasks off my plate. When you are running a business, there are many tasks and demands that you have to deal with on a daily basis, some of them are brand new...but many are arduous and don't equate to more "business".

Sometimes I find myself doing things that I could hand off, but don't? Why don't I hand them off? That is what I need to uncover, but sometimes I feel that it will be more work to hand things off than it will to do them myself. The reality is that there is a process to be able to delegate a task, but in the long term it leads too much more efficiency and scalability.

(2) I Cope With Inefficient Processes.

I will find a way to make a process work, but sometimes I don't invest into the time it takes to make that process more efficient and/or automated. There are circumstances where I find myself doing the same things over and over, not because I have to, but rather because it is easy to accomplish these tasks and instead of seeking out a more efficient solution I just do them.

There are two ways to add more time to your day. First, you can become more efficient. Second, you can hire people to perform tasks and functions within your business that can be handed off and/or scaled.

(3) I Can be Terribly Disorganized.

My office desk is a big mess at times, and my work habits are sporadic. I can move from project to project within minutes, and certainly work on 10-15 different things on a daily basis. It is systemic chaos, but it is how I work the best and I how I have always worked. Perhaps this to a certain degree is a blessing in disguise.

This disorganization doesn't come without some drawbacks. It is something that I can certainly work on, but my natural instinct tells me it is more important to work hard and get things done than to have an organized environment to do this. I think a happy mix of both would be best and I this is one thing that I have been actively working to improve.

These are the obvious day to day issues that I can see in my personal activities. Things that lead to more efficiency, and more productivity. But this leads me to my next question...

Why I Don't Do Anything About It?

I have spent some time thinking about this. Why do I do things that could be stifling my personal progress, my own efficiencies, and ultimately income. If I know this, why the heck do I continue doing them.

The answer.

I enjoy doing it.

There are certain things in business that create a sense of enjoyment, even if they are not the best for business. For those of you that are operating a business or have a job that at times can be overwhelming, you will probably understand what I am talking about. There are some things that you love to do, other things that you don't.

The things that you LOVE though, can likely be done another way or in some cases, YOU may not need to do them at all.

I spend a lot of time supporting and helping people every day. I think to a large degree, this is one aspect that truly separates us from the rest of the industry. Carson and I are very active and engaged with our community and members here. I often times feel I am inside the walls of WA actively engaging with others more than I am in the real world.

But I love it. I love helping people. I love connecting with people. I love seeing people achieve things they never though t were possible.

Surely I could hand that off to someone else that is way below my pay grade. I could hire a virtual assistant to manage all of my communications, and I could step back, cross my arms, and have time to dedicate to something else. But that is not me, even though I know it can be done and I could have more time to do other things.

Could I be more efficient though? Yes. Could I change my ways and be better off, of course. Will I. That leads me to the next aspect of this. I know what's going on, I know what I am bad at. I haven't changed things up to this point. However, will I change or make an effort to do so.

How I Am Going to Solve This!

Nobody in business, regardless of their stature or what level of success they reach has it all figured out. Ask Warren Buffet if he knows everything about finance, and I think you would soon discover that he is constantly learning even after 70 years involved in the finance world.

Self assessment is important and it keeps you humble. It will also lead to you establishing a new skill set, and expertise within areas of your business that are potentially weaknesses at the moment.

Are all of my weaknesses stated above worth getting better at, and turning into a strength? Yes. Although I enjoy doing them, I want to focus on getting them better and I am going to show you my approach to do so.

It is sometimes hard to look at your activities and realize that you have flaws. I find some people are not critical enough of themselves though, and they have the tendency to blame others for their issues or feel that any lag in their business must be the result of something else. I have even caught myself doing this on occasion.

We get better by being humble. The minute you realize that nothing you do will ever be "perfect", is the same moment when you are able to continually get better and improve upon your own skill set (and business).

So, my questions to you are this:

(1) What are some things that feel that you are not good at or could be a lot better at?
(2) What are the steps that you are going to take to improve?
(3) Is there anything we can help with on our end (other than advice) to help speed up this process).

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mechidor Premium
Hi Kyle, Awesome post as usual!
Writing content is my biggest problem. I really need to improve and write faster. It takes me two days to write 1000 words. Also, it's not my first language, so it's even harder:) Anyway, I continue to write, hoping it will get better with time.
Thank you for sharing this great post!
OllyMarston Premium
Don't beat yourself up! I think that is amazing..I can't Imagine trying to write a post in 2 days in another language! keep will get better and faster.
MDehaan1 Premium
Hello Kyle,
!. I am not organized the way I would like to be, also to be diligent about concentrating on a project and "stick with it"

2. I am going to keep[ a "to do" file and file bills and paperwork I need to save in the proper place. I need to have a file for Taxes papers: property, IRS and insurance policies and the a "To Do" list of bills to file. Being organized will give me more time and energy for working on my online business.

