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Hi Guys, just two days ago, I just did a zip to my brain and decided to restructure my blog niche.My first blog is in the MMO niche (of course, you all know how competitive this is).Well, I'm an idea strategist so I stuck with a long tail key word like 'money making ideas, ideas to make money online' which are quite competitive and not to forget, the grind in having to find suitable MMO opportunities even with the long list I have which I am yet to do reviews on for one r
My blog posts on bitcoin mining sites I use and did reviews on are on pages 2 and 4 on google respectively. Cool. I didn't expect that after just 5 months into building my blog check out the posts if you like everything bitcoin and leave a comment if you can. blog posts, fly...
June 13, 2016
Always been the kid reeling off ideas and the latest trends...Then grew up into a trained Civil Engineer interested in ideas and strategy and became an idea strategist...Owned businesses and worked with companies in a variety of industries...New government, crazy economic policies, crashing Naira vs Rising dollar... more streams of income is wisdom...Enters Wealthy Affiliate....What am I passionate about? A lot...But people need to make money...COMPETITIVE ONLINE NICHE ALREADY...I'll take my f
May 05, 2016
Kabluwy Kabluwy Kazam! Like seriously, what ever that means.Those were my expressions when I hit road blocks with email forwarding/SMPT and receiving a confirmation email for my Gravatar sign up. I was almost frustrated. I use the word almost because I try hard to not give up and to keep pushing ...and smiling no matter the situation.I actually thought it was tasking as I tried and tried to tackle both issues to no avail.But once again the question tab was here to the rescue and I saw how many
Ok Guys, I am ranked 1618 on WA and believe it or not, I'm just two weeks in. How did that happen? Search me!1. Followed over 1,000 members on last check2. The top 200 inclusive3. Actively reading blog posts by clicking on links from my mail box4. Blogging too; yeah, I new but this is my fourth5. Joggling between training and learning first hand from members6. Responding to messages left me and commenting on member blog posts7. Did 10 website reviews instead of the assigned 2 and got me 10 comm
It is a thing of great joy when we find the name of our country on international listings. The general notion is - 'at least we can participate' which comes ahead of 'wow, they are so considerate to have us'. Truthfully, who should blame or question businesses on the kind of users or consumers they want walking through their doors especially when those users may not all mean well. Scammers AKA 419 in my country tend to be African Princes looking for people to transfer huge sums of benjies for t
Still brand new to Wealthy Affiliate so I can confidently say I do not know much going on here, just still learning. While I'm just done with lesson 4 and still trying to even out on a 'brandable' name for a niche website (...hmmm), I have remained thoroughly educated by the brilliant minds that make up the community that is this platform. In trying to understand how best to approach my own website, I have viewed the websites of members and most especially the top 200. Though unplanned, just my
I was mostly impressed with the attention to details on Wealthy Affiliate. Now, this includes but technical and content detailing. Although I must add, the love and support in this place is nothing short of super.However, on going premium, I was welcomed with a first paragraph and then a second which kinda had errors I would like Carson to update. All errors have been capitulated.So here goes;You have taken AN big step by going Premium and you have proven that you are serious about Internet bus