Not Good-Bye, But See You Later!

Last Update: June 09, 2018

I have had a major decision weighing on me for quite some time now-- and the fact that I kept refusing to do what I have now decided that I must do is a clear sign to me that this is a temporary situation!

Many of you will recall that last October I suffered a brain bleed from an aneurysm and spent 3 weeks in the hospital. After my hospital stay and several months at home, it seemed like everything was returning to normal and my follow-up cerebral angiogram showed that the aneurysm was gone.

Unfortunately, there are some lingering after-effects. One of those happens to be some lack of control over my left hand and leg, which makes it very difficult to type accurately and create content. For a person who used to type 70+ words per minute and has always created content in her mind as she was typing it, this has been very disheartening!

To make matters worse, I am experiencing difficulty completing any tasks as I am finding that my ability to concentrate on anything is quite difficult. And I am also experiencing depression and anxiety -- even making a quick run to the grocery store or going out to water my flowers is a challenge some days.

Therefore, I have decided that I need to temporarily step back from Wealthy Affiliate. My boyfriend has been very supportive about everything but I do not feel that it is fair to expect him to pay for this when I am finding it very difficult to even read through the notifications I get each day let alone trying to create content and make needed improvements to my site.

I do have a couple of new ideas for niche websites based on my experiences, but at this time I am not able to bring them to fruition. My plan is to continue to formulate and plan those out, keep working on my fine motor skills and overcome the depression and anxiety so that I can return sooner rather than later! I think this is a fantastic platform and I am grateful to have found it and to create new friendships with a number of people who have been a great help in the 13+ months that I have been here! Hopefully I will be renewing those ties soon!

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MikaelM Premium Plus
Sorry to hear. But wish you all the best and hope to see you back here soon.

Also, if it is difficult to write maybe you can look into voice recognition when you come back. Some people have great success with creating content that way - just an idea for when you return.

Wish you all the best
KTurman1 Premium
Thank you! That is definitely something that I have thought about!
Shakanin11 Premium
Hello Kristen,

We are very powerful minds and when we put our minds together, we can achieve amazing things. There is a person called Lynn Mctaggart, who does healing work and she wrote a book called "The Power of 8." You can contact the person below and send her your healing intention.

"Do you have a loved one who needs our healing intention? If so, please send in his or her full name, age, location (town/country), photograph and the nature of his/her illness to Laura Ortiz ("

KTurman1 Premium
Thank you! I will look into this!
PMindra Premium
Hi, Kristin.
Paul Mindra here from Ontario Canada.

I can understand completely what you are going through.

I have gone from from DMARDS, to NSAIDS, to SYSTEMICS and finally to BIOLOGICS.

All I want to do these days is sleep. Even taking care of the garden is a chore that I no longer look forward to.

But you know what?

The Wealthy Affiliate Community and what I can accomplish within keeps me going.

Keep your ideas alive, but do not let go of WA. WA is where you can archive your ideas for later use. $400.00 or less per year is not a bad investment in yourself.

The final decision is yours based on your circumstances.

All I am trying to say is that continued participation here will help in your recovery. It is working for me.

Kindest regards, friend.

KTurman1 Premium
Thank you! That has been my mindset for the past few months, but circumstances dictate that I must step away until our finances are more stable! But I will be back as soon as I can!
PMindra Premium
Fair enough.
We will look forward to your return.
Wishing you the best.

smokeywins Premium
So sorry to hear of your struggles. I too have been dealing with similar mental issues, due to lingering effects from chemotherapy, so I understand the lack of focus and concentration. It royally sucks! Hopefully taking a step back gives you the time you need to heal and return to WA sooner rather than later. :-)
KTurman1 Premium
Thank you! I am adding you to my prayer list as well! Hang in there!
Irishjohn Premium
how i can relate to it as i have now power in my left side and pain 24/7 and not being Independent is such a blow to me but not remember is good as i dont remember what i was like, but not being able to sleep at night does not help me and im hoping with the help of this WA i can get back some of my skills and overcome the depression as i have sleeping tablet but i dont want to start them in case i get hooked.
Thank you for your comments and remember there is always people a lot worse off.
KTurman1 Premium
You are so right, and knowing that things could always be worse is one of the things that has gotten me to where I am today! I am adding you to my prayer list as well! Thank you!