3. I absolutely am amazed by the support the you, Carson and Jay give to those with Wealthy Affiliate. I may need to have my Domain and website critiqued at a later date? Thank you again
MurphysMom Premium
Kyle, thank you for sharing more of who you are. It’s nice to know I’m (we) are not alone. I’ve gotten far behind and have been hard on myself. Then I remind myself both My hubby and I were seriously ill, lol.

So I’m moving forward! Thank you for all you do for all of us!
trymetoday Premium
Kyle, an amazing appraisal of the work situation that faces us all, doing the things we like doing, these are the ones that we really should delegate, and concentrate on improving the things we are not so good at doing, this will expand our knowlege better. A great post, thanks. Paul
laparra1 Premium
Good evening Kyle,

Luckily I am an organized person and in general, I can find everything in my house as they have a place. The problems really start when something is not there where it should be.
I think Wealthy Affiliate provides everything I need and I will get there sooner or later. I am not good at technical things but over time I have learned more than I could have imagined.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
kpercival55 Premium
Thanks Kyle!

I find it interesting that truly successful people (such as yourself) have no problem admitting to their strengths and weaknesses.

It’s why you, Carson and Jay each focus on different parts of the business. Each of you have strengths that compensate for each other’s weaknesses.

As individuals starting out we must do everything ourselves, even the parts of the business we’re not good at, because we’re not in a position financially to pay others to do it for us. That’s why the community support here is so important. We can ask for help (for free!) to learn how to be better at the things we’re not so good at. This is a priceless resource for entrepreneurs.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and wisdom. Between you, Carson and Jay I think you’ve got all the strengths covered!

DaveSw Premium
Hi, Kyle...

Self-assessment is something I have done regularly over many years and there is no point at which you "arrive" and no more such action is required...

I think that there are things that we all can improve upon in our lives and work but many learn to work around these as you have done, or we choose to stay where we may be at for other reasons...

Much like the business we all are building, going through this process can really make a ton of difference when it comes down to looking at results over time.

Those minor adjustments can lead to a dramatic rise in efficiency, more leads, and sales plus profits over the year. You can align your activity with the long term goals, and at the end of the day, more of your activity is focused on you attaining those goals...

I just wrote a short post on receiving a commission for close to $200...That is nothing in the big picture, but it reinforces the viability of the long-term goals and the steps I am taking to realize them...

In regards to the 3 questions, the mindset comes to mind (as in having the right perspectives to allow success to be realized through focused and regular efforts), perhaps adding in a section on this might be helpful...

I am in the middle of putting together a course on building a business from home, and the first module has courses related to mindset. They include success principles, procrastination, time management, etc.

There are a number of people that are good-intentioned. They really want to succeed and have the drive...BUT they somehow let the time slip away, wasting it on things that do not help with progressing to their long term goal (or they may not even have one)...

The rest of that course involves three other areas, one of which is scaling up. That portion is of particular interest to me and likely to many others, as there comes a point when you are having success, but you know that you could be doing 10x that success by making a few moves...

For some members this kind of training may be of some value, i,e, I am working on an extensive course on using Virtual Assistants. Done properly, you can leverage this into huge gains in the amount of business you can handle...

Another area of focus is reputation management. This may seem like something not to worry about, but unless you have the gravitas that WA has and you and Carson have, it needs to be of concern as you grow your business...

Ine last area that I will mention is the branding and life cycle perspective versus the next launch and churn cycle I see some online marketers use out there...

You and Carson and the Wealthy Affiliate platform are perfect examples of what I am speaking of here...You have taken a long-term view of the business and your customer avatar includes the likes of me and millions of other people across the globe...

How do we turn that 7-day free trial member into a long-term customer like I am and so many others are? What steps can we take (this post is one step, BTW - ask!) to remain relevant and keep the business growing?

I know that some of these points are not at a beginner level for learning how to start and run a business, but at some point, there is a need for such thinking and a need to learn and apply more...

Love the question, love the answers as I am reading through them...

Dave : )
BillandSue Premium
Hi Kyle,
Although all three traits are a problem at times, my worst weakness is #2, being inefficient and not using my time wisely.

Now I take full responsibility for any failures in all three character traits, I try not to play the "blame game".

So what am I going to do about these weakness.: #2 Plan better use of my time and NOT GET DISTRACTED, #1 My business hasn't reached the point of needing delegation, although Sue is available to help there, #3 One of my strengths is to be organized but again improvement is always necessary.

Thanks for showing us some improvement tips.

Igor13 Premium
To answer your questions:

1) Sometimes I feel I could be better in many things. If we are speaking about marketing online, I certainly need to become a better marketer. I am not rushing with it and don't run massive marketing campaigns.
Hoping to start moving in that direction soon.

