A Beer With Kyle (and Updates on WA).


What's up everyone!

Just winding down a busy week with a casual Friday evening chat and I wanted to give you a "state of the affairs" sort of update, and this is something that I am considering doing on a weekly basis (every Friday works well).

I'm excited to discuss what's been happening behind the scenes at Wealthy Affiliate and what we're planning for the future. Grab your drink (beer/wine, water, coffee, tea or otherwise), and let's get into it.

In this update, I am going to be discussing:

  1. Enhancing Starter Member Experience: Our commitment to simplifying the journey for new members, making it easier to start and grow an online business with Wealthy Affiliate.
  2. Inline Training Integration: A sneak peek at our upcoming feature that allows training to pop up directly within your hub, streamlining the learning process without needing to navigate away from your workspace.
  3. Affiliate Program Discovery within Hubs: How we're integrating affiliate program discovery directly into your hub, enabling you to easily find and understand the vast opportunities in your niche.
  4. Content and Platform Updates: An overview of the recent and upcoming updates to Wealthy Affiliate's external website, training content, and our approach to education, including more vlogs and digestible short-form content.
  5. Continuous Improvement: A reflection on how your feedback over the last eighteen years has shaped Wealthy Affiliate's evolution and our ongoing efforts to perfect the platform for online business building.

Wealthy Affiliate is more than just a platform; it's a dynamic entity, and an ever-evolving community that grows and improves together.

I'm looking forward to possibly making these casual updates more regular, keeping you in the loop, and sharing our journey together (what do you think???). Your input has always been a driving force behind our innovation, and I can't wait to see where we go next.

Have any thoughts, feedback, or questions about the updates or anything else Wealthy Affiliate related? Drop them in the comments below. Always fun to keep the conversation going.

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I now see that the Inline Training Integration was updated within HUBS and yes.. it is a lot better.. so we do not need to leave our HUBS to carry out the training modules.

For the Affiliate Program Discovery within the HUBS... I am not able to find this feature.. Was it incorporated or is it still pending.. Maybe I am just missing it lol


Yeah, absolutely and you will find that time goes on, we are going to further integrate other platforms and activities into the Hubs platform. Ideally when you are working on your business, you shouldn't have to leave the hubs platform to do much. ;)

Good morning Kyle,

Thank you for the updates, it's appreciated.

I think a weekly roundup would be a good thing to do; however, I do appreciate that you are a very busy man, so it may not be possible.

Focusing on affiliate programs for each niche sounds like a great idea. I normally carry out a search on Google for affiliate programs. However, a few weeks ago I went on to the Wealthy Affiliate platform and found a affiliate program that Google hadn't picked up!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend and have a productive week.


Hey Kyle,
thank you for the update I really you take advantage of any updated info to help me improve my sites now and in the future. Im doing this part time for now and it is going slower but I fell Im learning and doing it right with all your help.

I hope you got to enjoy your weekend. Jeffrey

Slowly but surely wins the race, but one things you can be sure of is that we are going to continue to build out tools and improve upon services here that make you more and more efficient in terms of building your businesses online.

Lots to look forward to!

I like the 10 minute update, because I don’t want to take the time to watch/listen to 20 minutes or an hour.

My wife is taking a course right now, and we have not seen each other much for about three days. We live in the same house.

Las Vegas Baby ♣️♥️♠️♦️

Yeah, for sure Brad. I will aim to do this weekly moving forward, a state of the union style video (short form), and I can use it to discuss any shifts in the industry as well and we can discuss that too!

We would love to have you down in Vegas one of these years!

Good morning Brad,

At least you can't fall out with your wife, Brad!!!😃

I hope you're doing well.


I am well, Roy.

A bit challenged with staying focused, but giving it another shot.

That's good to hear, Brad!

I think we can all struggle with staying focused from time to time, Brad. I do find that the Pomodoro technique helps me, it's almost like having an accountability partner.

I have been away in Greece, so I am a bit behind with a few things, hopefully, we can do another video very soon.

All the best.


Great chat Kyle! I almost hate to admit this Kyle, but I'm not very computer literate as you all seem to be. Since I retired I basically taught myself how to navigate the web just barely. I've been having fun learning how to cut and paste, still having trouble moving files around and actually doing what you do so effortlessly! In your lessons you navigate and do editing so easily, where I'm still thinking how did he do that? It would be nice if you could have a class or two for us older folks who are still trying to learn the ropes so to speak. Something that would show us the basics of how to do all these different tasks that you all do so easily. But other than learning this, I'm greatly enjoying myself as I'm eager to learn. I have Windows 10 so I'm watching alot of videos on how to do things. I go back to your lessons and try to determine your actual keystrokes. Keep up the good work and I'll hang in there! Thanks Kyle!

