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Just rejoined WA after taking a hiatus from internet marketing for a couple of years. The main reason for the downtime was that I





Adding Amazon store to Joomla site?

Adding Amazon store to Joomla site?

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Website Development & Programming

I've just become the webmaster for my church, and I'm thinking about adding an Amazon store to the church website to raise some money. The site was already set up in Joomla, which

Darlene, Was curious so did a web search and found this link:
Hope this helps. Good luck! :-)

Thank you so much! I did a web search, but didn't find this one. I appreciate the help! :D

Anytime. Look forward to our next chat. ^_~

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Keep It Simple When Writing For The Web

Keep It Simple When Writing For The Web

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Authoring & Writing Content

Keep it short - most people tend to skim content when reading online. Use lots of headings and bulleted lists to make it easier for people to hit the high points. Keep it simple

Wow, this is an interesting tool! I put 2 separate posts in and got a 48 on one and a 61 on another. Hmmm, makes one think. :)

Yep, this is pretty handy. It was eye-opening to me to find out I was writing on an 11th grade level. I though it was lower. So I was able to make adjustments.

This tool is a good way to find out how to make your posts more readable. You have to keep it easy so people can skim through it quickly!.

I went and took part of one of my blogs and this is what it checked as:

Readable Score: 53 (The higher the score the easier the article is to read!)
Grade Level: 7

That is copied out of the writing tester.

I checked some stuff I wrote I couple of years ago,, and it was at grade 11 level. That was a surprise, because I thought it was pretty simple. It took some practice before I got it down to a more readable level!

I am going to try that. A lot of people have told me that I write too simple and not technical enough for some of my promotions. Funny thing is that I have 3 degrees. So, what?
You are right. People who don't understand what they are reading tend to leave that blog in my opinion.

Thanks for this post and the link.

Yeah, people won't spend time reading it if it takes too long. I know that I skim when I'm online, so if something is too hard to read, I hit the "back" key pretty fast!

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