There are two points stopping me to start intensive campaigns:

a) I want to build my site with at least 100+ posts. (I have posted around 90 so far).
b) The problem is that if I am not 100% sure I would run campaigns consistently, in the long term, I am not even considering starting them.

2) Create, promote, stay engaged

3) Maybe we can discuss my marketing efforts in the future...

Igor13 Premium
Hi Kyle!

Your wonderful post motivated me to write my reply and to draw a figurative parallel to a sports skill or sports success as well.

There are two very important facts related to sports success and successful sportswoman or sportsman.

1) The player (a sportswoman/sportsman) is good as his biggest weakness (a piece of chain) is strong.
2) In the decisive moments, the sportswoman/sportsman applies his best skills or his best strength

The point one means: every sportswoman/sportsman becomes better if keeping its strength on the top level and working on his weaknesses to keep the "chain of success" solid and in one piece.

Imagine sports success as a chain loop consisting of several pieces. If one piece of the chain is weak, the chain can break and the chain will be not valuable.

If the opponent tries to attack the weakness, it should stand the pressure. Said so, If the weakness becomes stronger, the chain will stay in place, which means the whole skill becomes very valuable.

The second point means that whenever the sportsman/woman needs to succeed will go for his /her best strength to make it happen.

In both cases, the sportsman/sportswoman love what they do. Even their weaknesses (although they are not happy about them, and as we know mistakes are the part of every game or skill) which they accept and love to correct or even not.

The main point is to love what you do, train, develop, become better in your best skills and become strong in what you can do best.

Thanks for your motivational post.

Best regards,
Joes946 Premium
Honesty hurts! But, it also helps. I find that multi-tasking is not the answer for me. Technology is NOT my strong point.
I try to take steps daily to do the lessons so that I can improve my own ways of doing things.
I keep a detailed "to do" list through CRM. I have sub tasks to reach those "to dos"
I think you all do an amazing job. I just renewed my membership yesterday, so I believe in it.
Keep those cards and letters coming!
AND, enjoy the journey.
PaulREvans57 Premium
Thanks for posting this, Kyle. It is very thought-provoking. So much so, I created a training video in response. As I said in the video, one of my weaknesses was Canva. I blogged a few weeks ago, thank I couldn't use Canva very well, and that I was no designer! That changed, and now I can create a cover imaged in a few minutes, as I have done for my recent blog posts.

My current weaknesses are producing videos and writing content.

With videos, it is just the case of practice until I get it right! With writing, I know I should be outlining, a bit like writing a plot for a novel before you start writing. But too many times, I plough straight in and then lose my way and end up getting bogged down.

Please, can you make SiteContent more user-friendly, giving a better user experience all around? I feel that writing content is our primary function as affiliate marketers, and it is something that we should be able to do with the least resistance.

I hope you like my video?

Be Happy!
EdwinBernard Premium
Kyle, your post is what makes this place so special. I don’t know of any business owner who will admit their weaknesses. That says tons about you and why I love being here.

When I look at my messy desk I question myself should I spend the time tidying it or work on my Affiliate Marketing projects. It’s a no brainer. WA wins.

I labor for hours to find the perfect Keyword, I don’t get to writing my article for ages. The solution maybe to limit my time spent on the Keyword, write the article, then return to perfect the Keyword.

When I started the Super Affiliate Challenge, I stopped work on my Affiliate niche website in favor of the WA promotional site. As a result, it’s site health has deteriorated and the effort I devoted to that could be compromised. I’ll have to find the time to keep adding articles there as well as improve the existing ones using lessons learned in SEO.

There are other weaknesses I have but I’ll stop here. Thank you Kyle, Carson and your team for creating the best internet business training on the planet. I can see progress in my website stats that I never knew I could accomplish without spending a fortune. The best way I can thank all of you is to make my online business a rousing success.

All the best to you.

AlexEvans Premium
Toooooooooooooo many projects on the go on any one day can be my Achilles heel, trouble is that it can be so much fun, I think one of the breakthroughs for me was learning to say no and sticking with it. Although I have been known to fall off that wagon, especially when it comes to helping other folks.

Another way to establish that flow was accepting that not everything will get done today, which has, lead to a better appreciation of time.

Time, or trying to pack so much into the time available has been an issue over the years.

One of the things that I am finding is that I am mellowing with age, things that were important do not carry the same weighting as they did, the payback of that is that when you do stuff it can be more focused if that makes sense.

Thanks for this post, Kyle, at the end of the day we are all in the same little boats making our way through life.

