How Can You Determine if Your Site has Quality

Last Update: December 19, 2016

Over and over I here and read your site must have quality content. So I research and determine the following attributes and metrics determine that your site has quality content.
  1. Average time spent by previous visitors on your site.
  2. The more time a visitor spend on your site the better
  3. Total number and quality of inbound links. Please make sure that any inbound links you have linking to your site are from sites that also have quality content and are useable sites.
  4. Social sharing on Twitter, Google plus
  5. Total links forwarded in Gmail. Yes this doses help
  6. Repeat visitors to your article or blog. Again it determines how useful your article or blog is to your community.
  7. Links to/from higher authority pages to/from the article.
  8. Author information including contact info. Please add the author of the article even if it's yourself. If the content was written by someone else please give them credit.
  9. Authority site back link. This really helps give your site some authority too. The ever elusive wikipedia link.
  10. Spelling and grammar, yes this matters! This is where I struggle.
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paulgoodwin Premium
Use grammarly a great tool that follows you
kmotte Premium
Yes that is one of my favorite tools. With me the more I write the better I get but starting is so hard.
paulgoodwin Premium
Yes it is a head banger!!!
jtaienao Premium
Thanks for sharing this useful checklist.

StepChook Premium
I'm a stickler for grammar, so I like #10.
MKearns Premium
There's a lot of work in that list but it is worth it!
MarseanM Premium
Thanks for sharing I feel as long as you engage with your audience to where they understand everything that you're saying and doing completely, that equals quality content as far as I'm concerned
kmotte Premium
Yes sir your are correct.