A year at Wealth Affiliate and progress!

Last Update: February 20, 2019

My progress thus far :

I have been at Wealth Affiliate for a year now, and am currently on Level 4 of the Online Entrepreneur Certificate. I had a rough 2018 and derailed a lot which meant I missed out on finishing the training last year. Right now, the plan and strategy has changed so I intend to finish by end the month of Feb 2019. I have created two websites on the Eco-beauty and Africa travel niche which am slowly and strategically building, which I still need to re-evaluate, revamp and add more content on both my sites.

The website that you have created:

    My natural and organic beauty news website was created last year and I have thoroughly enjoyed working on it and creating content for it. I decided on the niche of organic beauty since I’m on a journey of transitioning to eco-conscious, natural and organic lifestyle. I have written 14 post for my sites thus far and the focus now is to add better and well- researched content and product reviews in the organic site.

    Lessons learned thus far.

      I have learned so much from the WA community, the Online training from setting up the websites, adding content and images, using Jaaxy to research Keywords that works for my niche. I have learned about different affiliates platforms like Amazon Associates and Google AdSense. I’m more creative than I have ever been because of all the training I have done so far. I’m now perfecting my social media platforms and hoping to link them to my sites in order to direct more traffic to my site. There’s so many things I now know, that I didn’t know before and it’s because of this excellent system we are using at Wealth Affiliate.

      Successes so far :

      So far, I haven't really monetized my sites but I am working on a short term, medium and long term goals for 2019 that will catapult my websites to the next level and monetize my sites. I believe that every day I make progress and am proud of what I know and have achieved so far. I already feel everything makes more sense as I practice my skills new and old.

      My plans and goals in the upcoming 3 months

        I need to add more links to my sites, more content, do more product reviews and add about 30 to 50 posts on my websites. I need to do more research on the affiliates that will work best on my niche sites. I plan to re-brand, and re-evaluate my websites and see what I can do differently. Enter your own correction... want to be in a position of effectively assisting the members of the community with anything they need. The focus for now is creatively and strategically working on my sites.

        Your plans and goals in the upcoming 6 months :

          The six months goal is to make sure I start monetizing my sites, I would also want to look at what I can do to get to WA Ambassadorship, learn more about creating training as part of my growth and development within the community. Ideally also start promoting WA, on all my social media platforms personal and business. I believe if done right, I can achieve all of my goals for this year for both my niche websites.

          Thank you for reading and take care!!!


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          Fleeky Premium Plus
          That sounds promising

          TommyVTE Premium
          Congrats on your first year hopefully you will come closer to succeed and fulfill your financial dreams with WA
          Have a great day
          MiaL Premium
          Congratulations on your one year WAnnivesrary 😊
          KenShaddock Premium
          Great goals and strategy Kele. You are well on the way in 2019.
          I look forward to hearing more as you share your successes.
          Helps me big time.
          ITSNICK Premium
          Well expressed and nicely written post. Derailing happens with the best of us owing to other commitments.

          But the important thing is to stick around and not to loose focus. And you are quite focused and I am sure will achieve your goals.

          All the Best and wish you lots of success at WA.