One of the things I do know coming to WA has been the making of my online aspirations when I think about that time in the wilderness that has been a definite improvement.
jnsrestartyl Premium
Thanks Kyle I have a lot of weaknesses I 1 is going into the links and changing them from a raw link to a pretty link I know I will get it I just keep practicing listening to your instructions that's the reason that I have went back and redoing everything I was very proud of myself by choosing a theme getting the website in place now I got to put all the links in and then I need to write some content and put some banners I just got to keep working and learning the course until I get this workout and moving on into the right direction thanks Kyle you and Carson and everybody in community I know I can do this I believe I can my God's help
CianDreamer Premium
Love it!
Those are all my problems! Other than that, I will say take everything seriously even it seems to be so easy! Understand why you are doing it and how to do it will save a lot of your time! Consistently, I am working hard to improve through dropping down my thoughts before start doing anything.

Thanks again for the sharing and hope one day I can be as success like you!
CascadeStud Premium
As I have been in business and different ones the biggest mistake I found was thinking about the money I was going to make. so after a lesson from a really rich guy I met once, who was an old boy then, he taught me that if you supply the service, put all your ducks in a row, then the money will follow along behind you. So with this business, I am doing just that and it will work because as Kyle pointed out those things that he was lacking at where organizational hand brakes. it hard to move smooth and towards a goal with a hand, brakes half on.
My hand brake has always been understanding websites and how to build them. Even tho this course does that for me I still have a mental handbrake with the belief that it can be done that simply.
So while I feel comfortable with most of what I have to do, i have to understand this website stuff and let this bloody hand brake off.
I'm working on it now, will let you know if I have chopped up my computer with a chainsaw ......... soon.
ChristineDu1 Premium
I am not good at technical stuff, but I have learned so much in the WA lessons, that I am already improving a lot in this area. A few months ago I could definitely not see myself working on the dashboard of my website. So, I am grateful for all the knowledge I have learned. I do still need help sometimes. Today for example I had a hard time verifying my Google Search Console. It took me nearly an hour. Site support helped me to solve it :-)

The steps I am going to take to improve: finish lesson 5 where I am right now, do the bootcamp, check out the classrooms, and learn as much as possible. Keep on aquiring knowledge.

I also have a chaotic workplace but I find order in my chaos. Clean up my work space and I am lost, lol.
Johnpavich Premium
Great post Kyle !,
I think prioritising and delegating is very important and you have to trust the people you are delegating for the job , hire good people you can trust to do the job properly.
Also set a time of day to do a little and it will add up.

Now if I can just do that but sometimes I'am very tired and don't have the energy to do anything but once I get started I find it hard to stop.
Also, summer is a busy time for my business so that's when I find it hard to do anything else.
TDomena Premium
It was bold of you to share things you're not good at Kyle. I continue to admire your leadership. Many people want to "look" perfect too much to disclose their imperfections, so that speaks highly of your strength.

When I self-analyze, I think I could improve in math. I decided to buy some financial analysis and accounting courses because I want to be better at making mathematical decisions in my business quicker and more naturally.

Also, I want to be much more comfortable with advertising, so I'm brushing up on that also.

Aside from that, I think I may need to get better with balancing my empathy. I tend to lean too heavy on the side of empathy, and I need to confidently place my boundaries and not allow people to compromise them.

I'm working on myself, and your challenge to yourself is definitely inspiring.
Nkaujzeb Premium
Those are features of a perfectionist because not only do you do things once but twice maybe more. Why? Because you love it. hahaha

Believe you, me I know. I have been told by my husband all the time. But of course, that is also the strength in which makes you who you are.

Our guidance in running an online business. You do it over and over again to try to perfect a product to show it to your students, awesome.

So we all can learn from your mistakes and move forward. You and Carson should pat yourselves on the back for a job well done. Thank you.

I'm just lacking time. If I have more time I would speed my own progress.

As far as what you guys can do to help I believe you guys have done a lot so far.
skmorrow Premium
OMG, some of these sound just like me. Sometimes I enjoy doing mundane tasks because it's easy and, well I don't have to think about it.

At home, sometimes it's just easier to do things myself than teach my kids how to do it. Same thing at work, it's easier to do it myself than train someone.

Thank you, Kyle, I appreciate you sharing your struggles.
TDomena Premium
That's true. Then in the longrun, when we want our kids to be able to do something, we have to hit ourselves. Hahaha.
SStubbins1 Premium
Your article was very enjoyable. One of my faults is not being able to puncuate properly. Therefore I'm going to the library Monday and picking up a book to properly.assist me. Another area for me is social media. My phone is constantly going off with things because people think I want to chat with them. I only got the use accounts to do . Health played this will be taking care of once my advertisements are up and going.

