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April 23, 2019
Hello WAI hope everyone is well and in great spirits.Finally, I finished my Level 4 Certification. I'm really excited that i managed to finish this level of my training and moving on up to the last level. I could not have done it on my own, am always taking lesson and pointers from the training to better my online business, blogs and my really looking forward to finishing the last bit soon. A big thank you to the Wealth Affiliate Community for always being there to assist us in anything and qu
Happy Friday Everyone!!!I'm very thrilled to get an e-mail today that said one of my blog post was indexed by Google. The reason am happy is that I love writing but for my niche I have been very particular about writing well-researched , well-thoughout content that informs, educates and engages the audience. My strategy for this year was solely about writing rich content before anything else and am really excited that all my effort are paying off.Thanks to the community for encouraging us every
Hi Everyone,I hope you are having an awesome Tuesday!!!Just popping in to celebrate a year of great learning and small victories at Wealth Affiliate.I received received message with a one year Badge, and I say cheers to me for the commitment. it hasn't been easy but its all worth it!!!Thanks to everyone in my network, all your encourgaments, great advice and assistance....wishing you all a great and productive week. Onwards and upwards to you!!!Cheers,Kele
My progress thus far :I have been at Wealth Affiliate for a year now, and am currently on Level 4 of the Online Entrepreneur Certificate. I had a rough 2018 and derailed a lot which meant I missed out on finishing the training last year. Right now, the plan and strategy has changed so I intend to finish by end the month of Feb 2019. I have created two websites on the Eco-beauty and Africa travel niche which am slowly and strategically building, which I still need to re-evaluate, revamp and add
If it’s to be, it’s up to me. A new perspective!!!2019 Habits to live by, for a successful year.Happy Monday Wealth Affiliates, hope you are having the best day ever!!!I’ve been thinking a lot about habits lately, bad and good, positive and negative and I thought I should pen down my thoughts on what I have been doing in the past weeks. Many people define success in different ways, and it all works out for every individual according to their own definition. We are all on a jou
2019 Goals – Planning for a successful year!!!“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” ? Benjamin FranklinA new year bring refreshed and renewed mind, and am more motivated to create and each day may bring its challenges but I am going to stay the cause in order to see this plan through. How many times do we give up, when there’s just a minor setback in life? I learned the hardest lessons last year but they all made me stronger and wiser.Great things take time to
January 22, 2019
2018 – A year of many lessons which am grateful for.“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” — ConfuciusThis quote truly resonates with me, in so many levels and areas of my life. I wanted to write and publish my 2019 goals and aspirations for my website/blogs here at WA. I always like to encourage and motivate myself by reading positive messages and books.As I was busy jotting down my 2019 goals, I Enter your own correction... that
November 13, 2018
Happy Tuesday WA Community.I was just thinking of something that gave me much-needed motivation today. I was giving motivation at work, and I remember that it really helps to give other people motivation even if you don't feel motivated yourself. You never know who you will inspire. The funny thing is I dreaded today, and mainly because it was my turn to motivate, I just felt like I didn't want to talk much let alone have a full 10 minutes trying to inspire others.I then remembered, years back
November 05, 2018
The real dealHi WA members, hope you are doing well on this beautiful Monday. I have been MIA for some time now and it really feels good to be back and pick up where I left off. The past three months have been hectic. I was dealt the most at work, school assignments and family commitments. It drove me crazy and I ended up neglecting my online platforms and training because I was just exhausted. I had to really take it one day at a time, as I had committed my weekends to spend them at my family
Hello Fellow Affiliate Marketers,Today, I'm really exicited I completely Level 3, Yeah!!!I have been having a tough time doing the training and writing content with my hectic schedule at work and whenever I try to do the work at home, I would be so tired but am glad I persisted and finally am off to Level 4. I had to remind myself that, despite my hectic schedule I did. I made it happen and I put in the work and time no matter what.Its almost 23:00 SA time, am going to cut myself a slice of ban