Reconstruct your blog niche when necessary, how I did it!

Last Update: November 16, 2016

Hi Guys, just two days ago, I just did a zip to my brain and decided to restructure my blog niche.

My first blog is in the MMO niche (of course, you all know how competitive this is).

Well, I'm an idea strategist so I stuck with a long tail key word like 'money making ideas, ideas to make money online' which are quite competitive and not to forget, the grind in having to find suitable MMO opportunities even with the long list I have which I am yet to do reviews on for one reason or the other...

So I chose to make a change: changed my long tail key word to fit what I love - ideas. So now, I can discuss all things ideas to make money not necessary ideas to make money online. It is more practical for me since I have other business and client commitments and I'm actually working on intertwining my everyday services into an online perspective and spread the tentacles for my client base across borders and I can start from here and so less competitive.

Somehow, I don't need to reinvent the wheel, I feel I was doing that with my MMO focus and really felt out of place not being able to cover other kinds of ideas and funding opportunities people run to me for.

So now, I'm a bit relieved and not uptight at all.

By and large, I'm going on 7 months here and I'm still learning like its 7 months ago - it's a tough job but menh, like most people here, I think I'm made of some tough stuff.

Hope you can glean something from this....I don't know...but you never know...

Great night,


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bidnesslady Premium
HI, Koko. I am feeling just that. I've lost my passion and I definitely have some tweaking to do. I'm in about the same as you (8-9 months), and I learn things daily that one would think I would have learned ages ago. :)
KokoO Premium
I think the power to innovate can actually reignite passion. We still need to think outside the box despite what we learn in order to get the best results. Thanks for your comment.

GrannyDear Premium
uhh .. let's call this from now on 'the KoKo-Power '.

At leat I will -).
halinphilly Premium
Thanks. Great post, Koko. Here's an idea...

Keep on tweakin' your site
Till you get it freakin' right!
KokoO Premium
Thanks, I'll do that
WilliamBH Premium
Great post Koko .. really relate to it. Cheers, William
KokoO Premium
Glad you like it. Thanks
ToveL Premium
Great job, Koko. Flexibility is a great thing to have. You are tough and I am cheering for you.

KokoO Premium
Thanks Tov
theresroth Premium
Sure can, Koko, it's a good example of adaptibility.
Thank you!
KokoO Premium
Thanks Therese, glad you gleaned something