One other thing that I notice especially with being older, I enjoy giving advice from lessons learned in my life. That can be annoying sometime to people, lol!
mybiz4u Premium
Another great article Kyle...thank you for 'baring your soul'...God forbid that we 'thought you were human'...LOL. A touch of humor because I KNOW you can handle it.
Yes, you are so 'on the money' with working on oneself to improve or eradicate our weaknesses and allow them to become strengths...and yes, you are right - in comes the million dollar question - will we (to use a cliche) do the 'right thing'? And by the by...we are the only ones (if we are honest with ourselves) who can make the difference, despite anyone else's tips or suggestions.
Thanks for the motivation and I continue to work on me as no-one else can do it for me.
berenadeta Premium
Thank you for your sharing Kyle.

1) I was used to writing for print only, and now I want to be able to fulfill the requirement for writing for the web, and to do it well.

2) I am going to learn everything that WA has to offer from the training and from all the helpful people who are better than me with regard to this.

3) So far everyone have been helpful as usual. It is my turn to put it to practice. It is the thought of having more people reading (compared to print) that makes me want to do better, and I am doing my best.
But taking a bit more time.
CheriJ1 Premium
At the risk of incurring massive negative backlash from fellow members, I'm going to respectfully say that I hope you will give some serious consideration to the issue of delegating. And here's why: I had a problem here at WA not too long ago that I felt was unfair and was incredibly upsetting to me, and, as we are so often instructed to do, I messaged you about. What response did I get? None. And I have felt disenfranchised ever since.

Now I fully understand you are one person, and I absolutely do not expect an answer directly from you (or Carson). But, that said, I am a paying customer of WA, and I do feel I should have received some type of acknowledgement to my message and my concerns.

And before anyone berates me, I'll add that I've been a business owner myself for longer than WA has been around. So, yes, I do know from first-hand experience how important basic communication and acknowledgement of concerns can be to a customer and how detrimental lack of the same also can be.

Delegating some of the basic communications to an assistant (or two) obviously doesn't mean you can't still interact and be helpful in the community to your heart's desire. It's your platform, after all!

But adding some "helping hands" would mean:
1. Anyone who has an issue or concern would be ensured the basic professional courtesy of a response.
2. It would mean someone could quickly respond to the most basic issues without your having to spend your time on them (because, yes, your pay grade IS way, way above that!). And
3. It would mean that there would be another pair (or two) of eyes on all incoming communications to ensure that the truly important issues and concerns that you or Carson should address do not get lost in the avalanche that I'm sure is your inbox.

I love so much about WA, and I hope you will understand that's why I'm writing this. Doing so is not easy for me because I know saying anything less-than-positive here tends to engender some very nasty reactions from fellow members. But you asked, so it seemed, finally, the right opportunity for me to comment on what I see as a simple-enough-to-fix gap in communications with WA members.

I'm bothering to "stick my neck out" here because I have enough faith in your intentions to believe you don't want any one of us to feel disenfranchised.

It's always a wonderful thing for any of us to get a response directly from you or Carson. But anyone with any sense knows that's just not always possible in a community of this size. Receiving no acknowledgement at all, however, should not be an acceptable alternative.

Just my humble opinion, one business owner to another.

Thanks for reading, Kyle.
TheNeuroNerd Premium
Ditto for this business owner!

Very well written and spoken.
CheriJ1 Premium
Thank you.
MonyasPlace Premium
I am not good at any of this building a website but I can do it because of the way Wealthy Affiliate is set up to give participants plenty of help. Help is so needed on the internet for beginners or those who have little experience. I say to anyone who asks me..".WA is the only group that I have found that really helps us" Thank you so much. Steps I am going to my notes and go over the videos whenever I need help. I can always ask the community who have been very helpful already..
Kyle Premium
You need to take "I am not good" out of your vocabulary, this is a personal affirmation to yourself that you are not going to be able to do something. You can do absolutely anything that you set your mind do, you can become an expert at building websites, and you can create a full time and sustainable business online.
Dkirk1 Premium
Great article we all are human and have our faults. I try to overcome any weakness by working on them dailey. Some things just come easier than others. I commend you and Carson also for being so involved in the business. Many owners of companies don't relate to the workers. This can be devastating to their future success.Asking others for input will help the company to be more successful.
zcfpbaby Premium
Thanks for sharing with all of us. It is hard to admit your vulnerabilities. I think that some people have a difficult time delegating . Maybe it has to do with control and also, that one wants things done a certain way and no one can do that but the person. I have no problem delegating. That probably has to do with my life's work in nursing where it is impossible to do everything yourself. You need the help of your staff.
I do understand the disorganization. I have a mess on my desk as well. In fact I can not function if it is straightened out for me. When I was in college my sister came to help me do some of the typing for papers I had to write. It was the end of the semester and she thought this might ease some of my panic and it did, but she is the opposite of me. She is very organized and can't work in a mess, so she straightened and organized my mess. Well you can guess how that went. I could not work in the organization. Well, obviously, we survived and the papers got done.
I just want to add one more thing. I think that there are two types of thinking. One is concret thinking where one thing or fact builds upon another and has to be learned before you can move on. An example of this is math and science. The other thinking I think is abstract which are your more out of the way things, such as philosophy and psychology. There is no easy way of proving things. For example in psychology there are many theories and it is hard to prove them. This maybe relates to my disorganization. I am also a therapist and aced all of these courses mentioned above. My organization is like this. Baseless with no foundation ,but for me it works. I can't change this.
I will admit to another one of my weaknesses which is the fear that I might be wrong which effects my helping others here at WA. I feel like I do not know enough to help anyone, so have a great deal of difficulting trying to do it.
Have rambled on long enough. Thanks Kyle for helping me to at least think about this.
Carson2 Premium
My, my. I've come to find out that what I always considered to be negative (working better under pressure) can actually be an asset at WA.