Hi Ernie, I am probably in the same boat as you, when I was at school, going to the Moon was the future. I guess for most on here, when at school it was history. If you have not seen the videos by Eric Cantu on 'Wordpress' yet give them a look. I found they helped me a lot. Best regards and good Luck, Del

I’m 66, and somewhat tech savvy, but find technology to often be time consuming with little results or fulfillment.

I would like to see more on orthodox unusual ways of doing business.

For example, printing a QR code on a coffee mug, T-shirt or water bottle with the QR code, going to my affiliate link of my offers.

Then I can just go out and do my daily social activities, and find people with a phone and have them scan my QR code. This might get me more sales than blogging, or learning how to do PPC advertising, etc.

Hi Brad,

Nothing stops you from doing this. With a QR code generator, you can create a QR code for the website and print it wherever you want.

I created a QR code for one of my websites. Here where I live, menus are a QR code in many restaurants. Bus schedules are QR codes.

QR codes are implemented for any business or service.


Im working on an idea to sell “monetized T-Shirt via print on demand with an affiliate program so people can earn commissions from the shirts.

And it drives traffic to me websites too.😊

I wish you much success in the new project.

excellent news it gets better and better. i have a question about the affiliate part where when i wrote the articles i did not put in affiliate products or companies because i was told you need to create a certain number of articles and get indexed in google first.am i going to have to rewrite my articles to add in the affiliate links or products?

You only need 15 posts or so for particular affiliate programs that have a manual review process for their applications. They just want to see that your website has some substance and aligns with their brand properly.

You can start to integrate affiliate promotions before this though.


Drinking both coffee and POWERADE ZERO for the energy and electrolytes.

I have been with WA since September of 2016. The platform has evolved over time and that is truly a positive change.

I admit that it is hard for me to keep up with all the WordPress changes and updates. Take those changes over the last umpteen years and combine them with the changes at Wealthy Affiliate and it can keep one's head spinning.

However, I understand the need to the folks at Wealthy Affiliate to adapt to WordPress changes and move forward as time moves forward.

For me, I simply cannot keep up, and frankly, I see no need to try. My focus is on my one website that has grown to an unbelievable size. That is not the best approach to take for affiliate marketing . But "different strokes for different folks".

I do believe that those who are serious about affiliate revenues and building out websites to make money have absolutely made the right choice to do it here on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. There simply is no other platforms that comes close to the training offerings and community spirit here at WA.

My advice to all members.....keep it simple, and stay focused on your goals. Once the success has come with one website, others websites can follow.



As time has gone on, we have removed the need to even log into Wordpress to do anything. Websites are set-up automatically through the Hub build process, the login is directly within a Hub, and people can publish their content to their website without logging into it.

You will see that this continues to be the case as we evolve. We build technology on our end, so it removes the layers of technology for our users and their need to know about the technology (we have done the same with research, content design, creation, and the use of AI in their business).

Expect a lot more of this as we move forward, and expect the process of building a business to become more and more "tech free" as time goes on.

It is evident that you are evolving to the benefit of everyone in the WA community as well yourself, Carson and all others connected to the business.

I expect someday to read much about the WA platform on the Internet, and it will all be positive! Zuckerberg has nothing on you guys!

Hi Kyle, did I see something about you discussing putting a feedback thread about the AI Author, both the “copywriter” and “conversational”? I’ve done both. I found the conversational AI author to be more repetitive. I kept some data and notes about the redundant words. I believe you can train it to stop writing it like that. Somebody can program the AI author to remove redundant words if you receive feedback. I found it time-consuming to edit these exact redundant words constantly, and I got tired of it after a while. I switched to the copywriter one. I found it more professional and less redundant than the conversational AI Author. Come on, you guys can do a better job getting it to improve. Is that your plan? I took a lot of screenshots and wrote down the common redundant words. It does it every time on all forms of my content. I am annoyed by it. You can tell it to stop using these redundant vocabularies. No one likes to read that in every blog post. I lost lots of time and credits due to these issues. Let us know if that feedback thread is still in the plan.

We are going to be continuing to advance the Author side platforms, to allow for more customization, but MORE customization isn't always better (as people will not know how to properly customize authors).

We wanted to create two REALLY good authors first, not ones that come without any faults as there will always be some level of faults within AI assisted content, and then we will introduce customization features in the most elegant way possible.

I am going to be firing up a discussion on this in the coming week or two. ;)

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