Exact Match Domains (EMDs), Are They Still Worth It?


Emphatically yes.

Last year, Google decided to add an update to their algorithm that would “lower” the power of an exact match domain.

For those of you that don’t know what an EMD is, I will give you a brief explanation. Let’s say you were targeting the keyword “how to make money online”. The quickest way to get ranked under this keyword used to be buying the domain:


Google gave very “high” ranking points if you owned the exact match .com (or .org) domain and had the tendency to rank you within the first few results even if you had NO content on your site.

Yes, these things were ranking like crazy.

Then Google laid the hammer down and removed some of the power owning the “keyword rich” domain, but they didn’t completely take the power away. If you own the domain and if you have adequate content on your site (and unique content), you will get ranked and do so one the first page of the Google results.

Introducing, the lightening quick way to find these domains. In fact, instant domains.

There are many things you can do if you have access to “domain finding” abilities. Not only are you going to instantly find domains using Enterprise, you are going to be able to determine their corresponding data instantly.

How are these for some sweet domains that I just looked up in the weight loss/dieting niche:


These were found doing two searches and I left a bunch of “golden” nuggets out! If they are not available when you read this it is because another member has snatched them up.

In order of “Google power”, this is what TLD’s you should be focusing on.


Everything else is going to be very difficult to get indexed into Google if you are looking to target keywords with Exact Match Domains.

There are still many practical business uses for domains that you can use. Having this knowledge is going to be an instant breadwinner for your business. Here are some of the aspects of Internet business that can be leveraged with EMD’s.

(1) Local marketing
(2) Site Flipping
(3) Buying Domain Real Estate (investments)
(4) Buying Keyword Placement
(5) SEO Capitalization
(6) Buying and Selling Domains
(7) Building Authority Sites

These are just 7 of the “make money” strategies that can be leveraged from this one aspect of Jaaxy Enterprise alone.

Less than a month away (early May, 2013). Exciting days ahead for those lucky folks that get their hands on Jaaxy Enterprise.

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When is Enterprise coming?

Early May! :)

While I agree that finding an exact match domain is beneficial, it is not the be all end all of website development. If you cannot find an exact domain match especially in the 3 main extensions( dont waste your time on the others) it is better to find one close to your niche or similar then using a 4 or 5 word domain in order to get your exact match.
When doing searches most people do not type in long search terms.

Yes, I definitely agree with that. I typically don't care about EMD's if I am creating an authority site or something for the PPC industry. If I am buying up keywords or buying domain assets, I typically venture into the EMD marketplace.

Hi Kyle. I actually bought a domain name with this strategy in mind. However, now I'm worried that my KWs are too specific and that I can only target say, one specific dog problem because that's the name of my domain. If you have a really specific domain name can you still write articles on other areas of dog illness on your site without losing credibility?

Yes, if your domain is too specific you can "lock" yourself to a tiny subniche at times. EMD's have their time and their place and should not be used for an authority site unless you can find one that is highly brandable.


That would be something that would be quite brandable and you would be able to target all the aspects of the diet niche. Something that would essentially serve as "buying the keyword" would be a domain like:


Far less value in terms of a long term authority site.

Nice. Sounds like you have built another winner Kyle. :)

I know that those that decide to go Enterprise are going to be really happy they did. :) It is even more addicting than the existing version of Jaaxy!

I don't write anything without Jaxxy open.....my best writing tool...besides my warped mind....:)

Warped minds are good...I tend to use mine for my writing efforts as well. Works out sometimes.

Oh yeah especially in the niche I have gotten myself into.....a warp mind is a must I think...:) They make for interesting dialogues...warped mind yes a good thing...:)

It always helps to have a warped mind! :D Humor is a great way to get your point across, but you do have to be careful with it.

I just signed-up for jaaxy. I like it's simplicity & it really is a time saver. It's great compared to what I am used to using. I'm looking forward to seeing the new Enterprise. Oh also concerning domain names I read that you get a higher score if the domain is less than 10 or 11 characters? Anyone hear this? Cheers.

Characters can make a difference, but this is not always true. They did this to prevent "super long tail" domain purchases, but these domains still rank. There is a place and a time for EMD's, if you are creating an authority site I would recommend something that is more brandable than keyword rich.

Cheers Kyle. Great info as usual :)

Again, it comes down to the one-and-only...

"Content is King" It is the hocuscadabra and abracapocus of the affiliate/online marketing world today.

Absolutely, this still holds true and quality content is always the best (not just any old content).

I have howtotroutfish.org and then makemoneyfromanonlinebusiness.com (for the bootcamp) and was worried when I heard things were changing, Glad to see its still about quality content and not just the name. I have been working on content from the beginning so I think I will be OK.

No, they still carry weight in the search engines, the "weighting" was just lowered. But still for that keyword rich domain, you are more likely to get ranked under that keyword than a non keyword rich domain if you have QUALITY content on your site.

But gone are the days of ranking EMD without any content, which used to be that easy (and in some rare cases it still is)

This is so exciting! Thanks Kyle! Perhaps this info is already posted somewhere here at WA, but is there any price difference to get Jaaxy if you're a WA member as opposed to if you're just the general public?

We will be offering a discount on Enterprise for members here at WA during the launch week which is going to be in early May. More information to come.

Looking forward to this Kyle. I'm noticing some aspects of Jaaxy not functioning as they were, like I can't get info at the moment about domain availability and I'm getting the RETRY result when I click QSR more than usual. Also my affiliate control panel is not giving me anything at all. Is this because of the change to Jaaxy Enterprise coming up or is there something wrong with my Jaaxy account maybe? Thought I should let you know about these things. Robbie :)

Hey Robbie,

I will look into these issues for you right away. We are rolling out some Jaaxy Enterprise changes behind the scenes that could have caused some conflicts. I will look into these and get them fixed for you right away.

If you are having any issues tomorrow afternoon and on can you please let me know right away. Thanks!

While on this topic, I can't get anything out of my Jaaxy Affiliate Control Panel. When I go from one page to the next in there I get stacks of red box notices saying, "Empty Response from Server." The stacks of these drop down but I can't get anything at all from these pages. In essence, the only place I can go in the Affiliate department is the one page with the Jaaxy Widget code. Someone else reported back to me that they were not having any issues, but I have the same issues with my WA Affiliate Control Panel as well. Tried opening in an incognito window with no changes. My Flash and Java are up to date. Chrome was very recently reinstalled as well.

OK, thanks Daniel. We are looking into this. Your affiliate data is still being tracked, so this is just a front end issue here.

After reading your post i thought i would also like to mention that i had the same issue last night with all the RETRY results showing up on the majority of search results when engaging the QSR.

Hi Kyle, just reporting that the domain availability data and RETRY issues are resolved. The issue with my Affiliate Control Panel is still being objectionable. I get what Daniel said he gets, these stacks of red boxes on top of each other saying "Empty response received from server" Thanks. Robbie :)

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