Here, I've found I'm always under pressure to get to the next step. This keeps me rock'n, but aware each step has to be correct before I move on.
Thanks Kyle and all of you for your insights. I'm so blessed.
Kyle Premium
You need a certain level of pressure to perform well and improve at anything. That is natural and you want that, you just don't want so much pressure where you feel frazzled.
JohaneG Premium
I was always thinking that I cant do anything, I cant do business etc. I have been told myself that I cant speak good English. Now I have realized that I have been limiting myself and that is why I am not successful.

So, thank you for this blogs about "How To Turn a Weakness Into a Strength". And I have to work hard towards that for myself in order to have the "I can do attitude" inside of me and positive vocabulary.
17821107 Premium
ln life MR Johane G is take strenght mind to do something for you all listening to the inner man and believed in one self that lhave learnt in life life all talk to us through every daily experience.PLEASE thank you dad
TitaWorks Premium
I like your take on turning weaknesses into strengths, Kyle. And, you're right...staying humble helps you find LOTS of stuff to transform. (Hee!)

My biggie is being impatient with my incompetences. I'm working on that one by seeing the benefits of slowing down and avoiding doing my general go-to blitzkrieg approach -- throwing everything including the kitchen sink at a problem and then working on getting it down to do-able (after clearing away all the extraneous junk that I dumped on it in the first place).

It makes me a lot more fun to live with, let me tell ya!

-- Netta
This motivated me even more. I've always been a multi taker, a jack of all trades, lol. Though I do a lot of things at onces, I sometimes find myself often pleased with what I did even though I would drain my energy. I'm sometimes very unorganized and need to manage my time well, so with this I think I need focus.
KathleenF1 Premium
Ach, I'm a disorganised person as well, and somewhat flighty. I hear a big wind, or a hawk calling, and I'm off the computer and out the focus is something that I need to improve
Find the focus, and get it done! write articles and publish them!

Way behind in that department, but I keep writing and building and I'm going to find success, right?

I think my website is a beauty to behold, and I'm having so much fun making it, even if it does take me hours to get one widget moved ! lol

The WA side of my life in is awesome. Like you said, sometimes it feels like you connect to people more in WA than in real life. But who cares when the dust settles! I live out in the country, don't see many 'real' people anyways lol

I'm following my intuition while building my website, and writing articles. I probably need to be more analytical, and businessy, but that's not me, so I can't fake it. My website seems to be developing like a butterfly, with a life of its own... And hopefully, such a plethora of good information that at least I could get 1 visitor...

Marley2016 Premium

I feel that I try to do too much at one time or not enough
at others! Motivation can be one of my biggest problems.
I can go along for months moving very well and then run
right into the brick wall!

The brick wall puts a halt to everything I am working on,
not just business related but my whole life.

When you reach this point exactly what is the best way
to get out of such a rut? Considering this one has been
almost a month-long one?

Anyway that is my biggest fault and I really do not know
how to fix it.

bleumoon Premium
I work better disorganized too. I find myself doing several projects at once.

I am trying to not break concentration and do one thing all the way to finish before starting something else, but I really have a hard time doing this.

I am instead allowing my self a certain allotted time on each task throughout the day. I am hoping this will work better.

Thanks for the post I hadn't found a way to solve the issue until now.

AffMktgRt Premium

Thank you for sharing that form a personal angle and for the benefit of our entire community.

It is not for brown nosing points, nor cliche, but I do think that those are the qualities of a great leader who humbles himself/herself and opens up about weaknesses and who talks openly as to finding solutions and in the end opening up the proverbial floor for all members to discuss.

I really do find in your post things which echo Stephen Larsen of ClickFunnels presentation in which he first identifies certain tasks, assigns them color codes and then delegates the non critical ones in order to be focused on the key ones.

I do think that, most of us are the products of a society which as Robert Kiyosaki has sad in his video "They Want You Poor", a society which assigns us scores, kabuki theater roles and scripts from the day we are born until we are in a wooden box six feet under.

The decades long intentional re-shaping of our minds and souls from what God intended us to be is NOT a zero sum game.

We emerge from that funnel or Matrix in the mold they intended us to be, devoid of creativity and afraid to be free, we just settle for the safety of mediocrity. By then, we would have lost our God given talents and instincts to obtain our daily bread and are no longer hunters/farmers/fishermen but rather gatherers happy with roadkill [fancy name for processed, GMO filled food].

Sorry for te detour but the mindset has to be explained and understood before we can determine our weaknesses and how to fix them.

I think that your amazing trainings, on the enterprise side of things of online or affiliate marketing, along with some key common sense logistical and time management formulas will resolve the non emotional weaknesses we have.

Thank you once again for presenting this issue here in the marketplace of ideas.

Joanne25 Premium
Sometimes we shy away from looking at our weaknesses.

Mine is self confidence, although I am finding the more you keep going and trying it helps to boost your confidence.
And I try to get too much done in a certain time and end up feeling frustrated with what I haven't completed.

Encouraging post @kyle to know its not just me with weaknesses :)
Jimmah Premium
I find it's best to continue to focus on your strengths. While it's good to adopt new skills and diversify your skill sets. It can be frustrating, resource consuming, and downright counterproductive at times. I definitely get help from others who have the skills I lack and get through life with less stress. Master what your good at!
WAA1 Premium
It is uncanny that I happen to be going through a particular event in life where if I don't make changes, something is going to be lost because of it. Reading this just made me even more aware of the need for positive change, and to leave old swords on the ground.

Thank you Kyle.
Kyle Premium
There are circumstances like this, and inflection points that happen all the time. Those that push through them are those that are the most successful.

To be honest, I deal with events on a daily basis that I know would lead others to quit. It is the "persistence" to push through anything that will separate you fro the rest.
nathaniell Premium
I definitely agree with your #3 weakness, "can move from project to project within minutes, and certainly work on 10-15 different things on a daily basis".

I'll sit down to work on my email conversions, and 10 minutes later have a saw in my hand. I guess in my case, the 2nd activity is not related to business, but I tend to move from project to project throughout the day.
Kyle Premium
Oh look, it's a squirrel!

Yep, we all do it. To a certain degree I think it is health for creavity and your ability to work on many things at once to have a bit of a wandering mind, it just needs to be toned down slightly.
ww197804 Premium
my weakness is thinking to much when I am working with a task but I will find away to change that, now writing that another thing I have to work on ,this the first for trying to build a business but I enjoy how my question get answer doing this has help me to stay persistence and just work hard also learning how patient is the keep so thanks for this blog and yes you have to be honest with yourself in order for change to happen
LethaK1 Premium
Thanks Kyle for the great post concerning turning a weakness into a strength.

Recently, since joining Weathy Affiliate, ,there has been one main thing that I have been very weak at. It's organizing paper work--notes from the training. I guess I do this because I'm at home and not at an employers office.

Then when I need to go back to find important information, i have a hard time finding it which is challenge. I know it there but it's unorganized. Like you said productive and a mix could be good.

What I will do to make this weakness a strength, I will just make up in my mind to be organize and do it any way, and stay humble and know that nothing is going to be perfect.

Thanks again for the reminder!
kirjenny26 Premium
Thank you so much for your post Kyle. For me it's writing and getting distracted through the day.

I'm going to make it my goal to work on writing a content one day of the week even if it take me a complete day until a master it.

I know is not going to be easy because everything in me reject it. I realized is one of the main task that will make me succeed it this business.
I set my weekly goal every Sunday evening. As the week begin I start doing other things and end up not completing my weekly goal. I get very discourage.

Sticking with my weekly goal is something i have to work on, maybe i need to break it done on daily goals and stick with it no matter what.

I'm working on my dropship business and it's been a challenge. I would really like some help of where do you thing i need to start market it. One social media at the time Instagram or Facebook, which one you think i need to master first?
Thanks Kyle!
Cav1966 Premium
Social mediia i would say pinterest..especially dropship because of the visual nature and engagement on that would be youtube both also help with generating traffic.
Goals set your weekly goals..but then set that goal into chunks throughout the week...and as u finish them one by one be sure to reward urself it will go along ways to encouraging and motivating u to continue throughout the week.
MurphysMom Premium
Thank you for this post, Kyle. Being aware of things we’re not good at is important and often we don’t want to address some of the issues.

For me, now and throughout my career, I’m not good at staying focused on one task for as long as I need to be. I am my own worst critic and if I get stuck on some area, I move to something else. I’m just now asking for help sooner rather than later..

Sharing my areas of weaknesses helps me step back and look at how I can be better in a certain area.

I’m going to focus staying on the task at hand. When I’m stuck I move to something else. Even jumping steps ahead in the training.

As for helping us, me, you are by sharing and being open with the community at large. Thank you Kyle!
BarbaraN Premium
Interesting post, Kyle.

I have a problem understanding some of the technical stuff that we get into. Although I have a basic interest in the very same techie stuff that gives me trouble. When I bump into things that I need to know but am not getting-- I have a tendency to worry over it and waste a lot of time "stewing" about it.

What to do about it? Well, I should ask questions in hopes of getting some answers that will move me along. But I hate to ask questions because I don't want to look dumb.

I'm putting my main energy into speeding up the time it takes me to produce a post- from inception to final publish time. I'm getting better-the time line is getting shorter.

Videos make me antsy--it's all I can do to sit thru one-I have to write almost everything down so I have instructions down, or I'm going back and forth, back and forth. I learn through reading, not by viewing- and no, there's not much you can do--because more people learn by viewing. I do find that there always seems to be a small step left out, that, if I knew it, I would save lots of time.

For instance: I don't remember ever reading that in order to copy and paste links, I had to right click to activate the drop downs. Sometimes I think that you think we all should know these things, but we don't.

On the other hand, you two have taken on a massive project-- to teach so many people from so many places, and you do a fantastic job. Have you ever figured out your success rate? How many sign up and how many stay with it until they succeed? Would be interesting to know.

Thanks for jump starting the mind so early in the morning.
BlueJasmin Premium
Hi, Kyle!

What a nice "kick" in our rear! Love it. We have to be challenged or else...

Regarding you helping other people: please DON'T DELEGATE IT TO SOMEBODY ELSE! Why?

First, your communication with people, your style and you as a caring person DOES SHINE THROUGH! We know it is not fake and it is your "signature" move. And it's part of your BRAND! Please, don't lose it.

I have been with a few other platforms and the reason they lost a "market share" is precisely that--they delegated too much and became far away from the "real" people.

And, of course, most their "helpers" suck at having people skill, being courteous but assertive, having common sense, knowing different cultures and, for goodness sake, being a good sales person and therefore know how to handle objections!

As for the weakness, I must learn the SEO!!! I am good at researching and writing, I am more or less a subject matter expert, I have a beautiful and classy website (for a person after 2.5 months), 38,000 words of content but NO KNOWLEDGE about the SEO and traffic. I mean the real Mccoy!

I am sure starting month 3 of 2019 Super Affiliate Challange, you will be including that material bit by bit the KYLE STYLE!

Again, thank you very much!
mcknisu Premium
This is quite a Reality Check Post and I have similar weaknesses that I am working on daily. Some days I get past one weakness and some days I do not but that does not mean that I will ever give up as I am determined to be successful.
As for steps for me to improve...I will Step up my Game, learn as much as I can from the training and keep improving.
As far as what WA can do?, keep the training coming and keep doing what you are doing to upgrade the platform as that is how we all learn the most.
Thanks for the Reality Check! and Thanks for sharing your Dream with all of us.
Sytemsinc Premium
Wow! I don't know what to say... Messy desk, chaotic, no systematic abilities, all the above and a gazillion of others - sometimes I wonder how I have managed to live so happy and with total Ease in the last half-century... I even did Pelmanism about 40 years ago trying to find a cure - I couldn't. Sometimes I like the way my mind works because it will draw things to me no matter where they are and the clutter is just a different kind of organisation almost like nature is so organised in what some may find chaotic - I guess it depends which vantage point you are looking from.

Choice - I will be kind and gentle with myself - look at everything with a keen interest and wonderment from every angle and settle with what feels expansive and in alignment with my core.

The sole purpose of life is the advancement, from one degree of glory to another and that is an inevitable fact, sure as the sun will rise in the morning whether we see it or not.

Weaknesses and strengths - according to who? - these are labels - Am I comparing myself to anything or anyone? Am I judging myself? Can I give myself a break here? Is my J O B still the Joy Of Being or have I made it what it is not...?

I am just a beginner in all of these business matters - I am so honoured to be among such Magnificent Giants in the industry. Thank you so much for all you do.
NatNiches Premium
Great post - I can relate to a lot of those as well, but one of my biggest issues is finding time for tasks that are not content creation. Content creation is what comes naturally and I tend to put all my time into that.

1) I tend to work on things within my comfort zone. When I have to make a big change, it can take me many months to actually do it. A lack of technical knowledge can sometimes make me put off things that should be dealt with. I am also terrible at self-promotion and reaching out for help. I could also get much better at tracking.
(2) I should push myself more to try things out of my comfort zone, create a plan of action, increase my technical knowledge if possible - or consider hiring in someone who knows what they are doing.
(3) I think it would be worthwhile hiring in a small team at WA that could help affiliates and members in general with improving their conversions etc I'm sure many people would find that incredibly useful. As having asked for help recently, I get the impression you must be snowed under with PM messages on the daily.